Where else would they actually celebrate one of The Seven Deadly Sins?

FireShot Capture 181 - The Sin of Pride — Seven Deadly Sins - http___www.deadlysins.com_pride_



You know, when we were at BHS no one ever used this word. It was never heard anywhere. (Then again, we didn’t have valedictorians and baccalaureates either. Nor did we have “Naviance” programs to monitor and hector us and follow us around. We also would have shot ourselves first before putting on an ID sweatshirt.)

A few years later someone tried to hang some pitiful plastic banner with that word off of the Boys Gym so that people driving down Glenoaks could see what they thought Burbank High stood for. Probably the Mormons.

But it was only a stop-gap move. It looked ridiculous to see this King of the Deadly Sins trumpeted about in such a stupid way. We all laughed. It kept falling down and we thought that was it.

Btw, notice anyone working solitary in that video? Like maybe studying? Or thinking and pondering alone? Nope, it’s all top-down organization crap with uniforms. Everything’s a well-controlled team, and it’s immensely oppressive.

The Man has his gotten tentacles so far inside these kids that they’ll never get loose, if they even know to. The bad guys have won. Death is soon to come.

Compare. And look how great the old campus looked. It was so relaxed there it was almost genteel:

May the people that destroyed that old campus rot in hell. It’s become quietly accepted by now that tearing down that old 1920s site was a tremendous mistake. But few will ever admit it.



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One response to “Where else would they actually celebrate one of The Seven Deadly Sins?

  1. DixieFlyer

    Mr. semi,

    Media City Groove has a post up about a rash of break-ins in Mag Park.

    No Comments posted as of 5:40 today (Saturday)

    Somehow she missed the comment about the Lawsuit filed in Burbank Superior Court against Romancing the Bean et al .in that “hood”.

    Quite a lot was said earlier about the alleged ‘Dump” in the Bean.

    Now, maybe the infamous tape will be “available”???

    Supposedly, Scary Kary waited 5 days after the DUMP to report it??

    BPD “jumped” right onto that report.

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