Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States

Let’s watch how the corporate media will cover this story tonight. They’ve all been way too busy today trying to “rebut” the New York Times piece about Trump and women.

One NYT subject who now says that his abuse didn’t bother her personally is apparently enough to repudiate the whole theme of the article. Keep afflicting the powerful, you TV journalists.

Notice how even the Secret Service hates the guy.

Trump Campaign Canceled A Reporter’s Interview After They Heard Him Speak Spanish

Marcos Stupenengo, a freelance correspondent working for TV Azteca, got an interview with Donald Trump — initially. He had no trouble when he asked to come to Trump Tower in New York on Monday to interview the bombastic presumptive Republican nominee.

But as he waited to conduct the interview, Stupenengo received a call, and began speaking in Spanish. That’s when the Trump campaign informed him they had no interest in taking part in an interview with him, according to a source with knowledge of the incident.

Reached for comment, Stupenengo forwarded the request to the network. “I can say that after 13 years of journalism worse things have happened to me,” he wrote in an email, declining to comment further.
The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Stupenengo, who is from Argentina, studied journalism there before going to school in New York. He has green eyes and would appear to many as a non-Hispanic white male.

A Spanish-speaking Secret Service agent with Trump apologized to Stupenengo, saying he was sorry and he didn’t know what was happening, the source with knowledge of the incident said.

Later, the reporter went to Clinton campaign headquarters to conduct an interview.

Oh, she has her problems too. She’s not “likable” either. Right media? Monica, Monica!



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