Remember the days when we couldn’t do our classwork or hear our teachers talking to us?



Thank god they found the money!

Within a matter of a few weeks, sweeping technology upgrades totaling more than $2.3 million approved by the Burbank school board will give students improved access to wireless Internet and allow them to hear their teachers better through use of new voice-amplification systems and complete classwork on new computers.

The upgrades are part of a key promise school board members made to local voters after they passed a facilities bond called Measure S in 2013.

Actually, the promise they made is that they would NOT spend any of the Measure S bond money on technology or curriculum enhancements.

It was intended for FACILITY upgrades only — supposedly because after a dozen years or so the remodeling crap that those earlier school boards had approved was already falling apart.

So leave it to the local media and the Burbank booster class to turn what is now a bald-faced lie into a prime example of community inspiration and triumph.

What insanity. Most of this new technology stuff is also totally useless if not ridiculously counterproductive. At best it’s the 21st-century’s version of the old language lab con-job, at worst it’s a conscious degrading of the role of both teacher and individual. The supposed communal and “collaborative” nature of this modern 21st-century! pedagogical approach is creepy as hell.

Remember language labs in Burbank? Their biggest contribution was the spreading of lice among the student body because of those big headphones. Nobody ever learned anything in them. If only this current mania for student “problem solving!” and “creating original works!” (tangible products) was as benign.


Notice there’s not much room in there for, say, Thoreau? That’s the whole idea. The concept of collaborating for an “audience” though is very important.

How sick.





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3 responses to “Remember the days when we couldn’t do our classwork or hear our teachers talking to us?

  1. chad

    What did Thoreau say when he would hear the train on the other side of Walden Pond? “The sound of commerce.”

    • semichorus

      Imagine what he’d make of this.

      But then, it did take about 80-100 years for him to be known beyond his own small circle of contemporaries. We can only hope that this 21st-Century! idiocy fades away as well in time.

      • DixieFlyer

        Just think.

        In 2066 we can hope that Mr. semi will be known beyond his own large circle of contemporaries.

        Picture a statue of semi among the “Pink Heads” at Ralph Foy Park.

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