The communal table as metaphor for, well, just about everything now

The irony of this is almost beyond comprehension:




(click to enlarge)






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7 responses to “The communal table as metaphor for, well, just about everything now

  1. Anonymous

    Is that the new Taco Bell I saw in KTLA?

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, off topic. I just watched the Burbank Police Commission meeting for the first time because I was hoping the old guy would talk about his camper problems and BPD. No such luck. However, a general discussion about the police email issue was agendized and a Burbank PD representative came up to speak on it. The commission wouldn’t hear what he had to say, therefore, neither did the viewing public. They might all be aspiring to future “real’ political careers in Burbank and wouldn’t stray from their instructions from the police union. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of idiots. They are a total embarrassment to any Burbank resident. They should be disbanded for incompetence and hopefully that would come out when they seek election for City council in the future. I give no credit to the two that had other ideas, since they were totally lacking of passion and made no effort to gain support for their point of view. As I said, fire the whole lot. It’s offensive to put on a charade of public representation, which is what they were doing. Also, they claimed they had a four page memo from the police union. I would have liked to have heard what was in that as well as BPD’s presentation.

  3. 91505

    Is there someplace we could all see the four page memo ??? If it was on their agenda isn’t is a public thing that we could all see ???

    • semichorus

      Legally you could request it– I suspect it’s the same one Fronnie has a link to on her blog.

      • 91505

        I will go se what Media City Groove has on it but the city should have a link to it why do they always hide everything. The hide everything is only worse with Rogers on the job there at city hall.

        • Elliott

          The four pager was from the BPOA Boyz to Ron Davis.
          Copies were sent to the Police Commissioners.
          Mr. Nolan brought it up at Oral Communications, which allowed them to discuss it.
          Then that sterns-neesen moved to table the Original Agenda Item.
          They punted their easiest chance to discuss emails.

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