Burbank: proud gun haven of the San Fernando Valley

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We outlaw massage parlors in Burbank. Kiddie arcades get put under the microscope. Magazine stands have to blockade their Playboys from view. So how come Burbank has so many gun shops sitting in the Flatlands?

Glendale’s not too cool either, but we’re talking about Burbank here. Those gun shops make the place look like you’ve stumbled into Lancaster as you’re driving along Magnolia. We can only imagine what it’s like to try to sell a house down one of those blocks.

Here’s a repeat of a column we did last December on the subject. The problem is only getting worse:


Burbank needs to get rid of its gun shops


We should also be going after gun owners, too. Other California cities are — they’ve put these laws on the ballot and won.

Happy Holidays, assholes.

black friday


Enough is enough. Proud “business friendly” Burbank is becoming a haven for gun stores and gun nuts and fetishists from all over, and so our city council needs to do everything it can to force them out of business. They’re absolutely embarrassing to have around, and getting worse.

Are we still Redneck-ville? That’s what others think about us when they see them.

Like what San Francisco has done. Change the zoning rules and then harass the hell out of these interlopers:

Last gun shop in San Francisco confirms closure due to new law

The mood is somber at High Bridge Arms as the shop is closing following introduction of a law to video all gun and ammo sales and transmit data to the police department.

In July, Supervisor Mark Farrell asked city attorney’s office to draft legislation increasing restrictions on gun stores operating in the city to mandate the recording of sales, storing the videos for at least five years, and transmitting data on buyer and firearms to police at least once a week.

With the proposal’s planned introduction, owners of High Bridge Arms — the sole gun shop in the city of 830,000 —  had feared the new regulations would mean the end of the shop over requirements to hand over personal information to include names, addresses and birth dates to city officials in conjunction with gun and ammo sales.

With the ordinance formally introduced earlier this month, High Bridge made it official and is having a going out of business sale.

Glendale’s made a big effort to get rid of gun dealers. But irresponsible, lazy ass, apathetic Burbank’s done shit

With 3-2 Vote, Glendale Bans Gun Shows on City Property

A gun show held at the Glendale Civic Auditorium for two decades will have to find a new home after the City Council voted Tuesday to ban the events from municipal property.

The city has been grappling for months with the decision to nix the events, with Tuesday’s 3-2 vote being the final call on the Glendale Gun Shows, according to Sgt. Tom Lopez, spokesman for the Glendale Police Department.

The Orlando massacre has put it into relief: we don’t need guns or gun shops in Burbank. Many other cities have zoned them out of existence, and if this one takes itself at all seriously then it will do the same. At best they’re just so damn low class.



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36 responses to “Burbank: proud gun haven of the San Fernando Valley

  1. Anonymous

    In a town where the local fuzz get for chastised spittin’ chewin’ ‘baccy juice whilst hassling local minorities . . . are you kidding?

  2. Peter Canaan

    Suck a fuck dude. Take your ass to Kenya if you want but stop trying to fuck up this country.

  3. Anonymous

    Best gun store around and only one I go to. I drive out from Northridge. Staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They make a point to get to know their customers and don’t give off an arrogant vibe most gun stores usually have.

    Although there aren’t many gun stores in the LA area anymore, these guys still treat everyone as if there was one on every corner…they don’t price gouge, and will work with you on what you need. As consumers, we have hundreds of options (it’s called the internet) to shop for firearms and related items, yet I choose to take my money to Guns Direct.

    I’ve done a couple PPTs through them that have gone smooth as silk. I’ve also had some custom work done (stipling and slide work) to my Glock through Mike.
    Comment by J J. of Guns Direct:
    Hi John, We are aware how many choices you have for firearms and accessories in the marketplace and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to shop with us. Hope to see you again soon! Best regards, Palmer, Asst. Mgr.

  4. Anonymous

    Just purchased my first firearm from this store, great experience overall.

    Purchased my firearm on my second visit here, which was on my birthday which made for a great present to myself hah. The first time I came here was almost 2 years ago with a friend and didn’t know much about guns but were interested. I admit that I wasn’t impressed the first time because their selection seemed a bit sparse, not many guns on display.

    Fast forward to present time, just turned 25 years old and that same friend I was with wanted to take his handgun safety test and purchase a gun. I decided to go with him and take the test as well since I already knew handgun safety basics. It was by chance we ended up going to Guns Direct again because it was actually the second choice to take the test since LA Gun Club only offers it on weekdays. The guys there were nice about it, even though we got there about 55 minutes till closing and the store was busy, we were offered the test right away and about 10-15 minutes later, we were both granted handgun safety cards, good stuff.

