No it’s not (updated)

The Leader’s been doing a really good job in getting on top of this situation. It’s too bad the people we’re paying aren’t…

After a top Los Angeles County sheriff’s official resigned amid mounting criticism over emails he forwarded mocking Muslims, blacks, Latinos, women and others while he worked at the Burbank Police Department, local leaders voiced concerns about how Burbank officials handled the discovery of the correspondence two years ago…

After reviewing them at the request of the Leader, [official BPD monitor Michael] Gennaco asked [Chief] LaChasse for a meeting to evaluate the agency’s response and ensure that officers are aware of the city’s email policies.That’s on the books for next week.

“Unfortunately, it’s sometimes too easy to compose or forward an email without thinking a whole lot about it,” Gennaco said, adding that the degree of culpability varies, depending on whether the sender composed the message or passed it along.

Sorry bub. It’s the same damn thing.

Possibly much worse, because he had the time to frigging read it first.

No wonder nothing got done about this problem. This Gennaco is the same guy who’s officially charged with making sure the BPD stays straight. So how come this wasn’t reported to him on the fly?

According to today’s article, this is the first he’s heard about it. He never saw the emails until now, and only thanks to the paper. Again:

After reviewing them at the request of the Leader, Gennaco asked LaChasse for a meeting to evaluate the agency’s response and ensure that officers are aware of the city’s email policies. That’s on the books for next week.

Who kept them from him at the time? It’s been his JOB to officially oversee departmental problems on a regular basis, especially in the area of possible discrimination.

The Burbank City Council has been spending tens of thousands of dollars a year to make sure that he does so. Are they happy about subsidizing his ignorance here?

We’ll ask the same question again. Does anyone in their right mind (and who’s not a city apologist or shill) really believe the claim that Angel didn’t “forward” these noxious things to his other buddies and co-workers within the City of Burbank’s email system?

If so,


But we’ll never know, because City Attorney Albano is blocking the names and email addresses of the recipients.

She’s sure earning her money now isn’t she? Protecting the flock.

Don’t expect the council members to come forward with any additional info on this either. They’re gonna clam up too.





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34 responses to “No it’s not (updated)

  1. Anonymous 3

    Your conjecture is not proof.

    • Anonymous

      LaChasse is toast

      • semichorus

        Not sure about that.

        In any sane Burbank world both he AND Albano would get fired over this.


        Because the evidence is starting to look like they DELIBERATELY withheld this discrimination/bias incident(s) from the very individual who’s supposed to be officially monitoring the Dept in this area:

        Mike Gennaco.

        Cops have been telling me for years that Gennaco is only being used by Burbank in a CYA capacity, as official bullshit window-dressing. If it is true that the Leader’s the first time he saw these things — these emails — what it means is that the City of Burbank does not take his monitoring task at all seriously.

        Nor do they take the whole Portos/FBI problem seriously either, which is why he was brought in as a compliance manager/monitor in the first place. Whoever in Burbank held this back from Gennaco’s office must be immediately terminated for such a blatant act of malfeasance and dishonesty.

        By the CITY COUNCIL. And ALL of them in unanimity.

        No evasive, limpdick hiding behind the “the rights and duties of the city manager as spelled out in the Charter” crap. Like, “Unfortunately, our hands are tied…” etc. etc.

        I can hear them now. But let them hire an outside attorney if need be to help guide them through this. They have the total LEGAL right to do so, and at any time. All they need to do is vote for one.

        But does anyone really think too that the temporary BWP guy is going to do ANYTHING averse here? Like take action?

        Yeah, right. He won’t do shit.

        Justice Department, where are you? Come back!

        • Anonymous 3

          My gawd. Are you REALLY equating this business of some offensive emails to the torturing of suspects in the Portos robbery?


          • semichorus

            Once again you’re obtuse as hell. Don’t you get it?

            Gennaco was brought in to legally monitor incidents of possible racial and ethnic discrimination within the Burbank Police Department, and to see how and if they are complying with state and federal law in this area. It’s because of Portos etc etc etc.

            This is one such potential incident. And yet …. he was NOT informed of them at the time? These bigoted “joke” emails?

            It’s clearly termination time for someone. Gennaco was DELIBERATELY kept out of this. It was a blatant cover-up.

            Why? (it’s because he’d raise hell, that’s why– especially when there was no or little adverse action about it all. No doubt Gennaco would have INSISTED on Angel’s termination in his periodic reports, and the city people did not want that. Gennaco’s regular reports also go public.)

            So according to the Leader, he’s just meeting now with LaChasse. After they all got caught by the newspaper and the plaintiff’s attorney.

