A nuts and bolts guy without any apparent agendas who keeps out of politics and knows the area


We were kind of hoping around here that the council would keep Ron Davis on as permanent city manager. From what we’ve seen so far it’s a wise choice.

Right now Burbank needs a technical type who doesn’t arrive in town with some kind of proud, right-wing experience under his belt (like that odious privatizer Pulskamp and his load of crude and arrogant nonsense). Or a confused elitist with power issues like Beverly Hills Scott (who once wondered aloud why he couldn’t find anyplace decent enough in Burbank to spend his abundant salary). And we especially don’t need someone who was trained by the old Ovrom/Georgino corporate Redevelopment guard and lineage, which is what we usually end up with. Or some facsimile of that original.

Davis reminds us a lot of the old Steve Helvey, who actually should have gotten the job years ago — a decent straight-shooter without any particular ideological slant and a proven history of administrative and technical competence. If he’s been operating in a sneaky or underhanded and manipulative way like all of the rest of them do in time then we haven’t seen it yet.

Hopefully he won’t. He doesn’t seem like the kind of local guy who needs to.




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One response to “A nuts and bolts guy without any apparent agendas who keeps out of politics and knows the area

  1. Anonymous 3

    Davis is and has been the smartest and most competent civil servant to work in Burbank for many years. We would be lucky if he is the permanent CM for as long as he wants the job.

    His leadership of BWP has been exemplary. We pay some of the lowest rates for water and power in the region. He ran a tight ship there and I only hope that his successor there keeps up the good work.

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