When is Michael Gennaco going to be delivering the required public reading of his report about Tom Angel’s emails?

According to the 2X express written agreement between the City of Burbank and Independent Monitor Michael Gennaco, his BPD reports must be delivered to the Burbank City Council in PUBLIC SESSION.

Since it’s already been reported by the Leader that he’s meeting with LaChasse et al. about this situation, when is he going to present his findings?

These are required. We’re all allowed to hear them, and the details. It’s also been a while since we’ve heard from him in general about other PD matters within his jurisdiction. Those public reports are required as well– he could bundle them all together if he and Albano want.

The same written agreement also requires the City to automatically inform Gennaco of any administrative incidents/investigations such as the one that involved Angel, and which apparently was not done at the time. Why not?

Again, when is this independent monitor going to deliver his public report?

Is it true as well that Gennaco meets occasionally with the city council members in closed session? We’ve heard so. Why is this happening as well? Is there anything in the written agreement that allows such secret meetings?

According to what we’ve seen, everything Gennaco has to say to them must be said in public. That’s the whole point of his employment. He’s not hired in as one of their consulting attorneys. He’s a compliance monitor. He has no attorney-client relationship with the city.

What’s all the fear about then?

There have been similar perceived problems with Gennaco in the past when he was at the old agency OIR.

Is that what’s going on here in Burbank? We hope not.






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5 responses to “When is Michael Gennaco going to be delivering the required public reading of his report about Tom Angel’s emails?

  1. Anonymous

    My guess is he plans that report for the day after hell freezes over

  2. Anonymous 3

    1) Whose afraid?

    2) He will report AFTER meeting with the Chief, I would imagine.

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