Who needs Bill Clinton? We’ve got the next President right here!




Back to reality, up at Convent and 135th this afternoon…




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11 responses to “Who needs Bill Clinton? We’ve got the next President right here!

  1. Left Wing Marxist Kook

    How panicked are the professional left? VERY.

    • semichorus

      The Professional Left, yeah. Those were jerky kids, and no one’s defending them.

      The case can be made too that Trump has created this atmosphere of hate and hostility. No one saw this happening at Cruz rallies.

      • DixieFlyer

        How many votes were for Cruz?

        How many contests did he win?

        Apparently, few folks considered him to be a threat.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing happened at Cruz rallies and if you saw any of them you would see very few people even went to them. The kooks did not go crazy because even they never took Cruz seriously

  2. chad

    What does the professional left mean? Ali had one that’s for sure. As far as the creeps who jumped the Trump supporters coming out of that rally, I would say 1) Most of these folks don’t vote. 2) This is the result of Trump’s stupidity. His brutally dumb remarks have justifiably pissed off people.

    • semichorus

      Some journalist on MSNBC last night said that San Jose reminded her of 1969-1970, because she supposedly wrote a book on that time period and was an expert on it.

      Nonsense. It was NOTHING like those anti-war protests, which these same network people don’t realize Chicago ’68 was.

  3. chad

    Dixie, a threat to what is the question.

    • DixieFlyer

      Obviously, the Status Quo.

      Cruz was a fizzle.

      Trump has taken his lumps, his supporters don’t deserve the lumps. too.

  4. chad

    I consider Trump to be the state quo actually.

    • DixieFlyer

      Which State?

    • Tom

      No way Chad. The status quo people are all getting duahria over Trump. Luddiez is getting the shakes over Trump. As for San Jose those are all criminals running the streets and looks to me like the criminals run san jose.

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