Closed “City of Burbank” Facebook site about what a wonderful place this is appears to be blacklisting admittants


Anyone else have a problem in joining that Talamantes family “closed” Facebook booster site that was started a few months ago in order for certain people to be able to talk about how wonderful Burbank is? Including off-duty council members and officials.

We’ve been getting reports here that even neutral parties (not us) are being denied admission to these closed ranks. The operators apparently spot certain names and then immediately ignore their join requests.

Any problems with getting inside this group?

We have no interest in them here. It all sounds pretty shill-y in fact. Their introductory statement about why they exist for instance is a total and complete hoot– objectivity about the place obviously isn’t their main goal. They start off by talking about how wonderful it is that we live here as a given.

You can’t expect too much after that.





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39 responses to “Closed “City of Burbank” Facebook site about what a wonderful place this is appears to be blacklisting admittants

  1. Anonymous 3

    I don’t understand how it is that you can still live in Burbank, you clearly despise it so.

    Oh, and I did not have any trouble joining, for the record.

    I have reports that you like goats a little too much. And you can put as much credence on that as I do your reports that people are getting blackballed at City of Burbank. Unless you are talking about Mike Nolan and David Piroli. Don’t they get enough face time at council and here? Who wants to read them spouting off on facebook?

    • semichorus

      City council members should not be garnering a consensus on any matter outside of their regular meeting times– especially through a “closed” Facebook group. And why is it closed anyway?

      What is this booster group afraid of? At least allow the content to be open for view.

      Jesus Christ, Albano won’t even allow them to discuss anything in open session if it isn’t already controlled by the agenda! And here some of them are chattering away on a Facebook page controlled by one of the member’s kids.

      Only in Burbank.

      • Anonymous 3

        “Jesus Christ, Albano won’t even allow them to discuss anything in open session if it isn’t already controlled by the agenda! And here some of them are chattering away on a Facebook page controlled by one of the member’s kids.”

        The first point is covered by the Brown act. The second is not. Council members can attend meetings of the Realtor’s association or the Chamber of Commerce or a church group and “chatter away” without violating the Brown act.

        It is called greater openness and transparency.

        You’re just jealous that no self respecting council member would be caught dead commenting here.

        • semichorus

          Actually, that’s not true.

          There’s been some major wailing and lamentation in the past down in those Chambers about whether more than two of them can even attend the same event or get-together, and if they can or cannot sit near each other.

          So you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s not that easy, and they really have to watch themselves to make sure they’re not discussing city issues in a move to garner a consensus outside of the regular public meetings.

          Especially in a closed, private setting.

          • Judie

            anon 3 has a “short” memory, or none at all.
            Brainless Gary Bric(k) found his way onto this Blog.
            Also, some of the Council comments have lambasted this Blog.
            Council members have announced that they spoke to one member prior to a Council meeting.
            That has indicated that at least some of them are careful.

          • Anonymous 3

            Show me council members trying to reach a consensus outside of regular meetings.

            I mean, an actual example. I have not seen any such.

      • Anonymous

        I have not been able to find out who oversees this City of Burbank Facebook page. Who is it anyway?

        • semichorus

          One of Jess Talamantes’ kids. It was deliberately set up to counteract this blog.

          Whenever someone gets on there and quotes me on some issue or another – or, worse, links to this site – it almost always gets removed.

  2. Dianne

    What a disappointment, on Mother’s Day at that.
    You’d think anon 3 would be sniffing her flowers or nose-gays.
    Instead she brings up people who probably never tried to enter the sacred space for City of Burbank elite.
    How would she know anyway?
    The intent to deceive on that site is crystal clear anyway.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s a great site and it’s back firing. More complaints than cheer leading. Even a poll about the 1000 apartments the NOs have it hands down.
    The thread about the cul de sacs by talaria is great it took Rodgers two replys to figure out what project was promised a 6 week trail that’s turned into 6 months. People are really complaining about homelessness and high rents. Won’t be long till we figure out Anon 3 because there are a few with his attitude on the site that welcome the change and put down those that don’t.

  4. Anonymous

    Will Rodgers
    I’m glad he called you back, but I want folks to realize they HAVE to register a complaint when episodes like this take place, and if – unlike Lynne Gerred in this instance – you’re not getting satisfaction. I promise you the department doesn’t want to be represented by attitudes like that you got at first. If absolutely nothing else, let a council member know so we can forward the complaint. Most calls into BPD are recorded. If we have some time and date details, they will confirm your report and counsel the individual involved.

    I’m reminded of the olden days when folks would complain to me about one thing or another about the newspaper. I’d literally beg folks to send a letter to the editor – it doesn’t have to be published. Just let them know about the event they keep missing, the name they misspell, or whatever the case may be. They’re not going to learn about a problem through mind-reading or osmosis. You gotta tell them!

    I’m skeptical anyone much cares these days what readers think about anything, but I promise you that throughout the city they want to know if the “client” – all of you – is getting anything but the best treatment. We can’t solve every problem everyone has, but we can at least be polite, interested in what people have to say, and appreciate those folks who are paying the bills: Taxpayers. So don’t just keep it to yourself!

  5. For the record Rogers is the only one who comments on FB that I can see. He asks questions and tries to answer as many as he can. The closed board in question is made up of mostly whiney posts about how the homeless are taking over the city or how inconvenient filming is. There are a lot of well meaning posts also. However, a good majority of posts are completely uninformed and infantile in nature. I will copy and paste some winners here. There are other FB pages that are more shill-y in nature/but this one semi is more entertainment than anything.

    • semichorus

      I’d like to see those, yes.

