Frustration? Or is it the appeal of left-wing values instead?


Why won’t the corporate commercial media ever admit the possibility that the real reason why Bernie Sanders is so popular is that many, many people actually share his progressive ideals?

That they believe in what he says? And that they’re not just angry at “The Establishment”?

Does this question really need answering?



The corporate media’s at it again today as well. Trump presented some absurd list of Supreme Court nominees this morning, and all they’re talking about this afternoon on the cable channels is how one them is the ex-wife of a conservative radio host who doesn’t happen to like the candidate.

No talk at all about these judges’ judicial philosophies and how they’d change the complexion of the Court, or what this would mean in regards to current law and judicial precedent, or even how it might not have been too wise politically for Trump to come out so far in favor of such judicial conservativism given that there’s an entire country out there that he’d have to run.

Instead, just cute gossip. It’s almost like the media is deliberately ignoring what electing a right-wing business conservative would do to this country.

Ya’ think?

Oh, and now it’s the Democrats who are irreparably “split,” but the Republicans have become whole and are getting along. So watch out “Hillary,” and doesn’t she have just as many “negatives” as Donald Trump?





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13 responses to “Frustration? Or is it the appeal of left-wing values instead?

  1. Citizen Cane

    Where have progressive ideals worked? Greece? Venezuela? Cuba? Mexico? USSR? China has moved to Capitalism in many areas leaving socialism behind. Socialism is a fraud. Obama would be very wealthy as would the super rich, but the rest of us would be eating shit.

    • semichorus

      The United States 1940-1977. After that they were deliberately abandoned.

      Bad times, right? Yes, just awful. Mom didn’t have to work, rents never exceeded 20-25 % of your income, and good jobs were everywhere. Public colleges were free.

      Yes, those damned Democrats and liberal Republicans. They ruined America.

      Things were so much better when King Ronnie took over.

    • Anonymous 3

      All the Scandinavian countries, Holland, lots of others.

    • Anonymous 3


  2. chad

    Took the words right out of my mouth Semi.

  3. Anonymous 3

    Clinton is going to beat Trump like a rented mule.

  4. Jim

    No one with a brain takes RT serious. What’s next Jim? Quotes from Putin himself?

    • semichorus

      Like Al Jazeera, it’s often a good source for info. This for instance was a good story. I could have picked from many similar, but this one provided a good video. Chris Hedges is always worth watching.

      Of course, if you’re into FOX News as your main source for information about the world you wouldn’t know this.

      Russia Russia! Bad Bad! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!!

      • Mr. Gorbachev

        But Mr. semi,

        I already did. What more do you want from me?

      • Jim

        The typical liberal assumption that I must be a Fox News watcher because I call out RT for what it is. How about a less than predictable response Jim? Originality has never been your weakness guy. RT is nothing but Putin’s mouthpiece filled with wanna be flunky journalists who couldn’t get a real job with Reuters, CNN or BBC. How many anchors and reporters have quit or left RT? How many journalists feel so strongly against being a platform for the Kremlin that they risk their careers by quitting on the air or being very public in their decisions to leave RT? Think Liz Wahl, Sara Firth or Abby Martin.

        These are actions you just don’t see at the BBC or CNN or even your beloved MSNBC or hated Fox News. RT has a clear agenda, as does Al Jazeera, as does Fox, as does MSNBC. To deny any of that then you lose all credibility. Not you as in “Jim Carlisle” but you as a person/blogger who claims to be an authority on so much. Quoting any of those “news outlets” as a source is about as bad as using Wikipedia as a verifiable source to write a thesis with.

        • semichorus

          It was a good story, and that’s what counts. I’ve even seen good stories on FOX.

          RT is hardly the first to mention this problem. I picked it specifically because it was a good video. Corporate news is atrocious these days. And btw, I don’t like MSNBC at all.

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