Why is the corporate media leaving out Bernie as a potential VP pick?


Last week and the week before that they were all over the idea.

Today they’re going out of their way to review the appointment of anyone but him. They’re literally scouring the Midwest states looking for potential choices.

That marginalization of progressives beginnith…






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12 responses to “Why is the corporate media leaving out Bernie as a potential VP pick?

  1. Anonymous

    C’mon, Semi. They only do as they’re told. Besides, no one wants a Socialist Jew stinking up HRC’s administration . . .

  2. Anonymous 3

    How about because nobody believes that Clinton is going to name a grumpy old grandfather socialist to be her running mate?

  3. chad

    A lot of young people voted for that grumpy old man.

    • Anonymous 3

      Why wouldn’t they? He promised them free tuition, with no way to pay for it and no chance of getting it thru Congress.

      People will always vote to line their own pockets.

  4. Cole

    From what I’ve read and been told by people in-the-know, the corporate media is doing it just to piss you off Jim!

  5. Anonymous 3

    When was the last time that the person who came in second was offered the VP?

    If my understanding of history is sound, it was 1960.

    That is a long time ago. Over half a century.

    Clinton has no responsibility to name Sanders VP. And Sanders many negatives would argue against it.

    Besides, Sanders spoke a lot of trash against Clinton that Trump is now using to bash her. Why give Trump more ammunition?

  6. Citizen Cane

    Sanders really believes what he says. He is one of the few in Congress who has not turned into a millionaire while working for the people on a salary of less than $200,000 a year. But Bernie fails to explain in his world of socialism how a doctor, cop, fireman, and everyone who is unemployed, should be making the same income. Tell a contractor or union workers they should earn the same as the unemployed. He can’t explain how free college education in a reality, but a fantasy. A 90% tax rate is Sander’s his plan. Hillary promises much of the same except she needs to earn millions more through the Clinton Foundation, the biggest scam in the world. Explain to Hollywood’s stars why they should earn the same as the unemployed. Sports stars too! Socialism does not work. Look at Mexico.

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