Because people stay home during Spring breaks and Easter Week

Makes sense:


FireShot Capture 193 - Easter blamed for a slower than antic_ - http___www.latimes.com_socal_burba


If you’re a total and complete moron.

It’s one thing to try to pull this as a phony excuse, but to actually get us to believe that it explains the situation? Whatever works, eh?

According to the article it turns out that they hate a less-crowded airport because fewer people end up spending less time sitting around their parking lots, which means less money paid out at the parking gates.

This latest news just proves that we don’t need a big new airport terminal. Small is beautiful, no new terminal.









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2 responses to “Because people stay home during Spring breaks and Easter Week

  1. Mark

    Me thinks it is the economy and not Easter that got people staying local, I know money kept me local.

  2. Daniel

    Oh ok so the airport blames Jesus for the downturn in passengers now ? How about blaming their over priced parking charges and the overpriced plane tickets. It is cheaper to fly out if LAX. A new airport building will make it all even more expensive to pay for it. So leave it alone and don’t blame Jesus because Jesus has nothing to do with that crooked airport.

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