No, this wouldn’t be tolerated in anyone

Talk about missing the point.

In Santa Clara County, jail guards sent text messages using racial slurs to describe African Americans, Jews and Vietnamese Americans.

In San Francisco, as many as 19 police officers have been implicated in a texting scandal involving racial and homophobic insults.

And a top Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department official recently resigned amid an outcry over emails he forwarded that mocked Muslims, blacks, women and others.

Recent controversies over emails and texts show how the intense scrutiny currently faced by police officers has extended beyond their actions on patrol and into communications that some thought were private.

This current email story has nothing to do with police officers having to face “intense scrutiny,” and thus maybe because of this it wouldn’t have been so quickly detected elsewhere. The kind of behavior exhibited by the distribution of these emails would not be tolerated by any employer. Or most recipients, especially in the workplace.

The real question here is why these cops are so motivated by a need to “joke” around about these topics. It’s not that people are too sensitive these days, or that these cop’s email folders are subject to more attention than others because of their senders. That last contention could lead some people to claim that such scrutiny is unfair, and that “political correctness” is what’s really going on here.

No, the problem is that this email behavior is clearly bigoted. Most people don’t do it anywhere, and so why did it happen here?

Is a certain cut of person attracted to police work, and are also emboldened enough to put it on display? We’ve written before about how offensive it is for the Burbank Police Department’s Twitter page to be constantly hashtagging “alllivesmatter” as a generalized “fuck you” to Black Lives Matter. Because that’s exactly what it is.

There’s something going on that’s bringing this politically reactionary behavior out in these guys, and it’s not pretty. It’s also not being discouraged enough in Burbank.

Bottom line? This Burbank City Council is not going to do shit about this latest revelation. Most of them up there have been in denial all along. Nothing’s going to happen to LaChasse, and no one else in the city is going to be exposed.

Keep circling the wagons guys. We’ve all long known that it takes outsiders to bust the place up.







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38 responses to “No, this wouldn’t be tolerated in anyone

    • semichorus

      She’s about as Black as me.

      I love how one Buppie comes along and that’s supposed to be a big endorsement of the guy’s concern for “The Blacks.” As he calls them. How demeaning and stupid– but predictable.

      The Blacks love him, yeah.

  1. Burbank Bill

    Bob Hope Airport. It’s not just for Burbank anymore.
    The airport located in the heart of Burbank will henceforth be
    informally known as “Hollywood Burbank Airport.”
    The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on Monday voted to re-
    brand the airport’s unofficial name in a marketing effort to let travelers
    know the airfield is a gateway to destinations beyond just Burbank.
    “We believe the `Hollywood Burbank’ branding identity will let
    passengers know that they have more than one airport choice when they fly into
    the Los Angeles basin,” Airport Authority President Frank Quintero said.
    The airport’s official name will still be Bob Hope Airport.
    Airport officials are in the process of designing a new logo for the

    • semichorus

      So what is the Airport’s name?

      You can’t have two names. So why don’t they just name it Hollywood Burbank?

      See, they can’t even play straight or honest about their own frigging name!

      Any rational mind curdles at this insanity. The old Rogers would have had a field day with this kind of nonsense if it had been anyone else. Imagine if the old ROAR group (say) had voted to not actually be named “ROAR,” but something else… kind of, sometimes, and with some people. But, we’ll still call it “ROAR.”

      He would rightfully ridicule it the stars.

      • Dianne

        There was a Public Records Request at that same meeting relative to some of the claims being made about the existing terminal.
        Basically they were asked how much money had been spent by the Authority on the terminal(s) since they took Public Ownership.
        Also how much money had been budgeted.
        Then the question of where the $400 plus Million would come from?

        Will Sugars give the answers? Which one?

      • Anonymous 3

        Sure you can have two names: one for tourists and one for locals.

        Easy as pie.

        • semichorus

          Which is the real one?

          I can’t believe how shady and slippery this group is when it comes to expedience — and how the boosters and shills think that’s perfectly fine.

          What is the name of that Airport on Hollywood Way? Can anyone give a STRAIGHT answer?

  2. Anonymous

    Just heard Sugars on KFI. Basically nothing to see here move along.

    • semichorus

      You’ve got to be kidding. What a prick.

      And why is a mere SPOKESMAN doing these interviews? People want to talk to the mayor, or police chief, or one of the principals. But Albano is — as always — blocking any of the involved or potentially involved from talking.

      So what are they afraid of? Someone saying too much? Being asked to answer FOLLOW UP questions, something that she does NOT allow the council to ask on Tuesday nights?

      They’ve got something to hide, folks. The Times actively talked to LaChasse etc. about this story. So has the city since CLAMPED DOWN on the response by now having Sugars become the voice of Burbank here?

