What a stupid idea

What an out and out losing ticket this would be.

NEW YORK, June 8 (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia has emerged as the online betting favorite to be presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s running mate while Bernie Sanders’ chances have slipped, online predictions market PredictIt said.

Kaine topped a list of potential vice president candidates with about 20 percent probability, followed by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts with about 17 percent and U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez with about 14 percent.

Hillary needs to pick a strong national figure as her running mate, one who has stature and popularity. Kaine brings nothing to the ticket. Sanders by contrast would be ideal: he’d help to heal the party, inject popular progressive values into the race, and even better, many people who hate Hillary actually like him. Polls have shown repeatedly that he’d have an easier time beating Trump than the future nominee.

If Hillary picks a weak, center-right limpdick like Tim Kaine then she deserves to lose. And unless Trump completely self-destructs, that’s what she’ll end up doing — especially if he starts to champion values and ideas that are more traditionally left-wing than hers, such as trade protection and American isolationism. Which he will.

Both Warren and Perez would be a bridge too far for many people, but Sanders would be ideal. The establishment media and other associated types of course scoff at Sanders but praise the wonderfully agreeable “centrists” like Tim Kaine.

Naturally. And look where it’s gotten us. Picking someone like Kaine would prove that Hillary is not a genuine progressive. She’s just more of the same — and which is exactly where the political alternative of Donald Trump is most appealing.



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9 responses to “What a stupid idea

  1. Anonymous 3

    The only reason that Sanders looks strong to beat Trump is that nobody has done any oppo research on him.

    The fact is that he is massively vulnerable to the kind of right wing attack that Faux Noise etc would unleash on him, were he on the ticket. The man honeymooned in the Soviet Union, for god’s sake.

    JUST what we need: another socialist from New England. Didn’t Dukakis end that discussion?

    Kaine would be a dull and cautious pick, but he would deliver VA, which is a very purple state that is full of racists eager to elect Trump. That would be the purpose of naming him VP.

    Warren would be better than Sanders and Kaine put together. She is a good populist who has proven that she can readily attack Trump. which is the purpose of a VP nominee: to vigorously attack the other party’s candidate.

    You only THINK that Sanders is a strong pick. He would be an anvil around Clinton’s neck. And while you see Clinton as unashamedly cautious and middle of the road, the Right sees her as a communist. Why reinforce that with the nearest thing the mainstream political class has FOR a communist: Sanders?

    Sanders for VP is madness.

    • semichorus

      People like Sanders. The already know about his labels. What can the GOP say about him — that he’s liberal? Big news there. Dukakis was never as popular. Bernie makes liberalism sound appealing again, which is why he’s done so well. He’ll also keep his supporters at the polls. And Republicans never vote for Dems anyway.

      Two women on the same ticket will never win. Warren also has the same problems with the GOP as Sanders– and less governing experience. The Pocahantas thing will doom her too. She’s not a known quantity like Sanders.

      This election will be won by getting Dems to the polls. Bernie can best do that. Best of all, he has likeability. If Hillary’s part of a lackluster ticket and Trump keeps his sanity, she’s gonna lose.

  2. chad

    Keep Elizabeth in the Senate. She does great work. Dukakis was never a socialist, believe me.

  3. Anonymous 3

    “Two women on the same ticket will never win. Warren also has the same problems with the GOP as Sanders– and less governing experience. The Pocahantas thing will doom her too. She’s not a known quantity like Sanders.”

    Why should two women on the ticket be destined to lose. Sure, there are plenty of misogynists like you out there, but you and Nolan don’t make up a majority.

    Warren is not a self-proclaimed socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, so I’d say that Sanders has more problems.

    You cannot name one accomplishment for Sanders throughout his career so I’d day that Warren will do fine. Less of a record means less to attack on.

    The” Pocahantas” thing (using the reichwing’s expression, thanks) will have no traction.

    And just what is Sanders known for? Again, he has accomplished nothing in the Senate. He is a known quantity in that he promised candy for everybody, collage kids especially, with no way of paying for them, much less getting them past a Rethug Congress.

    Sanders has accomplished nothing and can accomplish none of what he promised.

    It is long past time for him to sit down and shut up.

    • semichorus

      I challenge anyone to find any woman who has known me that would also refer to me as a “misogynist.”

      I think a two-woman ticket is a bridge too far for many people. Especially quite a few older women.

  4. chad

    I think a two-woman ticket from the Northeast is more a problem than a same gender ticket. However, misogyny runs so deep in this country/world that it just may stop a few people from voting for that ticket. Sanders has at least one great moment in his past. He voted against the invasion of Iraq. I don’t buy the argument that Sanders is impractical. I vote my conscience and his ideas are the closest to mine of the candidates.

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