BPD’s Angel also sent out anti-Muslim hate screeds


The LA Times story actually left out the worst of those email “jokes” that former BPD employee Tom Angel sent through the City of Burbank’s email system.

Guess what? They weren’t all jokes.

Does the city council know about these expressed sentiments? Cops with this much anger and cultural misunderstanding rattling around inside them can’t be on your payroll. How quickly does it get converted into operating policy?

Nor can their apologists and facilitators.








67WTF? This was a top police administrator forwarding such bigoted and hateful nonsense about members of his community? Because he thought it was important?

He was that motivated? He’s obviously in favor of ethnic profiling on the street.

Just to make sure the anti-Muslim fear and loathing message got through, Angel also sent this one:



These aren’t jokes. They’re bigoted hate mail full of ugly stereotypes whose intention is to whip up intolerance and adversity to one chosen religious group.

Is this in any way how other Burbank cops face the world? Are these kneejerk sentiments part of their cultural toolkit?

This is what Muslims are about, eh? And this was the guy who was brought in to help “clean up the department”?






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23 responses to “BPD’s Angel also sent out anti-Muslim hate screeds

  1. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see how A3 proposes we just sweep this vile crap under the rug. LaChasse has absolutely nothing to answer for regarding this, right?

    • Anonymous 3

      These emails are in fact revolting.

      But if Angel did not break any rules than LaChasse has no way to discipline him.

      Can you cite a rule that Angel violated?

  2. Anonymous

    We all have extreme friends I wouldn’t open something like this and sure as hell wouldn’t forward this crap.
    The chief should go.

    • Anonymous 3

      Why should the chief go?

      He told the CM all about it. The chief works for the CM. They decided on a course of action together.

      The chief did what he was supposed to do.

  3. chad

    Semi, I’m sorry I’m not questioning the veracity of this but can you say where you got this?

  4. Anonymous 3

    Did Angel violate any BDP rules or policies in force at the time?

    • semichorus

      Like that matters?

      He did, yes.

      • Anonymous

        Unbelievable, A3. Anything to uphold the corrupt, venal BPD status quo, eh?

        • semichorus

          I was really surprised to see this. First, they’re not jokes, and second … does the guy really believe this stuff?

          Enough to pass it on at work?

          • Anonymous 3

            I know people who would agree and repeat what Angel wrote and forwarded. I don’t doubt for a minute that he believes it all quite sincerely, as offensive as it is.

            I’m not surprised to see stuff like this. It is common. Go poll a group of Trump supporters.

      • Anonymous 3

        Of course it matters.

        The emails are clearly offensive. But if he did not violate established policy, then LaChasse has no recourse.

        You say that Angel violated policy. What policy? Cite it.

  5. I bet Angel did violate BPD policy but if LaChasse says he didn’t that would be because he is either lying or he changed the policy immediatly once he learned that Angel violated it, so he could then say that Angel didn’t violate any policy. Anon 3, as I stated numerous times top police and City Management protect themselves and each other, most times unethically and criminally. But when they investigate themselves they hire an outside private agency for a sham that will lie and say the Managers did nothing wrong. The only way any top Manager is investigated properly is when a state or Federal agency with teeth and no dog to protect, due a professional job. LaChasse and Angel were know to change policies and General Orders when they needed to punish employee’s that were outspoken against their corrupt regime and or to protect top Management.

    • semichorus

      Gennaco has a big problem here:

      Either he demand compliance from the city, which means the chief and his boss and legal guiding light Albano get dismissed, or he himself quits in protest, on the very basic grounds that they both withheld relevant evidence from him, and by doing so have demonstrated their lack of commitment towards reforming the dept.

      In other words, Burbank is just using Gennaco as feelgood, CYA windowdressing.

    • Anonymous 3

      Seriously, LaChasse could not change the policy retroactively. From where do you get these paranoid fantasies?

      As for your “they are all corrupt” meme, that is purest nihilism.

  6. Anonymous 3

    If Angel did not violate the rules then LaChasse would have no way to discipline or fire him.

  7. chad

    I believe Angel was at will employee. He habitually used BPD servers to participate in blatantly racist communications. He reported to the chief and did not have the protection of a union. I could be wrong about this so please correct. If he is an at will employee and his supervisor knew about this activity and, under the special circumstances that LaChasse and Angel were hired and that the department was under investigation, don’t you think there’s a problem here? A pretty serious one at that.

  8. Anonymous

    Can you dig up the old BPD threads. The ones with the original emails back in the day when the Cowboys were running the place. They made fun of blacks Mexicans and Armenians? Took the black cop along to arrest snoop dog so he could interpret. It’s the EXACT thing the chief was supposed to get rid of. Anon 3 what part of mis managing and not taking Angel seriously. It was the Chief’s job and if his balls are so small to have not stood up to Scott the current CM should step up and let him go.

    • semichorus

      Good point, that’s what he was brought in to do.

      I’ll try to find those emails– I didn’t see a whole lot of them, I just heard about them from other disgruntled (for a good reason) cops.

  9. I believe that there was a recent post where they surveyed e-mails of lower employee’s and there was some type of discipline. Was that after this incident or before? Chad is absolutely right as Angel and the Chief are at will employee’s under management protection. Anon 3 if Angel and the Chief did nothing wrong then why did Angel’s buddy, Sheriff McDonnel force Angel to resign. Because it was utterly racist, unprofessional and in complete opposite of the job (a hired reformer) Angel was supposed to do at BPD and the Sheriff’s department. But it exemplifies exactly who and what type of lying hypocritical, unprofessional person and definitely very bad Manager that Angel is and was.

    • semichorus

      I think they had found something before in an earlier quick survey of lower-level employees.

      According to the city paperwork that Fronnie obtained, they supposedly only discovered these Angel emails after the subpoena from the outside attorney, as part of general 30-keyword sweep.

      So if true, I’m wondering what HE knew beforehand– or suspected. And how.

      You know, if some management clown is sending around “jokes” to people word quickly gets around. So who else got them that Albano doesn’t want us to know? It’s ridiculous for anyone to claim that only NON city employees got these things in their in-box.

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