Why did the local news media refuse to promote Bill Clinton’s appearance yesterday?

Think about it.

If it had been Donald Trump at Joslyn the local news media would have been jumping all over the story. The BPD’s website and Twitter page would have contained multiple announcements, and the City’s information office would have PR’d the hell out of it.

There would have been hourly updates about street traffic and potential safety closures in the area. No two ways about it. And the media would have gotten its news cue from the city.

Instead, the right-wing hate sites are having a field day over this..

Bill Clinton plays — to 100 people?

JUNE 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s dreams of the Democratic nomination for president may turn into a nightmare in California.

Both Hillary and Bill are going to be going almost non-stop in the Golden State from now until Tuesday to stave off an upset by Bernie Sanders.

The rapidly aging Bill Clinton has five public events on tap today — two more than his typical three.

In Burbank, he’s playing to a paltry crowd, which one reporter pegs at 100 people.

Frédéric Autran @fredericautran
Cadre bucolique pour ce meeting de Bill Clinton. Une centaine de personnes à Burbank, banlieue de Los Angeles
2:47 PM – 3 Jun 2016

“Bucolic setting for this meeting of Bill Clinton. A hundred people in Burbank, outskirts of Los Angeles,” Frederic Autran, a reporter for French publication Liberation tweeted, according to the translated version.

The venue amounted to a small grove of trees outside the Joslyn Adult Center.

David Montero, a reporter for Southern California News Group, said there were “more than 100 people” in attendance.

Cooper Rummell of KNX called it a “small rally.”

Frederic Carbonne of Radio France tweeted a picture of the crowd, which may be more than 100, but is definitely small.


The BPD must have previously known about this event. They and the Secret Service would have been all over Izay and Joslyn way ahead of time. At least two or three days.

But, they went out of their way to ignore mentioning it to the public. Why?

The only possible reason is that someone wanted to sabotage the event. Or at least not promote it. This NEVER happens with other political visitors to Burbank. You can be damned sure too that if this had been Trump it would have been much different.

Rogers of all people should be up in arms about the fact that some of his staff members are making political/bureaucratic decisions against the probable Democratic nominee for President. Think he will be?

Again, you think Burbank would have kept a Trump appearance quiet? That no one would have said anything until the very last minute?





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43 responses to “Why did the local news media refuse to promote Bill Clinton’s appearance yesterday?

  1. Dianne

    If the local media touted the appearance of Bill Clinton in Burbank they would have been obligated to tout our very own Mayor Tellamoron.

    Some of us are more concerned about the poor coverage afforded
    Local Politics. The news media is doing a piss-poor job of covering
    the very real issues facing our City and US.

    Thank you semi for trying to keep us informed on local issues.

    You are allowed to stray, once in awhile.

    • semichorus

      If this had been Trump there would have been hourly BPD bulletins via Twitter, and starting the night before. We would have been told all about possible street closures etc etc.

  2. Anonymous 3

    Wow. More of your fevered imaginings.

    I just spoke to Adam Schiff’s political director, who was tasked with throwing this event for the campaign.

    The decision to come to Burbank was made Thursday evening. The email inviting me to attend came Thursday evening. The decision to come to Burbank was confirmed because Adam Schiff was available to introduce him.

    There was no conspiracy to squelch attendance. The Burb Police found out about it hours before the event.

    Comparisons to Trump are invalid. First, he is only doing large venues, and he is the candidate, not a surrogate like Bill.

    The whole business of where Bill would be is very catch as catch can, depending in no small part in how senior a political figure can be rustled up to introduce Bill. If Schiff had NOT been in town Bill would have gone somewhere else.

    And Rogers has no bone to pick with staff, who did NOTHING to suppress attendance.

    • semichorus

      Hardly fevered imaginings, because if this had been Heidi Cruz in town there would have been some kind of BPD announcement ahead of time. Even “hours before.”

      But there was nothing about this event. Zilch. Nada. Not even “hours before.” With anyone else there would have been. The BPD wasn’t even tweeting about it in real time.