      • Here are some other amazing posts but the comments are where things really get nutty:

        Just drove by the Walmart. They’re painting it bright bright bright blue!!!!!
        Sadly, today I had a disappointing interaction with BPD. There is filming across the street from me. I called Norma (the filming queen in BPD) and was told she was off today. Given oven to Sgt. Shilf who brusquely informed me that BPD was on site but if that wasn’t enough he would “take time from his busy day” to come over to talk to me. Hate to slow such a “busy” guy from doing his job. I didn’t see BPD earlier, but I am going to check if they are here.
        Regarding small businesses that are not from Burbank but work in Burbank and do not have a work permit…is there a person in the City of Burbank that one can report them to?
        Someone posted a picture of a car kissing another car it’s just fu’king rude outside my kids open house! Can’t walk a block so you have to squeeze in!
        What’s going on somewhere on Hollywood Way. Helicopter going over my house. I watching the news but nothing us being said.
        And on and on – like I said – some are good, neighborly posts (lost cats, local charities, good restaurants, etc.) but plenty are a bit bonkers.

        • semichorus

          And they call this a gripe site!

          We’re like Noam Chomsky compared to that crowd. It sounds like a bunch of busy bodies trying to get everyone else in trouble.

          It also sounds more like that closed neighborhood web site, where you can only join if you live there specifically. Anyone seen that one? They’ve got Burbank split up into about five separate (and closed to others) entities. I can only imagine the yentas on those. It never shows up on Google searches.

    • Anonymous 3

      It’s just appalling that Rogers would use a facebook page to communicate with the residents of the city!


      • semichorus

        It’s when he joins in with the others on the council that’s the problem.

        Facebook is also so dorky and limited in layout that these multi-paragraph missives from him (and the other invitees) look totally silly. FB lends itself to teen gossip and self-congratulations, not essays and discussions.

        It’s kind of pathetic looking, actually, on FB. They all look like teenagers and bored housewives posting their good cheer about Aunt Sally’s birthday, or Papi’s new tat. They should move over to a blog format with a good text-based template and get real. Tumblr’s good for pictures and text.

  6. Here’s an example post: Today was trash day and I noticed this evening when I got home that the front metal bar on my trash can was missing. Does anyone know if this is crucial for the trash truck to lift it up? I believe it was on there when I brought them to the curb last night so who knows what happened. I can call BWP but figured since it’s after hours and there are many knowledgable on this site, someone may have an answer. Thanks!

    • Nancy

      Living a really charmed life if the biggest concern is the missing bar on the front of the trash can LOL LOL LOL. This sounds like it is a council cozy group that walks around blind to reality and everything going on around them hey maybe that missing trash can bar is in the persons eye obstructing vision ?

    • Anonymous 3

      Lots of it is trivial. Rogers’ contributions are not. Yet that is the part that little Jimmy wants to see end. Jealous much?

  7. Anonymous

    Eric Rossof

    Thanks for weighing in Will Rogers. Despite the fact the you’re simply wrong I sincerely appreciate that you at least show up. I have a comment and a suggestion. The comment relates to your misleading representation of my motives regarding the Chief. The key to your insinuation I had a veiled agenda about the Chief is in the beginning of that sentence where you say “go back a few pages.” Well, back a few pages I was referring to the Chiefs operational structure. I didn’t necessarily want him fired, I just wanted him to acknowledge there might be a more efficient way to protect this community given the resources he has. My more recent posts I do favor replacing the Chief. Those posts are based on new information that clearly shows he failed to meet my expectations regarding a serious administrative issue regarding emails.

    My suggestion is this. Name a time and place, invite the public and let’s talk about the police department and your admirable, albeit misinformed, defense of the Chief.

    I really do appreciate the fact that you jump in so willing Will.

    • Anonymous 3

      Eric Russoff can head on over to council most every Tuse evening to talk about the police dept. They give you five minutes, fer christ’s sake.

  8. Anonymous

    Well, you know how they commend fire fighters for running into the fire while others flee, and cops go toward the gunshots, instead of in the direction of safety. Well, for columnists and office-holders, we tend to run to the sound of two or more people arguing.

  9. Anonymous


    April Shaw it’s not likely that Will Rogers and I would have the opportunity to publicly debate issues surrounding the PD and Chief. I think if we did you’d quickly find both of us to be passionate about this community. In the big picture of that statement I’ll defer to the Councilman. When it comes to the PD I have more than a casual understanding of the issues and feel confident I could hold my own in such a dialog.

    I have to say I get a kick out of the suggestion that I’m out of touch and sitting around pining for the good old days. I don’t take it personal because Will doesn’t really know me.

    All I’m saying is that for all the effort being given to discount “old guys” you’d think some one would take a peek behind the curtain every now and then to see if the Chief really is who they think he is.

    Anyway… I’m ready

  10. DixieFlyer

    Some folks probably never heard of the “Sacramento Case”.

    CA’s Office even questioned the MWD sponsored Water Trips.

    Ralph M. Brown Act SPECIFICALLY addresses Comments during Oral Communications at meetings.

    Staff, of course, can bring up anything at any time.

  11. Yes I try to join a couple of months ago and notice that my request was never acknowledged. Then, thinking there was a glitch, tried to join again. I just checked and noticed that again nothing had happened.
    I went everywhere looking to see who might be the administrator of the site. I haven’t been able to obtain that information yet. At this point I really don’t care but I am curious as to whether this is an accident or purposeful act.
    To this day my request is still “pending”.
    Has anyone else tried to join with no success or any response at all?
    I am sure that this post will seal my fate even more so

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