What lead?


More proof that the corporate media is always in the tank for Republicans.


FireShot Capture 156 - Donald Trump's lead continues to grow_ - http___www.aol.com_article_2016_05


Here’s the article:

There has been a significant shift over the past several weeks on the question of which Republican candidate would do better against Hillary Clinton in the general election, according to a new NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll.

Donald Trump has narrowed the gap on the Democratic frontrunner: In a theoretical match-up, 43 percent of registered voters would support Clinton and 37 percent would support Trump.

That’s some lead for Trump, isn’t it? The media is just so totally corrupt these days. That headline is deliberately misleading and it goes out of its way to privilege the GOP candidate.

Seen MSNBC lately? Not only have they gutted the place of all of their “liberal” commentators (Rachel Maddow is a fool, and also steals whatever good stuff she has from Amy Goodman), but the way Chris Matthews and the others are going out of their way to mainstream Trump and his supporters is just plain criminal.

The guy’s a cruel, unhinged, subliterate psychotic and yet no one ever says that. They talk instead about how he’s more popular with his fans than ever, and which must mean something strategically.

No surprise there, really. Trump was (and probably still is) one of NBC’s employees.







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4 responses to “What lead?

  1. Anonymous 3

    Again, NPR treats Trump very skeptically.

    And Salon just trashes him on a daily basis.

  2. Anonymous

    Go Trump and Go Airport.

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