Leader turns developer press release into banner news story


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Here’s where PR firms earn their money.

This story was from yesterday, and yet the Leader recast it today as an across-the-site banner piece. And again, all it does is hype the developer’s dubious claims about this monstrosity.

Even though they already knew it was a controversial plan, the local newspaper made no effort to engage the community by seeking an alternate opinion about the project. It’s all rah-rah Burbank.

Notice too the casual, done-deal tone to the conversation. O’Neil’s pretty sure he’s going to get this thing through, isn’t he? There’s also a false attempt to make it sound like it’s just a casual evolution going on here with Crown, rather than what it really is.

There’s no mention at all of the other big, proud, and ambitious Texas development interest that they’re in business with. Instead, the article plays this other outside outfit off as the mall’s management company only.

Did you know that the City of Burbank owned the land beneath IKEA? Remember? Several years ago they engaged in a complicated move to transfer the property from the old Redevelopment Agency to a successor agency controlled by the city. The successor agency was thinking about selling it to Crown for a paltry $1.3 million — an amount that now looks ridiculous compared to the value it has to the developer(s). It looked bad then, too.

There’s more about this complicated deal (land grab) here. The story fades away at this point, and so we’re not sure what eventually happened. Here’s a preview of that sad tale: both Gabel-Luddy and Golonski were super keen to get the $1.3 million deal through.

Gordon of course hated it. He was right to.

So good work, Burbank. You planned ahead of time to lose control of the property and its use by selling it out for cheap. Remember too how staff was trying to act at the time like this old IKEA site was in danger of becoming a white elephant to someone?

Did they know collude with anyone about this plan, knowing full well ahead of time what might happen?

On Monday, the Successor Agency’s oversight board will decide on whether to sell the property to another company controlled by Crown Realty owners. But even then, any decision would have to be approved by the state Department of Finance.

“In the end, we think the city will be made whole by the land transfer,” Assistant City Manager Joy Forbes said. “In the meantime, we think it’s most important to ensure IKEA’s success to stay in Burbank and expand in Burbank.”

Yeah. That’s what’s most important. Being made whole, while the other guy prospers.







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2 responses to “Leader turns developer press release into banner news story

  1. Anonymous 3

    1000 is a LOT of apartments.

    They will reduce their proposal and try to look accommodating in doing so.

    • Beth

      When God decided not to give you a pair of balls, you had to run out and look for a Crystal Ball.
      Too bad yours is cracked.

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