A salute to those “20th-century!” transportation facilities that everyone supposedly wanted as well

The best laid plans, yes…





Remember this one, for downtown LA?



The Metroport!





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8 responses to “A salute to those “20th-century!” transportation facilities that everyone supposedly wanted as well

  1. Stan

    I suspect that Rogers thinks he and the airport can campaign for the public to vote yes on the airport. Isn’t that ilegal because they would be ising taxpayer resources to campaign ?

    • semichorus

      Yes it is. They can provide “information” about a new terminal and its desirability, but they cannot advocate for passage of Measure B.

      What they’re doing now is advocating for a new terminal because the issue’s not on the ballot yet. Oh, they think they’re so clever.

  2. Ron

    The airport already is doing campaign mail I got one on the same day I got junk mail from people running for assembly and stuff. Hey why didn’t the airport campaign mail day who paid for it on the thing ? The other ones did but not the airport one. I plan to vote no on a new airport it costs to much. They want to borrow 400 million to pay for it but I bet they pay more than that.

    • semichorus

      They’re just daring for a lawsuit over this blatant advocacy.

      You’re right– we don’t need a new airport, and these current news stories prove it. There’s no demand.

      So let the expansionists move somewhere else.

      • Gary

        New airport will equal higher charges to use the airport. I don’t want to hang out there I just want to go in and out as fast as possible. Right now it wirks great so leave it alone

        • semichorus

          Apparently a big problem for many Yuppie airport users (the more modern New York word for these types now is “douchebag”) is that there aren’t enough “food options” at most airports.

          This and the lack of good shopping facilities also seems to be a big problem for our own Will Rogers. He actually said that a few months ago– a new terminal could have more room for shops (!)

  3. chad

    Remember when there didn’t used to be many food options at airports and when airlines actually included meals in the price of their ticket? People budgeted and simply ate what was given to them on the plane. Or, people packed their own food at home and brought it with them. No can do now.

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