      Consequently, because there was no prior BPD or city announcement, the news media didn’t know about the event until almost that very hour. So they didn’t publicize it.

      Thus, the event was a fucking FAILURE.

      In the words of Gore Vidal, who’s saying it was a “conspiracy”? A good many members of this crowd just think alike. All you have to do is look at the many hostile “City of Burbank” Facebook responses to Denise’s pictures.

      I would think too that Bill Clinton would be just as worthy of BPD mention as Donald Trump. One was President, and one’s a poseur.

      So nice try, whoever you were to be calling Schiff’s office. The BEST spin you can put on this is that the City and BPD fucked up. That’s a great rejoinder and wonderful defense. But I think it was intentional– someone or someones couldn’t have been bothered about it all just because it was Bill Clinton.

      Anyone concerned enough about this horrible political embarrassment yesterday (like Rogers) should be raising holy hell about this official city neglect and lack of notice — no matter how last minute it was, which it really was not. It’s always interesting to me too how staff and the BPD only seem to be asleep at the wheel on certain issues (such as the Angel emails) and not others.

      You’d think Rogers would be smart enough (or concerned enough) to notice this discrepancy. Because sorry, these are not oversights or any other such excuses.

      • Anonymous 3

        There was NO failure of the BDP nor the city staff to publicize this event and thus hinder the press from publicizing it.

        The decision to hold the event was made less than 24 hours, more like 12 hours before the event.

        There was NOTHING that the city or the BDP could have done to publicize it, and you are just freaking out over NOTHING.

        It was you that said that there must have been 3 days notice. There was less than a day’s notice is the actual FACT.

        Neither Rogers nor anyone else has a bone to pick with the city staff nor the BDP over this event.

        And Trump is the nominee, Bill is only a surrogate. That is an indisputable fact.

        Too bad you never get out of your dusty basement, or you too could have seen Bill in the flesh. It was quite a treat.

        • semichorus

          Then Rogers is a credulous moron with his own people, because the BPD still had PLENTY of opportunity to publicize the event ahead of time — if only to alert the public to the visit and any possible traffic or venue repercussions. That’s standard practice for them. The press would have immediately picked up on the alert.

          But they did not. So give me a break. They have a frigging TWITTER PAGE and City Information Officer for this very sort of thing. I saw nothing on there about it at any time. Even during the event itself!

    • Anonymous

      The city knew about Clinton’s visit well enough ahead of time to help find a venue. So you’re right semi, they could have announced it earlier.

      • semichorus

        I suspect too that though the attendance might have been confirmed on Thursday night, the arrangements were set up earlier. So there was even more prior notice. Joslyn didn’t just instantly pop up.

        The event was a disaster. If I was a Dem councilperson I’d be pissed, and raising hell all weekend. What an embarrassment for Burbank.

        • Anonymous 3

          The arrangements were NOT “set up earlier”, as I have told you!

          The Clinton campaign called Schiff’s political director LATE Thursday and asked if Schiff was in town and if Schiff’s political team could put on the event for less than 24 hours later.

          Key-rist how many times do you need to be told before you catch on?

          This event was rustled up with about 12 hours notice and was anything BUT a “fucking FAILURE.” There was a full compliment of press to cover it, and it was covered as much as any surrogate’s event would be. Schiff and his team were perfectly happy with the results. I spoke with Schiff last night at a charity event and he thought it was swell.

          • semichorus

            Nobody showed up! And the foreign press went out of its way to notice this embarrassment, as shown.

            With enough publicity — even that night — they could have had 5x the crowd easily. If the BPD had Tweeted it like they would have done for EVERY OTHER LOCAL POLITICAL APPEARANCE the press would have picked up on the big news immediately.

            Word would have gotten around that very evening, instead of at 10 a.m. via some dumb Burbank Facebook group.

            And it’s not like the BPD didn’t know about this ahead of time. Worse, they didn’t even bother to Tweet it in real time! Not even possible traffic or location alerts.

