Why are the customers all White?


Someone just sent us the latest sales brochure for that Burbank Town Center mega-complex and 1000+ unit apartment village. It’s being played off as another one of those done deal things to the investors and prospective tenants. Which — being Burbank — it probably is.

Check out the two big illustrations of their fun-loving clientele:
(click to enlarge)




Not a Black or Brown person in sight. Just like their promotional video last month.

And watch out, Americana…

It’s gonna be the premiere shopping destination in the local foothill area?

Right. Foothill Boulevard west of Lowell maybe.

Something equally hilarious is their comparative demographics page. Look how our neighborhood compares with that of Glendale’s Americana:
(click to enlarge)


We’re more affluent? Tell that to Caruso.




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16 responses to “Why are the customers all White?

  1. Burbank IMHO

    At tonight’s council meeting Marcia Ramos one of our resident establishment hacks and is also Burbank’s MWD representative who’s position serves no useful purpose (captain Dunsel). She is a puppy dog not a watch dog. All we really need is someone to attend MWD meetings, take dictation and then return to the council and parrot what was said and then present the MWD propaganda slide show presentation.

    Ramos could not even answer Dr. Gordon why we are supposedly still in a drought and yet California dams are dumping water due to overcapacity.

    This is just stupid. Garbage in garbage out. It’s all about what our bureaucrat dictators want us to think and how to behave and using a supposed crisis (drought) to justify it. For reasons only the Democrats understand. The Democrats? Yes, the Democrats. They do after all by-and-large run our one party State, Counties and Cities and the bureaucracies within.

    Ramos is the epitome of how government works on every level in California.

    People, we’re fucked, we’re Detroit, so just sit back watch the slow speed crash, there’s no law or person standing in the way to stop it. (and I’m not just talking about water)

    • 91505

      Um ofcourse former Mayor Ramos could not answer any questions. She is not about to admit that everything she is up to at her puppy watch is over charging us to make some of her buddies rich

    • Mary

      Ramos should have stayed in retirement. The woman was a disaster on the council.

      • semichorus

        She’s always been quite credulous, yes.

        Many years ago she and her mother actually went out of their way to defend an old superintendent of Burbank schools whom I had publicly accused of engaging in racial and ethnic profiling of ESL students at the Adult School. I had the written goods on him and everything.

        To make a long story short, he wanted the BPD to come in and intimidate the students about accepted American values, because his impression was that they didn’t know how to act. For real. He was SUCH an incompetent, out-of-touch asshole.

        Anyway, six months later he and the same school board members (who had rejected my complaints) were accused of discrimination in another completely separate incident involving the principal of Burbank High. I’d tried to warn people about this crowd, but no.

        Ramos and her mother THEN went after the same super as if this were THEIR issue. But they had paved the way for the later incident by stupidly snuggling into the guy on my well-documented concerns just a bit earlier. Such moronic (and grandstanding) hypocrites they were.

        So yes, she does NOT impress me. You can really also lay the blame for the police mess on hers (and others) rule during the years 2001-2006 or so. Those councils were completely irresponsible– they provided NO oversight on the works.

      • Matilda

        Glad that others can see through the Marsha facade. I have known for years of her hypocrite ways.

        • semichorus

          She and her mother did a lot of damage on that one. They went out of their way to give the district cover about both Pierce and its longtime insensitivity to racial and ethnic problems. You should have seen how the board snuggled into them for support.

          But then they had the audacity to suddenly get all high and mighty about the BUSD when the exact same problem finally hit home for them a few months later. I was really appalled by their stupidity and destructiveness.

  2. Yolo

    If you’re not white you’re not welcome at the towne center

    • semichorus

      This sales brochure is just SO inappropriately racist.

      What year is this — 1972? And we’re to trust the people behind this sham?

  3. Anonymous

    Fucking Johnson is the most incompetent staff member of all time.

  4. Stuff

    Or fat people ever watch the herd crossing Magnolia?

  5. Bob

    Wait there’s a black guy hitting on the two white chicks on the left!

  6. chad

    That’s right Semi. They’re all white and they’re all packing. The way the world should be….

  7. There will be a story on KABC today at 4:30pm about the new mall development. I was interviewed. Hopefully, I didn’t break the camera with my ugly mug.

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