No classical music


If you’re a fan of the old Brand Art and Music Library like we used to be, don’t get too excited by today’s headline:

FireShot Capture 204 - Brand Library Plaza Series plans musi_ - http___www.latimes.com_socal_glend


The list is right here. Those aren’t classical groups, they’re fusion. Notice there’s no mention of the works to be performed? Guess the “Celtic” crap is their sop to white people.

The dumbing down continues. The dumb there continue to dumb it down, and eagerly. They’re also pretty righteous about it all whenever you happen to talk to them about these changes.

Look, why doesn’t Glendale just call it quits up there and move the Grandview Branch to the site and put the old one out of its gasping misery? Because that’s what they want to do. Just throw what’s left of the old stuff into a big bonfire and move in the kiddie books and the bestsellers.





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17 responses to “No classical music

  1. donkeypunch

    Can we get a pic of your pouty-face. It’d really be nice to put a face to all the bitching and moaning about… every, fucking, thing.

    We get it. You’re a failure, and this blog is the depressing pinnacle of your life.

    Pardon me, I’m going to get some ice cream and be happy about some shit.

    • semichorus

      Do yourself a favor. Stay in the area.

      I think it’s hilarious that a piece about the obvious dumbing-down of a once great library would elicit such a stupid reaction.

  2. chad

    Now, now, now..don’t lump Celtic music into one big, melodic variation bag.

  3. CornFused

    I studied classical music most of my life. That said, why should it receive any preference over other forms? Good music played well, is good music. That should be all that matters.

    This is one instance where the end result (getting people away from their TV’s) shouldn’t be looked down upon over a play list.

  4. Anonymous

    Contrast with the absolute garbage the Starlight Bowl has for the “season.” Makes the Brand series look like Carnegie Hall…


    Hey Semi, why don’t you write a blog about M.P.M.A. and the Burbank City Council . After approving the funding for Ladies & Gents night out. Added to a negative city budget with a 1.2 million dollar deficit? Nice move, they approved $30K+ !! They should be ashamed of themselves.. I’ll bet they stiffed the help asked for the “roller hockey rink”? Thee only one in Burbank”s city limits? Utilized by thousands of kids, teens and adults ! But, in “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” it’s ALL about who you know ! ‘donkeypunch’, you should get a grip?

    • semichorus

      Donkeypunch wants to be the next new council member I think.

      The hockey rink is kaput I fear. I hate that “ladies and gents” thing.

      • CornFused

        I hope you’re wrong about the hockey rink. Frank is a great guy and really gets involved with the kids and families that take advantage of it. If gone, it will be missed with nothing else even close to take it’s place in the community.

    • Semi, how do I get some information to you?

  6. Judie

    Park Board stepped on their appendages.
    The large marge on the end was bored throughout.
    The chair even tried to skip Oral Communications.
    Staff had them wrapped around their finger.
    Kids and parents did a fine job.
    Frank made an offer and they shit their pants, collectively.
    Poor performance by staff and the bored Board.
    Big Judy was missing so back to City Council, again.

    • Edith

      Under the watchful eyes of Telemoron and Babbling Rogers the Park & Recreation Board accomplished nothing.
      They were bored as we’ve been told.
      Why did the mayor send them to a Board and then were sent back to the City Council?
      Staff retorted that the Contract was CANCELLED.
      Lots of disappointed kids, pissed off parents.


    How could the city slip thru (30 THOUSAND DOLLARS) in funding to Magnolia Park Merchants Association under the table without any public comments heard? With a budget deficit of 1.2 million dollars? The council needs to be called out on their act of favoritism to a small disgruntled merchants association! It’s a travesty that they shunned all the kids and parents who loved the ONLY roller hockey rink in Burbank. Thousands of kids seams to be , or should have been considered more important than the expense of picking up trash for a private organization that seams that they can barely afford to pay attention!
    How could Ashley have had all the city council board members in her hip pocket? So very wrong and totally disgusting.

    • Barbara

      Poor little ashley makes a mess in Magnolia Park.
      She is too good for stoop labor.
      The taxpayers get stuck with the expense due to stupid politicians.

      The merchants voted NO on their District (PBID)
      Now, with a Budget in the HOLE, our Council spends OUR $$$??

      What kind of gum is rogers chewing upon?

      • semichorus

        Yeah,, and how much is Miss Magnolia pulling out of the deal?

        There’s no strict accounting on the dough. If the city wants to comp their police/use fees for these events then so be it. But an out-and-out cash grant?

        To an outside organization? When other groups were not able to pitch for the same monies because staff saw to it that Miss Magnolia got it slipped into their “additional” budget request instead? Right next to the bound copies of building codes and other departmental/staff needs?

        I don’t think so. Outside funding availabilities are supposed to be separate consent or CDBG-type hearing items AND open to all bidders. Not just the well connected.

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