They’re not alleys any more. They’re “paseos”


Not much on the agenda tomorrow night but some Downtown stuff, mostly staff-generated PR excuses to keep their P-BID going — the one where (because of the incredibly preferential weighted-vote methodology) only about four or five big property owners can defy the will of at least 150+ other merchants and landlords to keep the thing going for mostly their benefit alone.

Like this. In the old days this would have been a standard city project. Now it’s the P-BID’s:

The Downtown Burbank Partnership Inc. (Downtown Burbank P-BID), as part of itscapital improvement program, analyzed portions of the Downtown Burbank area that would benefit from targeted improvements. The MUD Paseo project was identified as an important access point in the Downtown Burbank area that needed beautification and safety improvements. The paseo provides public access, connecting the parking lot at the rear of the businesses to South San Fernando Boulevard, which allows a path of travel for students that are attending the MUD school and for patrons visiting local businesses.

Wonder how Perren’s was able to function without such an agreeable greeting way?


The targeted area for this improvement is a portion of an existing alley corridor located next to MUD at 129 South San Fernando Boulevard (Exhibit C). The goal is to enliven the pedestrian experience and provide a welcoming environment for Downtown Burbank patrons…

The pedestrian experience of what — getting out of your car and going to class?

Exactly what else does this P-BID do you say?

The answer is right here in their four-color brochure. Basically they keep the streets and “paseos” clean and pay that outside ice skating rink company a lot of free inducement money to come in and keep all of the gate receipts on their six-week-long business.





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5 responses to “They’re not alleys any more. They’re “paseos”

  1. Stuff

    The “paseos” are mostly used by student smokers for wind breaks.

  2. Anonymous

    If they weren’t slobs and littered the place with butts maybe.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh yea smokers ALWAYS throw their butts in ashtrays. Look at any off ramp gutter cars still have ash trays but the slobs prefer tossing butts out their windows.

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