            You know why? Because someone down there made a DELIBERATE decision to marginalize the event. Either that or they’re all terrifically incompetent and negligent, which I seriously doubt — if only because they’re always on top of other political visits.

            So which one is it?

      • Anonymous 3

        “They”! Who is “they”?

        “They” had less than a day’s notice. “They” barely were able to pull it off.

        It is a miracle that it was as well attended as it was, considering how late the campaign was in deciding on going to Burbank at all.

        • semichorus

          I don’t believe for one second that the event was only just thought of on Thursday night. For one thing, the city supplied the public venue, and the Secret Service would had to have vetted it previously.

          Confirmed, possibly. But this event did not just suddenly appear out of thin air a few hours before. That’s not how it works. Back in the 90s when Clinton went to both GCC and Rocky Cola afterwords it was a HUGE multi-day deal to arrange. He’s still got a big security detail.

          Even if it had been just overnight notice, that was still PLENTY of time for the BPD and the city to announce the venue and tip people off to the public arrangements. But again, they said NOTHING.

          • Anonymous 3

            Back in the 90’s Bill was PRESIDENT. Yes, secret service was there, but the campaign is rocking and rolling, flying by the seat of its pants.

            Believe it or not, the decision to do an event in Burbank was made Thursday.

            Instead of pulling nonsense out of your ass, why don’t you do some real journalism and call up Schiff’s people and get the facts?

            Which are that this event was hatched less than 24 hours before it happened.

            • Cynthia

              Anon 3, you are sooo inspirational.
              We should be absolutely thrilled that you and our Mayor knew of the event.
              Some of us thought that the Local paper started charging money for people to read their stuff on-line because it was so newsworthy?
              You have made us think, God Bless You and the mayor.

  3. Anonymous 3

    How is it the BDP’s or city staff’s responsibility to tell the press that Bill was to be in town?

    Obviously that falls to the Clinton campaign and to Schiff’s people who actually pulled the thing together with less than a day’s notice.

    There was NO conspiracy on the part of the BDP nor city staff to suppress new coverage or public attendance.

    And the event was a success, especially considering the nil lead time that the Clinton campaign gave to Schiff’s people to pull it off.

    No council person has any reason to raise a stink of any sort.

    • semichorus

      If they’d Tweeted the event prior then the local press would have noticed it. But they did nothing. It was ignored.

      • Anonymous 3

        The event was ignored? It lead in the Leader.

        • Dennis

          What a dumb shit.
          The coverage was AFTER THE FACT.
          As in NOT BEFORE.
          Dig a hole, pull it in after you.
          STOP wasting our time.

        • Dennis

          AFTER the event. Stupido.

          • semichorus

            Yes, I’m referring to pre-event notification.

            Which I’m sure that the Leader and myburbank etc. would have done right away if we’d had the least inkling of it. But nobody at the city — who were obviously directly involved in the event — bothered to post any official noticing on it.

            And it was a police issue! No traffic advisories, no nothing. That’s my whole point to A3.

            Here’s the deal. I first heard about Clinton showing up at Joslyn from someone in NEW YORK CITY who saw it on that unofficial Facebook page at about 1 p.m their time. I immediately checked the BPD and city web sites for an update and found nothing. Zilch. Eventually I found some notice on a Hillary campaign site from the day before.

            I couldn’t believe the police had nothing to say about this big an event. It was like “What’s going on with these people? New York City knows about it but he’s incognito to the Burbank officialdom?”

  4. Longshanks

    Adam Schiff? Please…:

    C’mon? You think that clown represents you?

    Fucking disgrace is what that is…

    • semichorus

      Well, I got a kick back when he was redistricted to much of Los Feliz and West Hollywood, and when he all of a sudden went from “proud Blue Dog” to fighting liberal.

