Corporate arrogance. What were they thinking?



If you think the idea of placing cute, artificially coiffed beach areas in the middle of an open natural environment that you know is full of dangerous wildlife is nuts beyond belief, you’re right.

So whose idea was it to allow alligators to wander around the contrived pool-like atmosphere at this Disney World resort? People are led into believing your corporate sales pitch about this family environment being safe and controlled and elaborately ornamented as such, and then look what happens.

Those cloyingly shaped artificial islands in that equally artificial “Lake Buena Vista” are hiding more than just nighttime terrors. What we’re seeing in those repeated aerial shots of the search location is a particularly offensive corporate hubris on display.

Lake Buena Vista. Yeah. Even that one’s phony.






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9 responses to “Corporate arrogance. What were they thinking?

  1. Anonymous 3

    At least there are no gaters in Lake Buena Vista to eat two year olds.

    • semichorus

      There were. Unless you’re talking about their own Lake Buena Vista in Burbank, which was a swamp of its own kind. Who knows what was in there.

  2. Anonymous

    Not sure this is a Disney problem. 4 decades of operation w/o incident. Posted no swimming. It is just a horrible accident. Wild animals are wild animals. No 100% effective way to control them. Now, if we want to Monday morning quarterback this, then I do believe they should have posted alligator warning signs like many other area hotels do.

    • semichorus

      Unless they’re selling this resort off as an authentic jungle location, this company has no business setting up a family vacation paradise in such a mawkish and artificial splendor and then allowing the local alligators in. Their choice was to NOT have their cute little man-made “lagoons” and pirate adventure locales if impossible to keep them out, but that wasn’t the one they made.

      I also don’t believe for one second that they never had problems like this before in 50 years of existence. It’s just that in the old days it was much easier to keep them swept under the rug.

      So I guess if people get bit by rattlesnakes at Disneyland’s Tom Sawyer’s Island the excuse will be that, “Well, there’s rattlesnakes all over California….”

  3. chad

    Having lived in Florida for four, long years, I can say that no one swims in ponds or lakes. In some of the most innocuous looking puddles you could often find a gator lurking.

  4. chad

    Yes, Floridians hate CA and say how crazy we are and they insist the weather is better in FL. Oh, and it’s a right to work state. ‘Nuff said.

  5. DixieFlyer

    Great dialogue.

    The No Swimming signs make sense.

    However, this child was Wading.

    Over the years we’ve seen No Wading signs,also.

    The loss of a child is always tragic.

    The Corporate scramble to hide the Corporate logo changes the tragedy to a more bizarre tale of “..our hearts &prayers…” (please delete the logo)

    Some even started a campaign to accuse the grieving parents of
    child abuse.

    Who’d a thunk ANYTHING could upstage “Disneyland in China”?????

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