Burbank Police Commission just decided to refuse to deal with the email agenda item?


Apparently they won’t even talk about the subject, even though it was agendized (item H.8.)

This just in:

Sorry, off topic. I just watched the Burbank Police Commission meeting for the first time because I was hoping the old guy would talk about his camper problems and BPD. No such luck. However, a general discussion about the police email issue was agendized and a Burbank PD representative came up to speak on it. The commission wouldn’t hear what he had to say, therefore, neither did the viewing public. They might all be aspiring to future “real’ political careers in Burbank and wouldn’t stray from their instructions from the police union. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of idiots. They are a total embarrassment to any Burbank resident. They should be disbanded for incompetence and hopefully that would come out when they seek election for City council in the future. I give no credit to the two that had other ideas, since they were totally lacking of passion and made no effort to gain support for their point of view. As I said, fire the whole lot. It’s offensive to put on a charade of public representation, which is what they were doing. Also, they claimed they had a four page memo from the police union. I would have liked to have heard what was in that as well as BPD’s presentation.

If an item has been placed on the official Police Commission agenda then it MUST be addressed and discussed in full. And any written communication referenced by the Commission and used by them in any kind of deliberation or discussion must be made public.

What’s going on here? No board or commission (or council) can legally refuse to deal with an agenda item, even if they don’t like the topic or what staff might have to say about it. They can postpone or continue it, but they can’t ignore it. If staff has provided a spokesperson then they must be listened to.

Why would this oversight group not want to hear what their people have to say?

Such evasive, hamfisted behavior makes a mockery of the Brown Act and open government.

Egads. Burbank always looks so bad, doesn’t it?





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26 responses to “Burbank Police Commission just decided to refuse to deal with the email agenda item?

  1. Gary

    I watched a couple of police meetings on the television and they are a bunch of do-nothings. It looked to me like they are scared little children who just think they are important when in reality they do nothing that ever matters to anybody.

  2. Sharon

    Didn’t that one woman named Elsie or something run for council already ? She was the one that kept saying she was a police commissioner and I kept thinking whoop deee doo when the police department is such a mess. She lost in the election but she thought she was oh so impressive.

    • semichorus

      She’s an establishment shill. Been one for years.

      • Dennis

        As usual, she did the bidding of the BPOA Boyz.
        You’ve got her number, Sharon.
        Mike Nolan tried to help the others by bringing the 4 page BPOA memo to their attention.
        The majority blinked.
        It was fun when Mike accused them of Abdicating!!!
        We need to follow closely when she stifles Public discussion.

        • Anonymous 3

          BPOA wants this email thing to explode and destroy LaChasse. BPOA hates LaChasse and are as happy as clams about this email scandal.

  3. Anonymous

    So I just tried to go watch this meeting but the city says there was no meeting last night the last one that shows is april 20

  4. BPD

    that was not what happened. They tabled the matter and asked the City Council to give them investigative powers to look into the case with great detail.

    • semichorus

      The council can’t do that. It would violate the current BMC. And they still could have at least listened to the guy as a preliminary, if only for the public’s sake.

      Table and evade: maybe it’ll go away. It’s an old trick– even if some of them up there aren’t aware of how this works. Diamond of all people should have known better.

      There will be NO investigation. What are they going to do– hire an attorney to help out?

      • an Anonomous Burbanker

        hen you say they tabled the matter did they instruct exactly when it is suppose to come back ? If they didn’t then I am guessing it will never come back and they will just hope everyone forgets about it.

    • Nancy

      Wish I could watch that meeting and see just what did happen but the city is playing hide and seek with it like it never happened, that has me thinking the worst for sure

      • semichorus

        If they were really concerned about this issue then any current “investigation” would have already commenced.

        The Sheriff’s Office has spent more time on this lately than Burbank. And they had nothing to do with the problem!

  5. chad

    Hey. We’re in the top ten for something!!!!

    Ranking City Number of users registered to operate commercial drones
    1 Menlo Park, Calif. 176
    2 Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Ala. 138
    3 Los Angeles 83
    4 San Diego 61
    5 Austin, Texas 59
    6 Burbank, Calif. 57
    7 Houston 53
    7 Atlanta 53
    9 Miami 50
    10 Portland 46
    Source: Federal Aviation Adminstration

    • semichorus

      Good scoop. I wonder who’s using them in town? Those other places are huge by comparison.

      Could be model aircraft, Robin’s Hobbies, that kind of thing. Apparently anything over half a pound must be registered:


      Lots of hobbyists of all sorts in Burbank. That’s the only thing I still like about the place– model makers, ham radio people, car guys…

      Or lots of spies…?

  6. Anonymous 3

    The Burbank Police Commission has no power anyway.

    None of the boards or commissions do.

  7. Burbankian

    Can we talk for a minute about Bob Frutis ? The man was a cop. The man was on the police commission for years while all the corruption went down. Frutis is on the council now. Why has he been so silent on the email scandal and the racism that it looks like exists in the police department ? What is Councilman Frutis hiding to protect his pals at the police department ???

    • Anonymous

      Same way he hides all his friendly connections with developers like Cusumanos, Georginos, the Airport, etc.

  8. Anonymous

    If you have questions about the emails and all just do what Mayor Tellmonty says to do call him he has all the answers

  9. chad

    I think that’s why they want to call it an airfield. They’ll be drones around.

  10. Anonymous

    Surprise — more Burbank PD coverups, just more obvious this time. As for the drones probably using them for cheaper studio shooting, all the real estate development projects to get financing, AirB&B ads, and regular real estate ads. Wouldn’t be surprised if the City and Airport isn’t using them to keep track of any dissent about the huge new terminal and any other resistance to their big ideas. Where can you get these licenses? That could be very interesting.

  11. Gretch

    When you watch a repeat of the Police Comm Comedy Show be sure to catch the Chairman ask the CA rep to explain how to handle a tie vote?
    He claimed he was anticipating a tie with six present.
    When told that a tie meant no action, so proceed with the Agenda item,
    he flipped his vote to make a majority to table.
    Not any semblance of leadership.

  12. Anonymous

    If the police commission has no power and is useless then let’s just be honest and get rid of it all together. It sounds (and looks) like it is nothing more than a waste of time so get rid of it or have it do something that makes it usefull

    • Claire

      The Charter calls for our Police Commission.
      Look at the appointee’s.
      They don’t listen to the Public, they ignore them.
      That stern-neeson is a rubber stamp for BPOA Boyz.
      She made the motion to Table the email matter.
      I had to giggle when Mike Nolan said she was “certificated”.
      To do what?
      Maybe he meant “certified”.

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