What emails? The bad ones have already been deleted!

It’s way too late for most of this to do any good:

The Office of Independent Review Group — hired in 2012 to provide ongoing oversight to the Burbank agency, which was reeling from allegations of police brutality, racism and sexual harassment — will likely present its findings to the Burbank City Council this summer, according to the group’s chief attorney Mike Gennaco.

Gennaco will also review and suggest ways to improve the agency’s employee email audits, which in recent years excluded supervisors, including sergeants, lieutenants, captains, the deputy chief and police chief.

How about not allowing them to pre-delete the things they think might cause trouble?

This is what’s totally useless now:

An audit scheduled for this year is slated to include all ranks, with city officials eyeing Gennaco to review the emails of captains, the deputy chief and police chief.

“I need independence so that people believe it, because there’s a lot of mistrust at this point,” interim City Manager Ron Davis said Friday.

He’ll find nothing in the upper ranks now. Who’s crazy enough to keep them around for the audit?

The one good thing here is that Commissioner Diamond is now threatening to demand the names and addresses of the supposedly “outside” recipients of these Angel emails. Since no doubt they weren’t all sent beyond city hall, this is probably going to cause some minor to major wailing and lamentation down at the CA’s office. Especially if it turns out that Albano is lying about just who received these things in their inbox or who sent anything back.

And again, the Leader article (and the main subjects, apparently) made no reference to what we think are the most seriously damaging of these emails: the non-joke anti-Muslim screeds. That a high-level police exec would even think to hold such a ridiculously bigoted and lamebrain opinion about “devout” Muslims is scary.





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10 responses to “What emails? The bad ones have already been deleted!

    • semichorus

      Interesting, yes. They confirm my suspicions. They’re justified too in pursuing this matter because some of their own people have been seriously disciplined by the same management.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. If City Hall tries to “wish this one away into the cornfield,” the whole damn apparatus will implode. Amelia? Ronald? Your move . . .

  1. Anonymous

    So how do you investigate anything when who received it and what they did with it is kept a secret ? Oh wait this is Burbank right ?

    • semichorus

      If they’ve all been deleted, yes. There’s nothing to “investigate.”

      The City violated their three-year contract with Gennaco by not reporting this to him at the time. They deliberately hid it, which suggests proves that they don’t deal in good faith in this area. Surprise surprise. Case closed.

      • Anonymous

        The Keystone Kops at BPD are far too inept to have actually managed to destroy all trace of the emails (“What? Like with a cloth?”). Any half way professional investigator could easily recover EVERRYTHING these cro-mag bigots attempted to delete

  2. DixieFlyer

    Eyes Wide Open.

    This is NOT about emails.

    This is part of an ongoing effort to get rid of the Chief.

    The BPOA had the email info over TWO years ago.

    They PAID for it.

    Tom Angel was long gone.

    They fed the reporter just recently.

    Had her basically file the same request as the lawyer.

    Amelia is so stupid that she fell into the trap.

    Redact, SHIT.

    More negative publicity for our City and Police Department.

    Tabling the item allows the Boyz to string out their attacks.

    Open Discussion was called for, the Commission did the job for BPOA.
    by blinking, big time.

  3. Anonymous

    Shut up Dixie you know nothing..

    • Charlie

      Dixie is a lot more helpful for us to understand some of your hidden agenda’s.
      We read from Dixie and Semichorus to learn what the BPOA and the
      so-called Leader are trying to hide.
      Dixie says we need more Police on the street.
      Prove him wrong.

      • semichorus

        Yeah, even the police are saying this current uptick is not a gang problem. It’s staffing– and lots more people and outsiders around. Big growth means more crime.

        The 21st-century! Burbank boosters can’t have it both ways.

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