Why do so many of these sack-of-shit Democrats go ballistic at the idea of “free tuition” at public colleges?

Especially when most of them benefited from the same back when they were young?

The best reason for choosing Bernie over Hillary on Tuesday is the arrogant and dismissive behavior of her so-called surrogates and longtime political supporters, many of whom on TV are also her “superdelegates.”

Sanders is 100 percent correct about the need to eliminate public college tuition. That any Democrat would take umbrage at such an idea to the point of expressing mockery and ridicule at the guy only proves how morally bankrupt this party has become. We need no further example that it’s clearly time for a change.

Sanders is also right about how “rich people” should benefit from free college tuition as well, something that has many Hillary supporters tied up in knots of phony self-righteousness, as if Sanders is being a clear idiot about the idea. Not only are the rich paying into the same pot, but if the more affluent population in this country aren’t allowed to have some kind of skin in the game then they’re not going to support the effort. Quite the opposite. FDR realized this reality back when he refused to exclude the super-affluent from Social Security consideration.

We don’t means-test K-12 either, and for the same good reason. Think we should, Dems? So many of you like charter schools, so who knows…

So send a message on Tuesday morning: make it Bernie over Hillary. It’ll be good for her and good for the country. These mainstream Dems have blown it. If Bernie weren’t in the race she’d be going out of her way to deny that she was a “liberal.”



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7 responses to “Why do so many of these sack-of-shit Democrats go ballistic at the idea of “free tuition” at public colleges?

  1. Ray

    Hillary is a crook and a phony.

  2. Citizen Cane

    Free tuition sounds great! But how do you pay for these colleges to operate? Since liberals run 90% of colleges and Universities, they set the prices for education and the cost are skyrocketing. Schools with big time sports programs could share revenue gained from sports to share with the students. Schools could drop useless courses like transgender studies and degrees that are useless. Or, allow private banks back into the college loan business. Stop giving free education to illegal aliens and divert those efforts to paying for tuition for US citizens.

    • semichorus

      The last time liberals ran anything we had free tuition — like 50 years ago. The reason things are so screwed up now money wise is because Republicans and pseudo-Dems have been running the show ever since then.

      They’ve bled the system dry. Like using the IRS to collect overpriced bank loans to students for their overpriced tuition that (quite conveniently) requires overpriced bank loans to pay. What a racket.

      Transgender studies and degrees? Where? You people make this stuff up. That’s a new one– I thought it was just the kiddie bathrooms you people were worried about.

  3. Citizen Cane

    Transgender studies degree, $63,000 from U of A. Many other U’s offer similar degrees. That is where I get this stuff.

    • semichorus

      I agree, it’s stupid. But they’re boasting about being the only one now.

      I hate all these cultural studies majors anyway. And I do agree with the right-wingers about this Yale English Dept thing and that intro class those kids want to get rid of in their “demand.”

      What these students are really saying is that they just don’t want to have to read all of that old difficult stuff. If they want to major in cultural studies then don’t major in English. So what they want to do too is get rid of the “English” major entirely.

      Harold Bloom’s been good on this topic. But then, these kids are now calling him a rapist as well, because of Naomi Wolfe’s old and silly accusation against him (he supposedly made a pass at her at a party 40 years ago).

      I agree, I hate many of these new professors. The truth though is that their main motive is basically one of eliminating as much academic and job competition as they can. And they simply don’t like straight men, many of them. Straight white men = exploitation; everyone else = sources of truth and goodness.

      And if you criticize them for anything, they try to destroy you. Or want to throw you in jail!

  4. Citizen Cane

    Part of the snowflake generation. Kids taking courses, complain they are too hard, can’t handle criticism, and are learning how to be victims rather than achievers.

    • semichorus

      I agree.

      Ralph Nader had a great comment the other day about young people. Talking about “trigger warnings” etc., he said that the academic system now creates such thin skins in these kids that moonbeams could knock them over. He says it’s because there’s no draft any more for them to have something to REALLY complain about.

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