The most unintentionally hilarious local news paragraph ever written

Get this. Now we know who’s calling the shots around here:

Moving forward, airport staff will refer to the airfield, which will legally remain known as Bob Hope Airport, as Hollywood Burbank Airport and all written correspondence will reflect the change.

First of all, what’s the deal with the “airfield” pretense? What we have in Burbank is not an airfield — but it is fun watching these people try to use two completely different terms for the place in the exact same sentence.

Now here comes the really fun part…

Authority commissioners and Burbank City Council members have also been told to call the airport by its new branding name, said David Freedman, director of business, property and administrative services for the airport.

They “have also been told…”? Just who’s telling whom what life’s about?

Additionally, a new website domain and social medial handles have been created reflecting the new name. Airport officials have also started talking with airlines and flight-booking websites to update them on the new identifier.

In addition, staff will work with the Bob Hope Legacy Foundation to determine how to incorporate the comedian’s name into the branding efforts.

Say what? The only way they can do this is by changing the name again. The branding name they said was “Hollywood Burbank Airport.”


Which as we already pointed out is a logical and grammatical mistake. Hollywood and Burbank together must be hyphenated, because there’s no such thing as a “Hollywood Burbank” or a “Burbank Hollywood.”

How can anyone respect these people? They can’t even get their own damn name straight — still — and then they show how they have no control over the English language. Do they even know what a hyphen is for?

We already know they can’t distinguish the difference between an “airfield” and an “airport.” And they’re in the business!

Even if they think it’s somehow more cool to omit the hypen (which it’s not), it must still remain. The lack of a hyphen makes their new name look stupid and illiterate. Whatever it is.

As well as confusing to people. Where the hell is the place?






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6 responses to “The most unintentionally hilarious local news paragraph ever written

  1. Tom

    I am confused. So is the name Bob Hope or Hollywood Burbank or Bob Hope Legacy. Those airport people can’t get a name right why would anyone think they could get a new airport building right ?

  2. Pilot guy

    Airfield is a completely appropriate term. It’s used very commonly at the Burbank AIRFIELD as well as throughout the aviation industry. They even refer to KLAX as (GASP!) an “airfield!” Oh no! Say it ain’t so!

    • semichorus

      If there’s a passenger terminal it’s an AIRPORT. That’s the definition. Anyone who calls it the other thing is only doing so because they think it sounds more cool — as if Amelia Earhart is still hanging out there. It’s phony.

      Even more absurdly, these people use two or three different terms for the place in the same sentence — and repeatedly.

      That’s a clear sign of not being able to think straight– and not caring about it, either.

      • DixieFlyer

        You can thank and give credit to some numb skull on the Editorial staff at the Burbank Leader.

        The dummy has been re-writing the copy of reporters for some time.

        Every month you can count on two Airport stories.

        One on passenger counts.

        One on Parking, this time they broke down how many minutes?

        Which idiot editor is it???

        • Dina

          You go Dixie.
          That dummy editor got confused with the name Amelia.
          He has the shitty attorney mixed with the Aviatrix.
          Airfield ain’t in Burbank.

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