Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States



Just what we need — a guy who likens Mexicans to tacos, and then uses it as an opportunity to hype his own products.



Just what we deserve.






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5 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States

  1. Anonymous 3


    Happily, he will not be president.

    God have the Rethugs stepped on their collective dick this time.

  2. chad

    The guy is all about simply keeping his name in the media. Keeping the “brand” on the tips of everyone’s mouth especially broadcast journalists not matter if it’s positive or negative context. Just keep saying “Donald Trump.” In his mind, that’s how he’s going to get elected. I love how George W. not endorsing Trump makes W. look presidential.

    • semichorus

      And the broadcast journalists fall for it. They’re constantly privileging the guy.

      That’s because they’re all cut from the same cloth — hustlers and “whatever it takes” types. That’s who gets hired now. The soulful, thoughtful, concerned people never get those jobs any more. So they all get giddy with excitement at the idea of Trump, and can never hold it back for very long. They absolutely gush about him after a while.

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