      The true local liberals way back then like Scott Wildman and Barry Gordon were treated like shit by the Democratic Party. I also well remember his Summer 2010 constituent mailer, the one that was 100 percent concerned with corporate issues like internet/copyright restrictions written for the benefit of institutional rightsholders like Disney and the other studios. It was a disgrace.

      • Longshanks

        I don’t know… I guess I’m highly suspicious of anyone that comes to Hillary’s defense considering her propensity for distorting the truth. Seriously, I can not think of a more dishonest candidate and I’ve been around since Eisenhower.

        If Hillary is so great, why didn’t Democrats vote for her in 2008?

        What has Hillary accomplished since her 2008 Presidential run that makes her the front nominee for the Democratic Party today?

        During this time she was Secretary of State. Please provide details of her realistic/worthy accomplishments during her tenure that, all-of-a-sudden, make you reconsider her to lead our Nation, but she didn’t have back in 2008?

        I am asking honestly. Give me something to champion here for the second coming of a Clinton Presidency.

      • Longshanks

        Are you being serious? How can anyone (internet hero/elected Congressperson) defend Hillary’s actions here?

    • Anonymous 3

      Faux noise? It is you that has to be kidding? Who cares what those fascists say?

  5. Anonymous

    **Burbank Roller Hockey Rink**
    I want to thank everyone who has reached out to the City expressing their opinions in regards to the future of the Roller Hockey Rink at Ralph Foy Park. The Parks and Rec. Director, Judie Wilke, has already responded to a number of emails with the following detailed response:

    “Good evening,

    I want to begin by stating how truly wonderful it is to have received so many emails over the past few days expressing sincere passion for roller hockey, and a strong desire to work with the City to find a way to ensure that the roller hockey program is maintained in our community. I am very sorry I have not personalized an email to each of you, but honestly I felt it was important to get the same message out and one collective email seemed like the best way to accomplish that goal.

    As you may or may not know, the City built the Burbank Roller Hockey Facility in 1997 as a temporary rink to see what type of interest there was in the community for the sport. In 1997 the City negotiated an agreement with the Burbank Community YMCA to take over the operation of the facility from the City. The lease payments were negotiated at $9,500 per quarter and in 2002 were renegotiated to $5,000 per quarter. While the YMCA experienced some success with the program, they ultimately stopped operating it in 2004. The City took over the operation and because it was minimally used for roller hockey, began renting the premises for youth soccer practice.

    The City ultimately initiated a Request for Proposal process in 2009 for the Roller Hockey Facility and Community Sports Foundation (CSF) was selected to operate the facility as approved in a two year agreement. The lease payments were set at $2,000 per quarter plus 10% of the net monthly income. As we all know, CSF assumed management of the facility in spring 2010 and have grown the program into the success it is today. The lease payment was renegotiated in 2012 to just quarterly payments of $2,200.

    I want to make sure it is clear that we are very proud of Mr. Dellasandro (Frank) and all the hard work he has put into this program because without him, it would not be successful. We understand that many youth are now participating in a sport that might not have otherwise, are getting exercise, meeting new friends and learning the importance of teamwork. We also know this rink has become a wonderful venue for many adults to enjoy the sport, meet new friends and get exercise. So please know that our decision to terminate our existing agreement has nothing to do with Frank, or the way the program is run. Instead it has everything to do with our concern for the condition of the facility. We recently learned that the company that manufactured the roller hockey rink for us (GamePlex Boards) unexpectedly decided to discontinue making the boards we have. This has made it extremely difficult for the City to purchase any replacement boards. We have searched for suppliers, auction houses, online resources, and the AAU Roller Hockey National Office, and have been unable to locate an authorized vendor who can provide replacement boards that will satisfy the facility’s structural needs and our liability concerns/requirements. Without replacement boards, repairs to the facility are not feasible. And while many people have made suggestions for places we can find replacement boards, none of them would match what we have currently. Basically it would be like buying Chevy parts for a Ford. There are other manufacturers, Dasher Boards, Pro Series to name a few, but none would fit our rink. Our boards are plastic molded and hollow – most of the other boards are multilayer poly/synthetic substance and about 1 inch thick. The engineering of those systems is different in that the vertical and horizontal supports are steel or aluminum versus our boards that have linked pieces supported at the joint by the vertical fence posts. And when a board breaks on our system, we have to find the exact replacement board or they will not fit together properly. And our department and risk management are concerned with us attempting to mend the boards or buy used boards, as they will not be as structurally sounds as new boards. Thus in the absence of finding more boards that will fit our rink (and remember it has to be the exact board or it won’t link together), in order for the City to continue offering a Roller Hockey program the entire roller hockey board system will need to be replaced.