            Why didn’t he meet with the Chief back when it HAPPENED? Get what the problem is now?

            And this cover-up goes all the way to the top– one or two city managers, the city attorney, and the police chief. Probably others, like top HR people.

            They ALL knew about it, for chrissakes. And yet they kept it quiet. According to the Leader, they didn’t even tell Gennaco! The official point man on all this.

      • Anonymous 3

        Shows what you know. Both Council and the CM think he is excellent.

        And they are right.

        • semichorus

          They might– if they’re all either:

          1. Stupid, or

          2. Involved in the cover-up.

          So if you’re correct, which one is it?

          • Anonymous

            Don’t bother Semi. As far A3 is concerned, there is NO problem here at all. Hell, she is probably the genius who sent these amusing emails to Angel in the first place.

            • semichorus

              You’re right. I only go into this detail to help make the point to others. People are either hopeless or they’re not.

              It’s evident by now that there was clearly a cover-up going on, an obvious attempt on the part of the city attorney, the city manager and the police chief to keep this away from Gennaco and others. Gennaco would have wanted a termination, and he also has to publish his findings in public reports that are issued periodically. No way in hell did they want this story out there.

              Gennaco might have discovered as well — if he’d been brought in on it at the time — that other city employees were involved, and not just outsiders as Albano is now trying to claim by refusing to release any of the recipient’s email addresses except the fairly innocuous Cremins’ message.

              Cremins was just found answering a question that in and of itself wasn’t really as culpable as sending bigoted jokes.

              Obviously, I don’t believe for one second that Angel ONLY sent these things to outsiders. But if other Burbankers got them then THEY would have to be disciplined as well for not reporting him. Or especially for sending additional crap back.

              This is one of those situations where the management cover-up is worse than the original incident. Will our city council have the balls and maturity to do something about it?

              • DixieFlyer

                Curious. At 9:40 pm on the 7th anon 3 attempts to educate us.

                She claims to know how the City Council and City Manager feel about Chief LaChasse?????

                Cum now, Cum now that’s some inside information.

                More to cum.

          • Anonymous 3

            What cover-up is that?

  2. Anonymous 3

    So you are saying that the “cover-up” is worse than the crime?

    Possibly you would have a point. IF there was a cover-up. You will find that there was not, not that you will ever admit to being wrong.

    • semichorus

      Why wasn’t Gennaco told of this situation at the time?

      According to the Leader, he only heard about it recently. And he never saw any of the emails until the paper showed them to him.

      It’s been his continuing job to address these matters as the city’s designated BPD compliance monitor!

  3. Anonymous

    What would the closed session of been titled?

  4. Fladd hired LaChasse to not only punish the Federal Whistle blower but to punish all senior officers/supervisors that did not support the corrupt Stehr regime. LaChasse brought in his hatchet man Angel and they all systematically ruined morale, and made promotions completely unfair and biased. They favored the young and inexperienced officers who were not around under Stehr. It is a crock of shit that LaChasse and Angel were brought in to reform BPD because they were the exact same type of corrupt, hypocritical and greedy supervisors as Stehr was. They were the same type of crappy and unfair managers and morale did not get better and the exodus of manpower started and never stopped under LaChasse. High morale and retaining employees show the greatness of Management. Well the opposite of that is LaChasse and Angel and thank god Angel is gone.

    So Flad screwed Burbank and its citizens as he left because he knew that the police department was going to go to shit with LaChasse and Angel and Albanese. Until the citizens actually care about a clean and fair police department they will get the corrupt management who violate employees’ rights and kill morale. Gennaco was a tool by City Management, simply to show the DOJ they are acting proper. But he was paid by the City of Burbank and gave the City Management want they wanted to hear, not actually what had happened. Gennaco’s report was not about who did what wrong but was about how to protect top Management. It is common knowledge that the City will hire an outside investigator when a top manager is accused by a lower employee of committing employee rights violations. And that common knowledge is that it is a sham investigation to protect the top manager because the City only hires an investigator that is known to protect the City that is paying their fees. There is nothing ever fair when the City hires an outside investigator on the City payroll. Nothing will ever change while management continues to protect management and City Management will only hire Managers that adhere to this corrupt police department.

    • semichorus

      Interesting information. Thanks for this. I’m starting to see the big picture again. What a messed up department. No wonder the DOJ left town.

      Gennaco’s on the spot here though too now. Let’s see how “real” or credible he is. Here’s why:

      The council has to take action against anyone in city management who hid this email problem from him. I’m not sure what the legal requirements/agreements were when they first obtained him as a monitor, but I suspect that it was in response to DOJ expectations. Not necessarily the result of a consent decree — I’m not aware of any such action, it didn’t get that far AFAIK — but some kind of tacit agreement existed between the DOJ and COB to have someone monitor the department who was respected. Gennaco does such work all over the state.

