Look, the fjord!


The Seattle Film Festival it’s not.


FireShot Capture 195 - Burbank International Film F_ - https___www.facebook.com_BurbankFilmFestival_


But then, why isn’t it?

Straight from the description:

A geologists warning of an imminent disaster go unheeded. Although predicted, no one is prepared when sudden seismic activity causes a Norwegian mountain to collapse, creating a violent 278 foot Tsunami that threatens to destroy everything in it’s path. This disaster film is based upon true events and is presented courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

Is this the best they can do? Or do they not know any better?

Film festivals don’t have to be this way. There are other things out there.


Believe it or not, this was made in America.



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19 responses to “Look, the fjord!

  1. donkeypunch

    Just finding anything to bitch about? Seriously, why does anyone come here to listen to this pathetic whining of a total failure of a human being.

    If you aren’t lifting anything up, then you are bringing it down. All Jimbo does is grumble about a Burbank that only ever existed in his imagination. Seriously dude, move on. Find a hobby, become fertilizer, whatever… just move on. I’ve even lost the curiosity value of coming to this crap blog.

    And to the Jimbo “congregation” (which I still believe is Jimbo with different names), take a look at how pathetic this is / you are, and go find a hobby that contributes something to your community. Instead of sitting in your converted garage in your chones.

    Burbank is a small town, I hope to someday see in person the pile of pathetic that is James Carlile, oh to dream. Bye bye losers!

    • semichorus

      Eat shit and die, moron.

      It doesn’t take much to satisfy you people, does it? So low class your Burbank has become. Very sad. It didn’t used to be that way, either, because I’m a product of the old days. Lots of us were.

      Jesus, your kind of people belong here now. Just so incredibly smug and uneducated. Like I say, I have many friends who think as I do about the place, and quite a few of them are natives. It ain’t just me, and things like this BIFF festival just prove it. Burbank attracts the idiots. It could do so much better, and yet…

      Btw, I notice you’re the same person who wrote this a few weeks ago:

      “The things you find to make your estrogen boil Jimbo…”

      What an asshole. Got a problem with women too?

      • Anonymous

        I love these impotent indignant anti-Semi blowhards. Probably the same jackass who lobbed a brick through Dr Gordon’s window and torched Barron’s. Burbank’s finest!

      • donkeypunch

        The implication was that you’re a bitch. Makes sense now right?

        • semichorus

          Only a total pig would associate “estrogen” with criticism. What year is this, 1965?

          The natives are getting restless indeed. And imagine it coming out over my justifiable mocking of an obviously dumb film festival.

  2. chad

    That was fantastic. Reminds me of Bela Tarr a bit.

    • semichorus

      How great. These guys pull from so much. It must be the educational system there that they come out of.

      Speaking of which, this was news yesterday:

    • CornFused

      Don’t think I’d label it fantastic. Thought it was a bit forced. And don’t they have any “poor” black people in Europe?

  3. chad

    He’s a great filmmaker. I’m also “semi” proud (I know it’s a sin) that he has called Los Angeles his home. Wenders used to live here but I think he has moved back to Europe.

  4. CornFused

    The Burbank arts community is sterile. Look at the “Burbank Arts for All” group. They can’t even come up with a logo that doesn’t look line something recycled from some old ’80s pbs low budget kids show.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m so glad people are finally seeing you for who you are. A worthless piece of shit. With nothing intelligent to say. Just a fat loser who’s bored with his own life. You are not relevant.

  6. Social Justice Warrior

    I think BUSD should adopt the same meme:

    In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools.

    “It is unacceptable that we have textbooks in our schools that spread doubt about the human causes and urgency of the crisis,” said Lincoln High School student Gaby Lemieux in board testimony. “Climate education is not a niche or a specialization, it is the minimum requirement for my generation to be successful in our changing world.”

    *Portland school board bans climate change-denying materials*

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