    My friend went to talk to someone about choosing a gun while I browsed their selection, they must’ve read my mind back then because now the glass displays and walls had plenty of guns to choose from. While my friend was choosing his gun, I hovered over the revolvers and saw my favorite gun in the display, the S&W 686 .357 magnum. Stared at it for a good few seconds until an employee asked if I would like to see it. I had no intention of purchasing a gun, let alone going to a gun store that day but as soon as I held it, I knew it was mine. Needless to say, it was a great birthday.

    That day, I put a down payment on it, then did paperwork 2 days later, and picked up the gun after the waiting period. I have to say what a great experience it was. Even though my friend and I had showed up less than hour before closing, we were able to do everything we wanted. Customer service is friendly and polite and even when they were busy, we had help right away. For me, customer service is the part that makes or breaks the experience so I give credit to them for providing some of the best service I’ve had in any store. That and with their selection of firearms, I’ll pretty sure I’ll be back. Thanks Guns Direct!
    Comment by J J. of Guns Direct:

  5. Anonymous

    This is my SECOND time coming (see my first review) to Guns Direct to purchase my pistola. And this is not an anomaly…i’ve consistently been served right, with respect, and fairness.
    It has been 6 months since my last purchase and the customer service is still spot on.

    Couple things on this last visit.
    1. There as a ton of people purchasing their first pistol…it kind of scares me that the common law abiding citizen has not concept of firearm etiquette and/or safety. For example, there was this lady purchasing a Glock 17 and she had to ask “so when can i shoot someone and be ok legally” (or something to that effect). Little does she know that owning a firearm is not about “when can i shoot someone and not get in trouble”. Didn’t help that she muzzled me and had the balls to say “oh don’t worry, it’s not loaded”. My first advise to any first purchaser is “treat all firearms as if they are loaded”. Because as Frontsight has taught me, you can only come out a survivor if you are ever in a gunfight; right or wrong you can still face legal action, jail, have your pistol taken away, etc. even if you did everything right. Wish the common person fully understands that owning a firearm comes with a huge responsibility. Anyways, it’s not Guns Dirct’s fault.

    2. It seemed like there was a new guy writing up the paper work for me. I think that was the longest paperwork I had to go through cuz i came in knowing exactly what i wanted. But i can’t blame the new guy; he was very kind, knowledgeable, great customer service, polite, and not one of those over-zealous-gun-know-it-all. I’m sure he thought it was funny i was getting a SAO but he kept his opinions neutral and respected my choice. If i were to go back (and i will to pick up that sexy R8) i would NOT mind having the new guy fill out my paperwork.

    3. Every time i go there there’s this one bald asian dude (about 5’5″) wearing his HSGI battlebelt and sporting his Agency Arms G17 to every customer. At first I thought, “omg, this dude, always showing off his Agency Arms and HSGI gear…why?!”. Then last night it dawn on me,,,,he is show casing gear to sell. In my mind’s eye i stepped into his shoes and asked, “how can i get sales up…i know, i can showcase my warez and gearz”. I respect that dude from a businessman perspective.

    Will i come back in the future to purchase from here? Absolutely.

    By the way, still looking that pre-owned M&P 9mm guys :/
    Comment by J J. of Guns Direct:
    Hi Mr Luke Thank you for taking the time to write such fun and great review! I’ll let you know if we come across a used M&P. James GD Mangement

  6. Anonymous

    this place is legit. such a cool store if your an ar-15 fan.

    came here to get my ar-15 registered as a transfer. i have been to a lot of gun stores and this place is by far the best when it comes to customer service. i spoke to mike today he helped me with all my questions in regards to my custom ar-15. and was telling me things that i didnt even know. he’s definitely the guy you want to come talk to for advice.

    all the employees here are very knowledgable and have all the answers you are looking for.

    there prices are really good as well, did not expect that coming here. looks like a very high end store but everyone you talk to is down to earth and really nice.

    i will definitely be coming back here for ammo as well as parts and gear that i need. if your in the area come talk to mike with any questions regarding your firearm.

  7. Anonymous

    Law enforcement won’t protect us in the first few days following a disaster like a 7.5 earthquake. During the Rodney King civil disturbance the Koreatown merchants had to protect their shops from opportunists by themselves. Why shouldn’t I refresh my ammo every few years? And why not shop in Burbank when I do that?

  8. Milo Fan

    Give it up dude. When the gays turn on the left, it’s pretty much over …

  9. chad

    The Second Amendment refers to arms for a well regulated militia and not personal ownership of guns. It’s a national disgrace that we have to live with this.

    • donkeypunch

      So glad we have the wisdom of the genius “chad” to sort this out. It’s not like wiser men (and the Supreme Court) haven’t already kinda given it some thought.

