Keeping it in-house

From tonight’s agenda.

Why would anyone even suggest non-advertisement here?


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To be fair, Albano is advising the city council to go out and advertise for applicants. But why even give them this lackey/crony referral option?

Why even suggest it?

We can think of some good issues for review and placement on the Charter, and to put up for a subsequent public vote after the committee is through with its work:

  1. Rent Control
  2. Rent Control
  3. Rent Control

Afraid to put rent control up to a public yes or no vote Burbank?

Afraid it would win? Here’s a good start for a Charter provision. It’s almost all ready to go.



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19 responses to “Keeping it in-house

  1. Anonymous 3

    Rent control would NOT win, is my bet.

    • semichorus

      In a consolidated election it would. But the Big Kahunas will make sure that it gets hidden down-ballot in some primary.

      Still, put it to a vote.

      • Barbara

        I would vote for tent control. It should be done now before rents go even higher in Burbank and it should be done before the Talapia opens.

        • semichorus

          I think it would win easily.

          Which is why it will never get on the ballot through any citizens’ “Charter Commission.” Which proves that this group will be a total kiss-ass fraud.

          In fact, the only things that EVER get proposed as a Charter Amendment in Burbank are:

          a) Permanent Utility Taxes sought by management that can NEVER be removed but by a citizen vote that only a future Charter commission can approve beforehand through another Charter amendment; and,

          b) Power-consolidation moves sought by management — such as altering the Charter to take the city clerk’s position off the ballot and making it an “appointed” position instead.

          What a coincidence!

    • Al in SoCal

      Couldn’t get enough support to bring this up for discussion in 2006. Also wanted to tie city contractors to “living wage” standards, vet preferences, etc etc – that was a no-go as well.

  2. Anonymous 3

    Why mention the option? Because it exists?

    • semichorus

      It’s not an option. It’s also the first time I’ve seen anyone mention the possible non advertising of vacancies. Ever.

      So someone wants this possibility kept open.

  3. Scott

    I tuned into the council meeting tonight. I’m sorry but with Luddy it was bad enough watching the meetings but with Rogers being added it all just makes me want to barf. Rogers is an embarrassment to all of Burbank. He sits there making bad jokes and feeling all proud of himself and proud of what ? Maybe looking stupid makes him proud ?

    • Anonymous 3

      He’s jovial. Come to terms with it. He is smarter than you, to be sure.

      • semichorus

        He’s actually been quite a disappointment in that area.

        Which is why he won’t ever engage me directly. All he can do is fall back on his dated McConkey/Berlin/Dr. Karam/nutcase schtick with me. Which was always fraudulent anyway.

        Speaking of “jovial,” Andy Devine’s jovial. John Candy’s jovial. Will Rogers of Burbank is not jovial.

      • Scott

        Wrong again anonymous 3. Rogers is not jovial he is a complete idiot who tries to hide his stupidity by making sorry little jokes. He actually fools no one.

        • semichorus

          The last jovial person we had at city hall was maybe Charlie Compton.

          That’s because he made a fortune repairing shoes during WWII.

    • Tom

      Rogers is a big fool. Just a weenie in a cheap suit is all Rogers is.

      • Anonymous 3

        He’s mature enough to find insults a little more adult than “weenie”.

        Are you stuck in Jr High?

        • Donna

          Call ’em as you see ’em. Weenie may be too easy for him.
          How about stuttering stammering fool?
          As with a puppy, it would be fun to watch Rogers fight
          his way out of a wet paper bag.
          Grade levels are way too predictable.

  4. Anonymous

    Guess you want to live for dirt cheap and have people pay for your sorry ass. Get a job loser

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