This same moral, conscientious, and self-righteous community has swastikas on its lamp posts


Tying in with that “Hindenburg Park” censorship fiasco from last month, we thought now was a good time to reprise this old posting of ours from the past. It’s about what can be seen on quite a few lamp posts scattered around Glendale California…


Hello, lamp-post! What ya’ knowin‘?







Maybe we should run around to the other side of the building here. Because that’s what half of Berlin saw for about a dozen years:



The last we heard those lamp posts are still there.

You know what too? When we first brought this Glendale swastika thing up over 20 years ago, former News Press columnist Will Rogers said that it was a phony issue. He then went on to claim that those of us who were complaining about them were both idiotic and nuts. He said they weren’t Nazi swastikas at all, and pointed everyone to an official City of Glendale “study” that was specifically commissioned to disprove this odious claim. They were actually Mayan peace symbols or whatever.

So there.

Mr. Sensitivity, eh? Will must not have ever seen the above video, which is pretty conclusive evidence that Glendale indeed has a problem. Those same swastikas-in-the-reverse were seen all over Hitler’s Germany. It was an unavoidable sight wherever they happened to be fluttering on the backside — which along with on top of the Reichstag was all the time.

So as such, they’ve gotta go. Much more than this anti-Hitler von Hindenburg deserved, and which was the real reason for his lionization by the local German-American community. Hindenburg represented the heroic pre-Hitler past to those German expats, and that’s why they wanted to keep his name alive.

Paging the ever-righteous Mona Field! She who was behind the effort to strip Hindenburg from La Crescenta. Guess what? You’ve got real Nazi swastikas in Glendale!

But she won’t care. Unless it’s their own issue that they think they own on their own, most modern day “liberals” will ignore it. They’re never going to admit that they let it get by, or that someone else even more liberal made them look bad.

This includes Councilman Rogers, btw.



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14 responses to “This same moral, conscientious, and self-righteous community has swastikas on its lamp posts

  1. Anonymous

    You kidding they had them reproduced there are new ones on Mountain by Brand park.

    • semichorus

      New ones really?

      I know there’s a bunch of old ones around Mountain and Rossmoyne. But new ones up by Brand?

      If so, these Glendale people are just incorrigible. They’ve been PROVEN wrong by the Reichstag photo alone and they just redouble their efforts?

  2. DixieFlyer

    Is this the same Glendale that doesn’t trust Burbank Building Inspectors?

    What happened at that Sunday morning get together with Adam Shiff?

    What did our two council members try to give away?

    Mr. Madison from Pasadena was all atwitter!!!!

    Then they went to Washington and no one cared.

    We aren’t “theirs” to sell. Or are we?

    Jess and Bob have some ‘splainin’ to do.

    • Dianne

      I’m more concerned about how this rogers dude is involved with Glendale problems and not our town of Burbank.
      What are they up to?
      Our council members should be relating to problems with the existing Airport and not the politicians of Pasadena & Glendale
      That hideous Parking Building for example.
      Dixie smells something cooked up on that Sunday.
      I do too..

      • semichorus

        Yeah, why is he going over there and discussing their future “Grand Central” amusement park with them?

  3. Anonymous 3

    “He said they weren’t Nazi swastikas at all”

    Rogers is correct. The lampposts were installed in the 20’s, before the rise of the Nazis, so they could not be “Nazi” swasticas, and besides which, they are reversed compared to the Nazi swastika.

    The fact is that this symbol has existed for centuries, long before it was appropriated by the Nazis.

    He’s also correct that you are an hysterical flake.

    • semichorus

      Look at the picture, moron.

      If we’re gonna go Nazi hunting in Glendale let’s at least do it right. There’s no excuse for those still being there. The connotation from the early 20s — whatever it was, which was dubious anyway — has CHANGED a bit since then.

      If Rogers STILL thinks these are OK then he’s a clear idiot. Look at the pictures, dudes. The City of Glendale conveniently left out the Messe one from their detailed “report.” If someone had shown that to the council back then there would have been a meltdown in those chambers.

    • Anonymous

      Wait–what? How many times have we been assured by A3 that Rogers “never reads this petulant blog.”

      And Glendale’s deep historical rep as a white power-KKK stronghold, with or without swastikas, is common knowledge.

      So screw it, yes of course “Rogers is correct.”


      • semichorus

        We can either believe Rogers or our lyin’ eyes.

        Only a moron would keep defending those swastikas on the lamp posts, now that we’ve seen how Nazi Germany used the exact same design. It’s also on the reverse of those embroidered flags and banners etc. that were always proudly flying in the breeze from about 1926 to 1945.

        I tried to bring this up at the time of the 1990’s debate over them, and urged people to check out the historical photos for verification (this was during the pre-Internet days). I was treated like a total and complete asshole.

        The only reason I’m bringing it up now is because of this current de-Nazification effort that’s going on near Glendale. This crowd ignorantly banishes a non-Nazi from an old county park just because he was German and the park was used a few times for 1930s rallies, but they then ignore (or, apparently now, evade) the real-life swastikas on their nearby lamp posts.

        Rogers is way too arrogant to ever admit that I was right about this. Instead, he’ll do the exact opposite. I’m sure there’s more than a bit of talk going on around him now about my “mental state” or whatever the current line is. If so, fuck him.

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