That unofficial “City of Burbank” Facebook site is now chock full of the kind of behavior that they claimed they’d been formed to avoid


We’ve been getting a big kick this weekend watching that new “City Of Burbank” Facebook site come apart at the seams with the exact same kind of nuttiness that they (falsely) claimed they’d been observing over here, and were supposedly set up to prevent.

Remember their founders’ stated goal of wanting to avoid all of that offensive “semichorus” hatred and nutcase commenting behavior? That they were going to become the pure and helpful community of Burbank website instead, and not full of nastiness and negativity like that other one that everyone knows about but shan’t be named. Wasn’t this also why they were restricting their admission to selected guests only? They were going to be so “positive” that you practically had to get a special permit from them to become a part of the action.

At least that’s what we heard. Being not positive about Burbank, we had no interest in trying out for the membership.

How things have changed. Seen it lately? The personal hostility and neighborhood paranoia being revealed at this unofficial City of Burbank Facebook site has exceeded even Will Rogers’ biggest red-herring fantasies about what he dreams to think goes on over here.

Our local Prince of Piety must have noticed it lately. Talk about irrational, nutcase behavior — this weekend for instance the adverse reaction to Denise Wilcox’s photos of Bill Clinton was enough to force her to take them down in a huff. You’d have thought she’d been posting friendly candids of Bill Cosby by the way some of that crowd reacted to her work. Needless to say there was a lot of immediate talk about uninvited guests like Monica and those dead soldiers in Benghazi. After a while Denise had had enough with all of the rancor and the hate and who can blame her.

It’s enough to make us want to gloat. We’ve never seen anything like that over here, and we have an extremely liberal posting policy where you’d think the action would always be running downhill pretty quick. At last the critics always hope so. At worst we usually see things calm down after a bit, and that’s even when we don’t step in to put a sudden halt to the fun, and which we have done at times. We let almost anything in by policy too, but it’s never been enough to actually close down shop entirely. The worst we get is some weird right-wing video or two.

There must be a moral here somewhere. Whatever it is, it’s sure been fun watching those balloons bursting to hell over at that by-permission-only City of Burbank booster site.






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19 responses to “That unofficial “City of Burbank” Facebook site is now chock full of the kind of behavior that they claimed they’d been formed to avoid

  1. Anonymous 3

    What a joke. If your have not seen hatred and rancor over here then you just are not looking.

    You screen all the comments and yet allow “asshole” and “moron” and “shitty” to be used against everybody in the city govt except your hero Gordon.

    If ever the pot called the kettle black, you just did.

    • semichorus

      You have a real knack for missing the point.

      That one’s gotten worse than we’ve been accused of. And in record time. They censor the membership rolls and they STILL can’t be the gentle, positive, “We love Burbank and everything it’s about!” site.

      It’s hilarious.

      I’m not condemning them either– just laughing about it. Those guys like Rogers are so fucking pious and self-righteous about their notions of proper deportment and “character” and the abnormal psychology of others and all that crap, but they’re worse than anyone!

  2. ANONYMOUS 3.1

    Hey anonymous 3 ‘BLOW ME’ ! Dr Gordon is the only City Council Member with brains between his ears and a” CONSCIENCE”, which is a rare thing. The rest of the council members are pompous –s —-s ! Dr. Gordon isn’t part of the flock of “SHEEP’ on the board that bows to favoritism for a select entitled few ! The rehashed same old city council needs fresh eyes and ears , and actually CARE about the small important issues pertaining to struggling merchants all over “BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN BURBANK!”

  3. DixieFlyer

    Now Snotty Rizzotti will need to find a “friendly blog”.
    Please don’t forget her feelings about “that angry blog”.

    • semichorus

      She probably thinks that one’s friendly.

      Rogers’ fantasy of a blog psycho-ward and paranoia festival of local malcontents has come true. It’s over there!

      The one he helped to start!

