Delusioneering (updated)




The upscale Grand Floridian Grand Resort and Spa is described by Disney as a lavish property combining Victorian elegance with modern sophistication, just one stop away from the Magic Kingdom on the resort’s monorail. Rooms start at $569 per night, according to its site.

Guests can rent motorized boats for cruising or hire a private cabana on shore. Children between 4 and 12 years of age also can embark upon “pirate adventures” on the lagoon.

A perfect example of Disney’s classic group psychosis way of operating.


UPDATE: an old company source just told us that Disney controls the environment over there so intently that they’re always pumping all sorts of stuff into those artificial “lakes” and “lagoons” just to keep the mosquitoes away.

But not alligator abatement? It’s incredible to hear Florida Fish and Game act like there are alligators everywhere, and thus there’s not much you can do about the problem except maybe get rid of the “nuisance” ones when asked.

Hmmm. Let’s see then.

Suppose you get bit by a rattlesnake on Tom Sawyer’s Island in Anaheim. Will the immediate explanation be that, “Well, there’s rattlesnakes all over California!”

Do we have to worry about rattlesnakes at Disneyland? If we don’t have to worry about rattlesnakes in Frontierland, why do we have to live with alligators in Disney World?




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