    We have received a quote to replace the hockey board system for approximately $120,000 ($60,000 for the system and $60,000 for installation). There would also be a demolition cost, new perimeter fencing and resurfacing the rink which is estimated to cost about $80,000. Therefore a new rink would run about $200,000.

    Currently our agreement with Frank (CSF) expires June 11, 2017 and as I previously stated he is making quarterly lease payments to the City totaling $8,800 per year. These payments are deposited into a roller hockey capital improvement account for rink repairs and other capital improvements to that facility. However, it is important to note that the rink’s annual maintenance expenses have continued to exceed these payments. Each year the City completes repairs such as resurfacing and repainting of the playing surface, hockey board repairs, improvements to the dug-out, and replacing sections of the perimeter fencing. The costs for these improvements vary each year, but on average the City spends approximately $15,000 to $20,000 a year. As you can see this annual expense exceeds the $8,800 that the City receives from CSF. So not only does the $8,8000 we receive from CSF not cover the annual maintenance of the rink, it doesn’t provide any funding to the City to plan for the eventual replacement of the rink. The rink has about a 10 to 15 year useful lifespan, and because our maintenance crews have done an awesome job maintaining and repairing the system, we have been able to extend the usefulness of its lifespan to almost 19 years!

    And while we wish we had money to build a new facility, please know that this is just one of many aging City facilities that is in need of significant infrastructure improvements. Citywide there are over $251 million of infrastructure needs, and very limited funding. Our department alone has a need for new playground equipment, restroom renovations, field renovations, new pool at McCambridge Park, updated recreation centers, and the list goes on! Thus, in consideration of the City’s current infrastructure needs and limited resources, at the April 14th Parks and Recreation Board meeting, Frank was encouraged to bring forward funding opportunities for the replacement of the facility for the Board’s consideration and ultimately City Council’s approval.

    I think it is really important for everyone to know that this is not a new situation – staff along with the Park Board have been talking with Frank about the fact we were running out of replacement boards and that we did not have money to build a new rink. Not once has Frank offered to renegotiate the terms of his agreement to possibly assist in the maintenance and replacement of the rink – meaning increasing the amount of lease payments he makes to the City. The only time Frank has come to the City with the idea of bringing outside investors was if we could work with him to build two hockey rinks at Foy Park. While we studied the matter, we ultimately said the park was too small to accommodate another rink without negatively impacting what little open green space remains at the park. I personally spent time with Frank going out to sites and talking with our real estate section to see if we could find another location for Frank to build two roller hockey rinks. Unfortunately we were never able to find anything that worked.

    I hope you understand that the last thing we in the Parks and Recreation profession want to do is close a recreation facility. Conversely, we also have a responsibility to this community to ensure that facilities are well maintained and safe. Although difficult, we are sometimes faced with making unpopular decisions that are in the best interest of the City and community. We had to seek for termination of the agreement because we can’t ensure any further maintenance of the rink since we no longer have any additional replacement boards. And we selected the timeframe we did for termination so that Frank could get through this season. We will willingly work with Frank and the roller hockey community to find a solution. However, the solution for the City, and the City alone to pay for the replacement and to keep subsidizing the ongoing maintenance costs to the extent we have is not feasible.

    Again, I can’t thank each of you enough for your passion and commitment to keeping this program. I would be happy to talk more or meet with any of you regarding this matter.