      • Tom

        That city attorney is a worthless over paid lout. Seems like Frutos sold out and loves her now. By the way the X mayor Frutos was a cop what’s he got to say about the emails ?

      • Anonymous

        He said we handled it we have procedures for this and they were followed. We knew about this and the individuals were counseled and told not to do that anymore.

  3. Anonymous

    Loved this comment on the Leader’s fb page: “If they removed every racist from the BPD they would be unable to staff a shift. Bad behavior,violence and unprofessionalism isn’t the bane of the Burbank Police Department. It’s their trademark.” Sums it all up quite tidily.

  4. Anonymous 3

    ” This Burbank City Council is not going to do shit about this latest revelation.”

    You’re wrong about that, and we will see so soon enough.

    • semichorus

      They’re not going to do anything– except have “concerns” about what went on.

      Worse, they’ll lap up the assurance from the Chief that nothing like this is going on now. So it will all be seen as one big “Attaboy!” for the department.

      “See, the reform effort is working!”

      • Anonymous 3

        You have the Chief so very wrong.

        But you will never admit to being wrong no matter how clear the evidence.

        • semichorus

          He shouldn’t be allowing the people who run that Burbank PD Twitter site to be hashtagging everything with alllivesmatter. It’s a deliberate slap in the face to the protest movement. It’s gratuitous and arrogant– and it goes out of its way to disrespect the movement on purpose.

          He shouldn’t be allowing them to run the site at all.

          • Anonymous 3

            Possibly the first amendment comes into consideration here.
            Is the Burbank PD twitter site an official part of the BPD?

          • Anonymous 3

            Again, is it an official site? If not, LaChasse has no power to stop them.

            • Anonymous

              Anon 3 do you know if the City of Burbank facebook page is official? You seem to have inside info.

              • Anonymous 3

                “Official” in the sense that it is sponsored by the City?

                No, it is not. I had thought that common knowledge.

                Do you know if this twitter account that Jimmy bags on about is an official organ of the BPD? That is the current question. Because if it is not, then the Chief has no control over it nor has he the power to prevent his officers from participating in it. Civil Service rules allow civil servants to speak without risk of retribution.

                • semichorus

                  He and the City have the power to stop it from being identified with the chief and the city. That’s the problem.

                  Just like that unofficial “City of Burbank!” Facebook page, they are going out of their way to be identified with city functions and personnel. That’s not kosher, and Nolan is entirely correct about Albano’s failure to reign them in name-wise.

                  You can be damned sure that if I set up a “City of Burbank!” website and started speaking out as I do, Facebook would have been asked to close me down because of an identification/name-squatting problem.

                  It’s actually not true that govt employees have full First Amendment rights not subject to disciplinary action if they cross the line. If they betray confidences or violate policy they can get in trouble. It’s not an unlimited right.

                  For instance, if they start going rogue on there (or anywhere) and engage in (say) bigoted behavior, they can be made to stop.

  5. Anonymous

    They won’t do anything , especially since they are DARK tonight. I gues that reorganization meeting where no one wanted Luddy as vice mayor was exhausting.

  6. Dixie

    Why doesn’t anybody talk about the mental health team that was sold to the council and citizens as a way of “freeing” patrol to handle other calls? How does sending two patrol units to Torrance with a juvenile patient for a 72 hour hold serve the citizens ?? Could it be that Albanese pushed for the program and is now writing a book on the program???

  7. Citizen Cane

    Tami: Good video! At least this woman Lynn is black. Unlike that kid leading the Black Lives Matter movement who is white, but says he is black. Then there is the NAACP rep from Washington State who grew up as a white girl with blond hair but turned black. Liberals and their pretend identity, LGBT Transgender stuff mean that we can be whatever we want to be and you better not call me white when I think I am black. Huh?

  8. Articles I have read show police departments are hiring a lot of minority officers. Are the minority cops sending these racist comments or is it just the white cops? I know there is a lot of animosity between minority groups in the jails and segregation often occurs to quell racial violence among the inmates. Who is guarding who?

  9. chad

    Anon3, can we hold you to that assertion?

    • Anonymous 3

      Which one?

      Generally the answer is yes.

      • George Martin

        How many times, over how many years has the Swearing At trumped the Council Meeting on Tuesday?
        As a matter of fact, the Charter required Tuesday Night Meets at 7pm.

  10. Dixie Knowland

    No doubt that Councilman Fruitloops will be off kissing the Police Chiefs ass and his Robin Telamontes will be kissing Bob Fruitloops ass so what the council will do is yet another ckuster fuck. Maybe they can send in their mental health team arnmed with the gun of Captain Albanese to calm the council down and take them off for observation at Olive View.

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