      So if the council continues to ALLOW the perpetrators of this cover-up to stay on the payroll (right now that would be Albano and LaChasse), then Gennaco MUST quit his role in protest — for the simple reason that he’s obviously being dicked around, for now the City of Burbank has been caught withholding from him the VERY INFORMATION he needs to do his proper job.

      So Gennaco’s on the spot. If he’s not just a CYA convenience for management — a total PR sham, in other words — then he needs to tender either his authority or his resignation.

      If Gennaco’s conscientious about his role then he should be royally PISSED about what happened here with Burbank leadership — and ALL of them. If he’s not, he’ll slough it off.

      We shall see. The council’s on the spot too. This was a blatant cover-up that cannot go unaddressed.

      Here’s another good question– we’re any of the council members made aware of this situation at the time? If so then they were in on it as well. And how did the plaintiff attorney find out about them originally? Was word going around the department about Angel?

      • Anonymous 3

        Dirk’s tirade is hogwash, and you are a fool to be sold on it.

        LaChasse has increased the professionalism of the department and has instituted a legitimate and professional employment.and promotion policy.

        The police association hates him because he has put an end to the nepotism and automatic promotion policies that predated him.

        There is not one council member who would call for his resignation. Including Gordon, your hero.

        • semichorus

          How would you know? If they’re all that stupid and insensitive, then god help us.

          Three of them are White, yes, and the other two are professional sycophants and ex fire and police employees. That might explain the tin ear you say they’re going to be displaying on this VERY serious issue.

          And in a town that has been FULL of the same kind of serious issues these last 10 years.

          Wonder why.

          It is true that Rogers has a long history of completely ignoring bias and discrimination complaints here in Burbank. He was nowhere to be found on either the old Keiko Hentell BUSD situation or the much more recent BPD mess. So maybe you’re right.

  5. Anonymous

    And silly Pulskamp as an interim CM, appoints interim chief of 4 years LaChasse to the permanent position without really doing a search. And the council was okay with Scotty and the crew’s line of stuff while failing to tell Gennaco we may have an issue.

  6. Robocop

    There is another aspect that has been overlooked or ignored by the CM and apparently by Sheriff McConnels office. If La Chasse knew about these e-mails in 2014, then either he lied to the Sheriffs Office when they did their minimal background investigation on Angel or the Sheriff hired him anyway, which I doubt he would do. La Chasse needs to go…… NOW.

    • semichorus

      Yes. Didn’t think of that. It’s not like these things were just discovered now. Somebody knew about them then.

    • Anonymous 3

      Not gonna happen. LaChasse has the full confidence of the Council and the CM.

      • semichorus

        How would you know?

        Assuming that they are that stupid by now — which I don’t — then the entire city council membership needs to answer the question about why LaChasse not only didn’t inform Gennaco about a possible discrimination/personnel problem that the City of Burbank is paying his firm tens of thousand of dollars a year to handle, but also why he — apparently as well — didn’t tell the LASO head about it when the guy was vetting Angel for the asst. job.

        The LASO head has experienced a tremendous amount of public scrutiny and embarrassment over this email situation. He even terminated Angel for it even though these emails had nothing to do with him or LA.

        Do you mean to say then that the Burbank City Council has no such issue with it? That they think LaChasse is just great? That they still have confidence in him? And that it was OK for LaChasse and their top management people to hide this from Gennaco and –apparently — from everyone else not within the inner circle?

        If so, then the DOJ needs to make a swift return to the City of Burbank.

        I can assure you that Gennaco has no such confidence in these people (unless he’s lost his mind), nor does the LASO hiring agent. They have both been ambushed by this in public.

        Gennaco must realize by now that his efforts in Burbank are useless, and that those cynical old BPD cops are correct about how management is just using him as a CYA formality. I’ve been told this from the very beginning.

        If what the Leader is saying is true about G.’s ignorance here.

      • Jay

        Didn’t that prior chief Steer have the complete confidence of the city council and the city manager while he screwed everything up and ended up costing the city millions of dollars ? Think that says just how much the confidence of these people really means now doesn’t it

        • semichorus

          Yep. But Stehr wasn’t the only problem– upper management was.

          As in this email case, it’s not so much LaChasse that’s at fault as the higher-ups. He defers to them for final authority on personnel matters.

  7. chad

    Nixon resigned not for the break-in of Watergate but for the cover up.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, I mean, that’s often the bigger problem, the cover-up. And if it’s true that Gennaco never heard about this– and especially the Sheriff too before he hired Angel — then it was clearly being covered up by top Burbank management people. And not just LaChasse, but Albano.

