City violated agreement with Gennaco by not reporting email action

If what the Leader’s saying is true about Michael Gennaco’s non-knowledge of these Tom Angel emails, then the City of Burbank violated their express agreement with him as voted upon by the city council members last September.

This was a renewal of their earlier contract with him. It’s 1(A)(2) and (3). Gennaco was not just there for use of force incidents.


FireShot Capture 173 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer

FireShot Capture 174 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer

FireShot Capture 176 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


Here’s the previous agreement that was in effect at the time of the incidents. The language is the same:


FireShot Capture 178 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer

FireShot Capture 179 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer
There was no excuse for Albano or LaChasse or Scott to fail to report this possible bias incident to official BPD Monitor Michael Gennaco. They just didn’t want to. Imagine him then revealing this info to the council in open session, as required by the agreement(s).

But by failing to do so, they each violated the agreement that was in effect at the time. Case closed then about having to deal with these (now two) individuals for malfeasance.

Is the city council happy about this refusal of theirs? How about you, Will?

What else was left out of that $180,000 fee?





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15 responses to “City violated agreement with Gennaco by not reporting email action

  1. Anonymous 3

    What about your hero Gordon, of whom you have nothing negative to say?

  2. Anonymous

    The entire council should be demanding answers from Albano and LaChasse. Rogers only did it last night because Semi challenged him. Oh and A3, with all your insider knowledge please share: how many cosmetic procedures has that pompous peacock LaChasse undergone?

    • semichorus

      I look more to Rogers on this than Gordon, too. They both have their strengths.

      Yes, they’re all on the hot seat here– and notice how Albano has kept any discussion about this issue out of open sessions so far? You know it MUST have come up already, somewhere.

    • Anonymous 3

      “Rogers only did it last night because Semi challenged him.”

      That is a rich fantasy life you live there.

      • semichorus

        If I started talking about what a great conductor of Vaughan Williams Andre Previn was, Rogers would immediately start making more off-the-record remarks to people about both my mental and financial state.

        He’s that much of an arrogantly stubborn a-hole. He won’t admit a thing. Trust me though — he reads this all the time. And he knows I’m right.

  3. The reason the Council, City Management and Police management never really worry is because the majority of the citizens of Burbank don’t care about Hispanics getting beat up and having their civil rights violated. They don’t care that Top City and Police Management are corrupt and protect themselves when they do things like pour pool chemicals in the trashcan and get the driver ill. Then then pay a very quick fine before it is public knowledge and then can’t be punished a second time as they paid the fine and double jeopardy set in. Yes any City employee that was not a top Manager that did that would be fired and filed on by the city attorneys office to make an example to all other employee’s.

    A sergeant can miss-use city equipment by having sex in the back of his patrol car on duty. Then outright lie about it until they show him the pictures. Any other employee would have been hung on the lie and fired but not if you were golden. That Sergeant got two weeks suspension but is given an outstanding evaluation during that same working period and was later promoted to Chief. The Lt. who gave him the outstanding evaluation was also a racist and was later sued by en employee. If the proper punishment had been given to Sterh (fired) the department would have been clean and none of this past civil rights violation would have taken place.

    The only way the citizens in Burbank would take action against a Top City or Police Manager is if there were major street protest’s by Hispanics or Black lives matter or Muslims or women. If that never happens it is out of sight out of mind for the citizens of Burbank and Top management stay there because they always protect themselves. As the saying goes, Absolute power corrupt’s absolutely.” That is so apropos for Burbank.

    • semichorus

      Absolute dumbness and arrogance is more like it. I agree with you about the protests. That’s the only thing that would bring the paper out as well.

      Everyone on the outside knows that Burbank is world-famously sub par. I hear it all the time — that why the Portos mess got such huge coverage. Everyone knows a messed up story about Burbank. This latest email thing just confirms the image.

      Burbank’s a joke in the industry, the town that kinda once was, but never will be. It makes Glendale look like Beverly Hills. Like the wise oldtimers used to say, just look at the stores.

      Look at the stores. In that you’ll see where Burbank is.

  4. Kit Carson

    All three IT personnel at the PD just got the axe from Management at the BPD, please start asking questions about this and the emails. Is this all related?

    • Casandra

      Would these three be involved in the “release” of these emails to anyone “outside” of the Police department?
      How about “inside” of the Police Department?
      Did they “lose” the subject emails previously made available to the attorney, but NOT to the Leader Reporter?
      Maybe the BPOA Boyz can fill-in the blanks.

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