    Judie Wilke l Director”

    Thank you again for your feedback and for staying involved!

    • semichorus

      I understand the city’s position. It’s just too bad they can’t come up with the money for a non-contracting out option.

      You know, 50 years ago they would have. They would have found the money and run it on their own. But this contracting-out mentality gives these public agencies the excuse not to do something if they can’t.

  6. Irwin Fletcher

    Just posting on Facebook and Twitter (and blogs) would have brought out a ton of people- if I had known, I would have skipped work to see this. Truly bizarre.

    • semichorus

      Yes. The city didn’t, nor did the BPD. They had plenty of time to.

      They didn’t mention it at all, from what I could find. I also don’t believe that the idea just suddenly sprang up at midnight before. There must have been some kind of earlier discussion and tentative plan. The Secret Service and security people aren’t going to go into a blind location with a guy like President Clinton.

      If they had the time to get Joslyn ready “at the last minute” then they also had time to announce the visit so that the press and public would pick up on it. But the city chose not to.

  7. Anonymous 3

    “Why did the local news media refuse to promote Bill Clinton’s appearance yesterday?”

    It did not refuse. The decision to come to Burbank was made late Thursday for a Friday event. Local media had no time to react beyond showing up to cover the event, which it did adequately.

    • semichorus

      The didn’t even Twitter it before!

      Which they could have if the city and BPD had SAID SOMETHING when they were getting Joslyn ready that night. But someone chose not to. They could have said something at midnight and it would have been caught by people.

      Every time someone down there at city hall takes a leak there’s a Tweet or PIO notice. But not Bill Clinton showing up in town?

  8. Irwin Fletcher

    A mention on NBC or ABC (or morning radio) that morning would have been plenty, (remember “Breaking News” ?) plus a quick posting on the LATimes/Leader website and Facebook- then let it go viral and there would have been thousands of local folks there. How about sending a notice to TMZ while you are at it?

    • Anonymous 3

      Thousands? Nonsense. And how many would have been there to jeer?

      The Schiff campaign (which did the actual work of putting on the show) alerted the media as soon as they knew that they were going to do it.

      So much for blaming the city for the perfectly satisfactory numbers. I was there and I saw 200 people. The mob for the hand shaking at the end was like a rock star was there or something.

      • semichorus

        It looked embarrassing. The best excuse the journalists could come up with is that Burbank is a traditionally “conservative” area. Even some of them were making excuses for the low turnout.

        How many did he get in Torrance a few hours later?

      • Irwin Fletcher

        I’m fine with fans and non-fans- just let us know when a living former-president visits our town so we can turn out.

  9. "Classic No. 2

    Keeping Bill Clinton’s visit to Burbank a secret, is better than saying he pooped all over the “JOSLYN BATHROOM!” And, the city has it on tape! But won’t release it ! Like the infamous tape from a Magnolia Park Merchant! I’m getting all bound up sharing with you!

    • Jessica

      When is the BPD going to “come clean” about the “missing tape”?
      It’s been long enough.
      One or Two people lied.
      Both female.
      One coffee vendor reporting a falsehood, five days after the “fact”?
      One police officer with a vision problem.

    • Eileen

      Bill Clinton used the ladies room at Joslym center ? Why ? Is he transgender now ? I am confused.

  10. chad

    It’s obviously the anti-vegan attitude that pervades Burbank that caused this.

    • Dennis

      I did not even hear the former president was coming to Burbank. How did the 100 people know ? Did they only invite the people on the Burbank facebook page ?

  11. Craig Sherwood

    myBurbank tweeted it out the night before to our 12,400 followers (which is double what the Leader has) after getting an email from Congressman Schiff’s office and were sending tweets and pictures from the event as well as traffic updates in the area. We had 100’s of retweets from followers.

    • DixieFlyer

      Thanks Craig, you bothered.

      The Burbank Follower did not.

      And thank you for your coverage, AND not charging $$$.

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