      Gennaco would have had to demand serious corrective action as part of his job, and he also would have had to reference these email incidents in his published reports. No way did management want that. It might have even gone beyond Angel, too, which G. would have discovered as well if they’d been playing kosher with him.

      I can think of about half a dozen reasons why Burbank would want to keep this away from Gennaco. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t work.

  8. Robocop

    Trust me…… This is not over yet. If La Chasse doesn’t leave on his own accord, the council and CM will take some action. The BPOA will take a stand since several of its members have been disciplined over the years for similar or lesser offenses. The last thing the CM needs is for the BPOA to take a public vote of “no confidence” for this Chief. Give it some time… but this is not over.

    • semichorus

      I would suspect so, yes. The council may just think it’s just sour grapes from the old disaffected employees though and not do much unless they are strongly convinced from the outside.

      Albano and the old CM(s) deserve the ultimate blame for this. LaChasse answers to them, and goes by their authority. Albano at the very least must be forced to leave.

  9. Anon 3 you are completely wrong. So you are saying it is professional to vindictively punish the Federal Whistle blower who was the only reason that LAChasse has his job. LaChasse allowed and encouraged Angel and Albanese to physically, mentally and financially (yea he sure did not have a fair promotion policy) mistreat this officer. LaChasse had complete knowledge that Angel and Albanese mis-used Federal Grant funds (a Felony), when they lied to the whistle blower and told this officer he needed to wear a vest because the Federal Grant did not allow medical exemptions, That was an outright vindictive lie, as the Federal Grant for vests did allow a medical exemptions. LaChasse allowed Angel to change a bullet proof vest General Order 3 times to vindictively and physically punish this officer by making him wear a vest when he was medically unable to. You call that professional? I call that a crime and ADA violations. Americans with disability Act in case you are unaware of what ADA is.

    LaChasse allowed Angel to violate this officer’s ADA rights and he allowed Albanese to file a false Internal Investigation to try to get this officer suspended or fired. If LaChasse was brought in to reform BPD then why did he harass this officer who did the right thing and brought in the FBI? That is the complete opposite of professionalism and that is the true person that LaCahasse is. When this officer made it back from his 2 year administrative leave, do you know that LaChasse with held is duty badge for 3 months and made him wear the centennial badge, until February. Then he makes this officer come up to his office to get his duty badge, one that he had worn and earned for 24 years and LaChasse tells this officer he does not know who he is but hands him his badge. What a great leader he is and what a true unprofessional lair he is.

    Now getting down to the unfair promotional process. He turned down many senior officers for promotion’s that they earned and deserved and gave them to younger and much more inexperienced officers. He did this to the whistle blower too. That is why there is such an exodus of BPD experienced officers. Those experienced officers left early, before they would receive their top retirement pay, simply because moral and Management is so bad. That is a fact that can not be disputed, look at the numbers.

    So how is it professional to have your so called reformers (LaChasse, Angel and Albanese)l) be hypocrites and show all the employees that the officer who did the right thing by going to the FBI is publicly punished instead of being treated fairly. That officer was hated by Sterh too, but was treated better by Sterh then he was treated by LaChasse, Angel and Albanese. How is it professional to allow your top Mangers to be racists, chauvinistic bigots and liars? How is professional to allow your top managers to violate employee’s rights and duel out complete unfair punishment. Then LaChasse allows Angel to get away with mocking and racial e-mails with no punishment at all. Yea, I guess it is all hogwash and you must have consumed their cool-aide.

    • semichorus

      For LaChasse and Company to have presented ANY employment difficulties at all to one of the employees who brought Burbank to the police attention of the FBI is unacceptably stupid.

      Because unless the guy was robbing lockers and stealing police cars night and day, you leave him ALONE for quite a long while.

      That any Burbank management employee would subject an FBI whistleblower/informant to future adverse actions raises some very serious questions. The word for it in the employment law world is “hamfisted.” It does prove though exactly why the FBI originally came in to investigate Burbank’s own … discrimination and retaliation problems!

  10. Burbank Bill

    The Council will just wring its hands and say it was unfortunate, we have all learned from it, pat the Chief on the back and move on to the next item. Nuthin will come of this unfortunatly

    • semichorus

      Then if Gennaco has any integrity at all he will publicly resign from his oversight role in front of all of the council members. And everyone else.

      To have been left out of this situation was highly disrespectful to both his position and employment as a consultant. It proves beyond any doubt that the City of Burbank does not take seriously either his oversight role or their possible blameworthiness in these areas.

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