Most of Rogers’ questions tonight were answered by Fronnie

Apparently Fronnie has learned more about the ins and outs and the “who knew what and when” of the Angel email incident than the council, right here.

The big question: if it’s true that he’s the one who initiated the whole thing, how did this attorney first hear about these emails?

Did someone else down there receive them as well, and at the time they were first sent? Or had stories been going around about them?

Notice too that the City only used a 30-word identifier to flag the desired results. And only “five were deemed inappropriate.”

Who made that decision, and what criteria was used?

Rogers tonight also wants to know if there was a larger sample, and he wants staff to tell them what else is out there. Was anything left out, and is anything being held back?





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10 responses to “Most of Rogers’ questions tonight were answered by Fronnie

  1. Anonymous 3

    So rogers is pushing back.

    It would be just like you to ignore that and give him no credit for it.

    • semichorus

      Who’s ignoring him? I’m giving him credit. I’m surprised they haven’t already had such a report.

  2. Anonymous 3

    “Both Chief LaChasse and the City Manager(Mark Scott) deemed that no further action was required.”

    So. Scott apparently agreed with LaChasse that “no further action was required.”

    It was not LaChasse sweeping it under a rug. The CM agreed with him.

    Angel may be a pig, but this is a whole lot of fuss over some thin beer.

  3. Anonymous 3

    All calls to fire LaChasse fall flat on their faces now.

    LaChasse conferred with the CM and they agreed on a course of action. You may not like the choice, but that is too bad.

    LaChasse did not hide anything. He conferred with the CM, his direct boss. That is how the real world works.

    • semichorus

      I said yesterday that the ultimate authority was with the CM and Albano, and that LaChasse was deferring to them. AFAIK with the setup down there he has no final firing authority.

      So yes, Albano has to go. Worse, she didn’t inform Gennaco about this either. But if part of LaChasse’s job was to independently confer with and notify Gennaco then he needs to go out on that.

      It looks like there was a management conspiracy to hide these incidents from the one person who the council is PAYING to monitor this very thing.

      So what else are they hiding from Gennaco?

  4. Anonymous

    There is such a thing as a DELETE button on every keyboard. Has been since I first tapped on a Macintosh years ago. Angel coulda done that, and end it all. But he FORWARDED those emails from a CITY computer. Som, he is all but embracing the hateful jokes in said email.. No brainer.

  5. chad

    Anon 3, if I didn’t know otherwise, I would think you were a plant by Semi to make his arguments even more convincing.

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