    • Jim Styles

      If not for personal ownership who would own those arms, Dave? A government militia? If that’s what you think then you’re missing the whole point of the Second Amendment completely. The national disgrace is people like you who want to ignore the Second and Fourteenth amendments. What’s also a disgrace is that you would choose to leave yourself and people, if you had your way, no option or legal way to defend themselves from people meaning to do them harm. Calling 911 and wishing criminals away does not work, believe me, I know. Disarmament of the populous would mean only criminals would have guns and it would make criminals out of ordinary law abiding citizens who refused to turn in their guns.

      You fear what you don’t understand, I doubt you have much experience handling guns. I get that, but realistically you can never have it your way. There are almost as many guns as there are people in this country so the proverbial genie is out of the bottle. It’s like those hippies who protest against nuclear weapons. They’re never going away so get over it. To think the government could ever confiscate each and every one is more ridiculous than Trump’s plan to deport 11 million illegal aliens.

      You may also want to read up on Heller v. D.C. It basically clarified that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. So many other things are used for unlawful purposes but no calls for banning them. Is the UK talking about banning knives after each stabbing death? No. Do we consider banning cars after a drunk driver kills someone? Of course not. Your myopic view focuses on the fraction of a percentage of gun owners who use their guns for criminal purposes. You’ll use terms like “Assualt rifle, killing machine and weapons or war” only to further demonstrate your ignorance. But please, don’t let me stop you.

      • semichorus

        Heller v D.C. was an atrocity. The perfect product from the perfect right-wing court. There is no Second Amendment right to “bear arms” separate from the need to belong to a militia, and someday Heller will be easily overturned. That’s what the term means. It’s not an individual right.


        If you think you guys are gonna be able to protect yourself from the military just because you’re armed and ready then think again. And I don’t want you assholes firing away at some armed foe anywhere near me just because you think you’re fighting crime. All you’ll end up doing is hitting each other, along with alot of innocent bystanders.

        You gun people are fucking nuts. A real drain on the country.

        These Burbank gun stores attract the dregs. I’d rather have massage parlors around.

        • Jim Styles

          Jim, you couldn’t be more wrong. Posting a link to an article does not make you right. No matter how many people may agree with you. Luckily more people in this country agree that the Second Amendment DOES give us the right to bear arms more than people who think like you.

          And where did I say I wanted to use my arms against the military? I was simply referring to defending myself. I have no desire to kill or injure someone nor would I ever hope to have to raise my weapons in anger or to defend myself. If all I ever had to shoot at in life were paper targets I’d be perfectly happy with that. Stop twisting shit to suit your narrative guy.

          I also love how liberals always resort to expletives and name calling to further your argument. Real mature for a 67 year old man. And what dregs do these gun stores attract because I haven’t seen any. And I’d venture to guess most Burbankers would prefer a few gun shops over massage parlors (Assuming we’re talking about the same MPs with happy endings and full releases).

  10. chad

    Donkeypunch. There’s lots of very wise Americans who agree with my statement.

    • semichorus

      Get ready for Donkeypunch on the city council. He thinks he’s going to beat Gordon the next time he runs again.

    • Jim Styles

      David, I’ll give you credit that you don’t resort to childish name calling and expletives like your buddy Jim does.

  11. chad

    My point is the Constitution does not refer to private gun ownership. It refers to a government organized militia. At the time of the writing of the Constitution, private gun ownership was pretty widespread. It was the status quo. The Constitution remains neutral on the point. Thus, private gun ownership is not protected by the Constitution the way free speech is for instance.

    • semichorus

      The idea of “bearing arms” applied to group militias, yes. Until about 50 years ago everybody knew this. That’s why it was never an issue. You don’t bear arms for yourself. You bear them for something else.

      Like militias.

      • Jim Styles

        Previous Supreme Courts disagree with you as evidenced by the fact that I can go down to Magnolia Blvd, buy a gun and pick it up to take home 10 days later. Your interpretation of the Second Amendment has already been interpreted by justices who see it differently than you. Sorry, you lose.

        However, I’m curious. If you had your way and you got to repeal the Second Amendment, as it currently stands, what would you do about the 300 million guns in the U.S.? Let’s forget about the whole militia thing for a moment. Liberals like you want ban all guns, right? and do like they do in the U.K., right? How would you go about removing the guns from all the legal gun owners in this country? Or even just the “Assualt weapons” as you so eloquently call them?

        • semichorus

          Who wants to ban guns? Just control them better. And ban assault rifles.

          Gun laws in the Old West were far more stringent than today. They used to confiscate guns at the town borders in places like Kansas.

          That 2006 Heller decision was awful — it deliberately reversed 200 years of precedent. It will be overturned in the future.

