Since they’re back to Hollywood-Burbank


Why not bring this back as well?





It’s so much better than its replacement. And look, they already changed the Wikipedia!

Btw, the powers that be do realize that Hollywood-Burbank has to be hyphenated for that ridiculous airport non-name, don’t they? Otherwise what’s it’s actually saying is that this is Burbank’s Hollywood. Big difference.

Hey, look at our new airport! It’s Hollywood Burbank! Not that hill Burbank where all the snobs live.

Are people really this stupid and illiterate nowadays? It’s about Hollywood and Burbank. Not a subset of either. So it has to be hyphenated. Hollywood’s not a modifier of Burbank, and there’s no such thing or place as “Hollywood Burbank.”

The crowd in the late 60s at least knew what to do with a hyphenate back when they named it this the first time. These people now are careless as hell, as well as dishonest and evasive to boot about what the real name of the place is.

Still trust them with that “replacement” terminal?

They didn’t know any better, did they? All that $$$ consultancy:

Hollywood Burbank Brand to Be Used for Marketing Purposes; Airport’s Legal Name Will Remain Bob Hope Airport

BURBANK, Calif., May 3, 2016 — On Monday, May 2, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority selected “Hollywood Burbank Airport” as the new marketing brand identity for Bob Hope Airport. The Hollywood Burbank brand was chosen for its strong
geographic recognition among travelers and will be used to market the Airport to passengers, particularly those who live east of the Rocky Mountains. The Airport’s legal name will remain Bob Hope Airport.

“We believe the Hollywood Burbank branding identity will let passengers know that they have more than one airport choice when they fly into the Los Angeles Basin,” said Airport Authority President Frank Quintero. “The City of Burbank is known as the Media Capital of the World and we want to promote its proximity to popular centers of entertainment.”

There has to be a hyphen. Otherwise it’s stupid, meaningless, and misleading. It doesn’t look cool, it just looks illiterate and confusing. People are gonna go, “What’s Hollywood Burbank?”



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12 responses to “Since they’re back to Hollywood-Burbank

  1. CornFused

    Love that graphic. Just change out the factories with apartment buildings and it’s good to go.

    • semichorus

      Funny. Mixed use, of course.

      I wonder how long it’s going to take the Airport Authority to realize that they completely misspelled their new “branding” name?

      Or admit it.

  2. wurbl

    I love that, it’s on the slab in the park across from me. Burbank really does have quite a history that’s worth some attention, more than signs in front of a shopping center with no explanation. Or a jet on a stick in a park…..

    • semichorus

      I love the little guy in the jet.

      A couple of months ago the federal govt ordered them to repaint it. That plane doesn’t belong to Burbank. It’s still federal property. Like if they put peace signs all over it they’d take it back, Burbank had to agree to keep it standard and in shape.

  3. chad

    Now that you bring it up, shouldn’t it be Bob-Hope?

    • semichorus

      The problem is that no one under the age of 40 knows who Bob Hope is.

      • Anonymous 3

        So why complain that they are going to use Hollywood/Burbank?

        • semichorus

          So now it’s Hollywood/Burbank.

          Exactly what are they going to call it, and how is it going to be spelled?

          They can’t even get the spelling and grammar correct! And we’re to entrust this same crowd with a huge new BURBANK mega-project?

    • Anonymous

      Get the name Bob Hope off the airport it has no place there except as a marketing ploy by Hastings and company

  4. Burbank Bill

    Never mind the airport .check out This gem. 1,000 apartments in 7 stories mixed use at old ikea!!!

    image description
    Cypress Equities buys $250M stake in Burbank mall, plans redevelopment
    The Dallas-based firm will redevelop an IKEA into a residential and retail complex
    April 28, 2016 08:30AM
    201 East Magnolia Boulevard (credit: Google Earth)
    201 East Magnolia Boulevard (credit: Google Earth)
    Cypress Equities has acquired a majority stake, or 1 million square feet, in the Burbank Town Center shopping plaza for $250 million and plans to pump an additional $55 million into renovations and upgrades, REAlert reported.
    Located around the intersection of East Magnolia Boulevard and San Fernando Boulevard, the center stretches 37 acres — and eight blocks — in Downtown Burbank. The main portion of the mall is 99 percent leased. Anchor tenants include Macy’s, Sears and Burlington.
    Cypress is also partnering with the now-minority owner, Crown Realty & Development, on the remaining portion of the plaza, a 206,000-square-foot storefront that IKEA will be vacating. The partners plan on redeveloping the property into a seven-story, mixed-use complex with 1,000 apartments and 50,000 square feet of retail space. The parcel is valued at $35 million. Cypress’ stake in this portion of the center is unknown.
    Eastdil Secured represented Crown in the deal, which had been two years in the works. Previously, the 1992-built shopping center was owned by Pacific Retail Properties of El Segundo. The Irvine-based Crown purchased it in 2003 for $111 million. [REAlert] — Cathaleen Chen
    Tags: Burbank, Cypress Equities, Los Angeles retail

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  5. chad

    I agree. I think the rush to change the name to Bob Hope was ridiculous.

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