Imagine being proud of this

Hardly a progressive visionary, no.

A mentor to hundreds, one of Andy’s [Lazzaretto’s] proudest accomplishments was that at least 15 of his Assistants became City Managers (including one of his sons).

More here about his legacy.  Besides being a proud institutionalist, he was also a big fan of large scale redevelopment, which Burbank had no real use for or need.

Burbank still doesn’t. So it never made any internal sense to pursue.

Those were exciting years for Burbank politics. The community actually cared about things, and the local newspaper agreeably carried the news. There was engagement everywhere.





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4 responses to “Imagine being proud of this

  1. Citizen Cane

    Proof that the city does not care about the quality of life. Redevelopment and the many major construction projects, especially in the commercial and residential building, have wrecked Burbank. I remember how quiet Burbank used to be on the weekends and how little traffic there was. Not anymore!

    • semichorus

      I remember when the signals used to flash red after 6 p.m., and all weekend.

      No one’s asking for that again, but turning Burbank into an open city profit center for big business is unacceptable. That’s what this is all about.

      You know why that is? It’s a town that for years has been run by business Republicans and conservative Democrats. Mostly the former. That’s how they roll.

  2. Jan

    Well looks like Luddies, Rogers and Telamontie just raised our electric bills again. How very nice of these rich little elitists. Must be nice to get those big retirement checks off the backs of the tax paying public right Luddy and Telamontie ?

  3. Anonymous

    They had to pay for the new staff person they wanted at 120k. If I thought the rate hike went to improve infrastructure I’d have no problem it wasn’t very much. But it most likely will go to bloated administration.

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