      • Anonymous 3

        And again the pot calls the kettle black.

        • semichorus

          No one’s “calling” anything. It’s just that this Facebook site was oh-so-piously set up to be the happy alternative to those other horrible sites that do nothing but tear down our wonderful, wonderful City of Burbank.

          And then look what happens. They’re all at each other throats about trivialities, when it’s not 70 percent neighborhood paranoia.

          I’ve never made any claim about trying to stay cheerful and non-angry about Burbank. I didn’t start out with the premise that this is a wonderful community and that those other people who are so critical about everything are just so terrible

          They did. That’s the difference.

      • Anonymous 3.1.1

        Since you brought it up Anonymous 3 I will say what is on my mind.
        I read your comments here all the time but on this one I choose to respond.
        Your Burbank FB page is like almost all politically correct discussions, a great big illusion. It is filled with the self important people so no wonder I see people like Mr Rogers on it trying to seem knowledgeable and important but really looking pathetic and ignorant.
        Now as to our small minded council where shall I begin ? I know I will start with Mrs Luddy.
        Mrs Luddy is a eco nazi who feels so good when she can mis-use big words and come up with reasons to show her power and impose her ignorant beliefs on otherz. She is a small minded little person and we all know it.
        Who is next ? I know Mr Frutos. I mean the cop who never stands up for anything. Oh wait he is to busy bending over kissing asses that he just can’t look up and say no to a developer or to his city employee experts.
        And that leaves Councilman Talamantes, you know him he is the one who can’t string words together in a sentence. The one who says move forward while he is stuck in reverse.
        Things in Burbank have fallen into disgracefull disrepair and the police are never seen anymore and the city councol takes lots of Tuesdays off but hey the deputy chief has plenty of time to send out emails and Rogers babbles on and on. Sure Anonymous 3 this blog is the problem and all is just great in Burbank. Maybe you should visit Dr Gordon, get a new prescription and turn in those dark rose colored glasses your wearing.

  4. Diane

    It is permission to enter only. I tried to join it and so did some other moms but they have requorements beyond just living in Burbank. I don’t know what they require but some people say you have to be part of some elite group to be allowed in the page.

  5. Anonymous

    You are so funny. You act upset when someone has diffent opion then u. U then go to name calling. You are so immature. You really need to grow up. And if you have a point please be more mature when posting. I originally liked this site because I thought you loved Burbank but I know believe you just want controversy. And don’t really care about making Burbank better

  6. Anonymous

    Speaking of Beautiful Burbank, have y’all seen the giant photo portraits of that pinhead Chris John John Rizzotti currently turning up on MTA bus stops where movie posters usually go? Talk about an over-inflated ego. Visual blight at its sickening worst . . .

    • semichorus

      Without the wife and mother in law? He must be using the same ad agency.

      Watch him run against Gordon next year. As … the slow growth candidate! The Burbank Preservationist!

  7. ERIC

    Watch the city council meeting tonight about BEAUTIFUL MAGNOLIA PARK. A new merchant tried to get a bunch of us to protest the city giving $20,000.00 to the ” merchant association” to close off Magnolia Park on Ladies Night out. ninety percent of Magnolia Park does not benefit from this event and many say it actually interferes with their business. he showed us a sheet he compiled of over 22 stores in the center of Magnolia Park that have gone out of business in one year! we’ll see how many show up tonight because they know the city council doesn’t get it or care! if the city has 20 grand to spend, it should be to help return Magnolia Park to a stable district to attract all customers not just MILLENNIAL’S !

  8. Cindy

    Ha. Ha. It’s all so true that it’s funny. People are angry at all the b.s going on. Try having a business in Magnolia Park. A few businesses want the entire boulevard to revolve around them and the city doesn’t see the big picture!! Unfair to ALL businesses! Businesses are rolling like flies and it’s not hard to figure out why. Board members have even lost their businesses and some others have resigned. Something is terribly wrong and it needs to be looked into.

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