          • Jim Styles

            Ok Jim, I’ll ask my question again. How would you propose confiscating just the “assault rifles?” Because if you think people are going to willingly turn them in for a grocery gift card you’re sadly mistaken.

            Or would current owners get to keep them?

            • RINO Poacher

              Hey Jim – I guess Semi forgot when he made these comments about making guns illegal:


              Check Semi’s comments near the bottom.

              • semichorus

                Who wants to make guns illegal? (I was being facetious btw)

                Really though, who needs them?

              • Jim Styles

                Good find RINO Poacher. So Jim, did you not write “There is no reason in the world why anyone needs to carry a gun for protection in this day and age.” and
                “Get rid of all guns.” On March 14, 2014?

                Do you honestly believe there’s not a single reason why someone should own a gun? Can I ask how you propose someone defend their family from an intruder in the middle of the night who is armed with a knife or gun? You gonna tell me this never happens? You seriously can’t be that naive.

                • semichorus

                  It never happens. Where?

                  And that’s not why you clowns collect guns anyway. You use them as dick substitutes. Just like that guy in Orlando.

        • Anonymous

          Germany did it after mass shootings made the country angry enough so the will of the majority over came the gun idiocy.

  12. Citizen Cane

    Chad, you know you would not support a militia. You would first support abolishing the 2nd Amendment, and then you would support abolishing militias. Look at Obama, he has created SWAT teams for just about every Federal agency, won’t enforce laws at the border, and blames the 2nd Amendment and Conservatives for every mass shooting. Nothing wrong with Gay Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and any other demographic liberals use to catersgorize Americans, owing guns.

    • Jim Styles

      These people with their “Just bans the assault weapons” then it’s “just ban the high capacity magazines” then after some other shooting with a handgun it’ll be “Just ban the handguns.” Then what? Ban harsh language too? I think the NRA is a bit extreme sometimes on their positions but I appreciate their stance that they won’t budge. Even if I disagree with some of their positions but the reason they won’t budge, and the reason I recently became a member, is because the left is relentless.

      You will push and push and push until you have your 28th amendment that would repeal the 2nd amendment. You will never stop. You people are emotional when it comes to legislation and you often defy logic and reason. You’ll never admit gun violence is the lowest it has been in decades. You’ll use words to incite emotional responses from people who believe everything they’re told on the Internet and aren’t smart enough or are too apathetic to fact check what they hear and read. People like you are why people like me, who never had membership in the NRA, have joined the NRA. To stop people like you from EVER getting your way.

  13. Jim Styles

    June 21, 2016 at 3:39 pm
    “never happens. Where?

    And that’s not why you clowns collect guns anyway. You use them as dick substitutes. Just like that guy in Orlando.”

    Oh gee, ever heard of a guy named Richard Ramirez? Lonnie Franklin? And countless others who enter homes uninvited with nefarious intentions.

    Here’s an article I found about a man who broke into an apartment and raped a 6 year old girl. However, judging by your previous comments I’m sure you’ll say the 6 year old girl was asking for it based on the way she dressed or because the window wasn’t really secure.


    Holy crap Jim, you truly live in an alternate universe. Do David and Mike believe this crap too?

  14. chad

    Styles, I think my argument has been pretty logical and consistent. The 2nd Amendment does not refer to an individual’s right to own a gun. It simply doesn’t address the point. And, a lot of great legals minds share this interpretation.

    • Jim Styles

      I understand your argument David. I disagree but I understand your position. My last statement was asking if you and Mike actually believe, like Jim does, that criminals never break into people’s house and do them harm and therefore have no need to arm themselves for the purposes of self defense. Jim says it never happens. It’s akin to saying the sky is not blue.

      There are too many examples in history of it happening. This stuff happens and people have a legal right to defend themselves period. Had one person been armed and taken out Richard Ramirez during his rampage 30 years ago many other lives could have been saved. I just don’t understand the argument that people shouldn’t have a right to defend themselves, or worse just denying that they would ever need to.

  15. chad

    Got it Styles. That certainly does happen – home invasions. It’s of course a horrible thing and no one should experience it. It is also a very well known fact that if a criminal knows there are weapons on private property, that property becomes a desirable place to rob. Criminals love to steal weapons, especially had guns. It would be interesting to find out how many home invasions occur and then how many homes are burglarized for the purpose of stealing guns. The upshot for me is the Constitution doesn’t protect an individual’s right to own a gun. I think guns are a national health problem and we need to stop private gun ownership. I’m sure most people think I’m naive but I truly feel the negative effects of guns in society far outweigh the benefits.

  16. Anonymous

    In honor of this post I just bought a gun in Burbank!

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