Pushing “Bike and Walk to Work” means we can evade the traffic implications of big growth

The Leader’s helping to push Bike to Work Day here in Burbank, and quite naturally finds a Yuppie professional and PR plant to extol the idea rather than some poor schlub who has to do physical labor all day. Like real work.

So let’s get real too. Developers are pushing bikes as an alternative to cars so that they can get out of having to consider the ramifications of their greed. Call it 21st-century “sustainability,” i.e., the sustaining of their long-range profit targets.

Ring ring!



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12 responses to “Pushing “Bike and Walk to Work” means we can evade the traffic implications of big growth

  1. Anonymous 3

    The traffic implications of developments remain a part of the EIR.

    Now you could argue that the analysis of traffic implications for any given development is likely to be a view thru rose colored glasses. But that has been true from long before bike lanes becoming common.

  2. chad

    Anon 3, these are not mutually exclusive. Traffic analyses are outdated and viewed through rose colored glasses. And, the “ride your bike and take public transportation to work” PR campaign allows for developers to build irresponsibly. I lived though the gentrification of the West Side in the 80’s. It was appalling to see what developers got away with then and now it’s happening in Burbank.

    • oscarhgake

      Cars are what have allowed developers to build irresponsibly for the last 70 years. All that auto centric sprawl in Orange County and the inland empire has eaten up so much nature and forced a reliance on foreign oil. Building densely near public transit is the solution to this problem.

      • Ed

        The amusing part is we are reliant on foreign oil due to federal restrictions that limit our ability to utilize our own oil right here in the USA

        • oscarhgake

          What’s more amusing is how we didn’t have to be come so reliant on oil and cars for transportation. See Adam Ruins Everything the cars episode

  3. Irwin Fletcher

    One thing that rarely gets addressed are the older commercial properties that have a lot more employees now than they did 40 years ago, so those employees end up parking up and down residential streets. Seems like everyone turns a blind eye to those. Until Burbank (and Glendale) gets a Gold Line connection (I can dream…) so we are linked to the Metro system, I don’t know how you’ll ever get all those entertainment industry commuters to bike or walk anywhere- especially in the unbearable heat that we have every year.

    • oscarhgake

      Yes definitely. A connection between the red/orange lines in NoHo and gold line in Pasadena, going through Burbank and Glendale is one of the most important transit projects that could be built.

      • semichorus

        The City of Burbank years ago WENT OUT OF ITS WAY to make sure that the Orange Line could never come in here.

        That’s why they built the Chandler Parkway– there was a big worry that those old tracks and right-away would be used to extend the Orange line into Burbank. I remember the council discussions at the time. So it’ll never happen.

        The Gold Line extends downtown– which is where the local Metro train goes to connect. Which means that … we already HAVE a Gold Line connection to Burbank.

  4. chad

    Well we are in agreement there Oscar and Irwin. That would be friggin’ amazing. And soon, with a little effort, we’ll be able to get to the Santa Monica Pier on public transportation.

    • Doug

      Bike lanes are a sham and a waste of money. Do you ride a bike everyplace or do you own a car ? As for anon 3 your being an ass again. More than a few projects have been approved and bike racks required with the assurances that people will bike to the location. IKEA is among those projects. I have no doubt no one is riding a bike to shop at IKEA but our dumb ass council fell for the rubbish. All Verdugo bike lanes achieve is to congest traffic and congested traffic increases air pollution so yes bike lanes add to air polution and to oil use. It is all insane and insane people fall for this crap.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I never see any bikes on those damn Verdugo lanes. And a riding a friggin bike to ikea or the airport is ridiculous and totally unrealistic.

        • 91505

          Oh the bike fanatics always have their cars that is for sure and face it when i do see a person on a bike they usually have spandex on. It is for exercise and not for transportation in most cases. I love the bike lanes that I never see anybody in.

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