Which city management employee’s son’s felony arrest was covered up by the BPD?


We just got this from one of the original whistleblowers on the DOJ case.

Interesting revelations.

Sheriff McDonnell brought over Tom Angel to reform the Sheriff’s department after Tom Angel vindictively harassed the Federal whistleblower in  Burbank. Tom Angel, Chief LaChasse and Capt. Albanese were adamant about not letting the officer who brought the FBI into Burbank back to work after my 2 year Admin. leave. You would think if they were there to really reform Burbank PD they at least would welcomed me back. I was the only reason they had jobs at Burbank, but the word was and then proven that they did not want me back. And they made me pay physically, mentally and financially (they denied me a much earned Detective position) for coming back. I was unable to sue the city because I was a white male and they did not fire me they just repositioned my work location.

They ruined my reputation by falsely claiming I was unfit for duty 2 months after I had just fought a 21-year-old male African American paranoid schizophrenic who was off his medications and inside McDonald’s. This subject tried to take my gun and was able to force his finger inside my holster and pull the trigger. One shot was fired while my gun was still in the holster and went into the wall. This incident continued to where he tried to take another female officer’s gun when she tried to get out of her car to assist me, when I was chasing him. Both of us used our tasers on him during the struggle for her gun, but he whacked the connecting wires from the taser gun making the taser useless. This was Ferguson before Ferguson in Burbank, but we handled this major incident with the suspect only getting minor puncture marks from the taser pins. I was told at the scene by a sergeant that deadly force could have been used but I knew I handled the incident properly as I knew the subject had a mental illness. For this great job that I had performed, I then had my gun, badge and entry card taken away from me 2 months later and I was accused of being unfit for duty. This was also to ruin my credibility because I was the Federal whistleblower.

Tom Angel can never be called an ethical reformer of Justice, as that would be a crock of shit. He was a liar, racist and greedy hypocrite. He committed a Federal crime by misusing Federal grant funds to physically and emotionally punish me by violating my ADA rights. I have posted on an earlier post about what he did. It shows you the good ol’ boys network of management protecting itself. Chief LaCheat knew that Tom Angel vindictively harassed me, and knew he misused Federal funds along with violation my ADA rights, but he allowed it to happen. Cremins, LaCheat, and Albanese are all complete liars and they went after senior officers at all levels and mistreated numerous employees.

That is why there was a great exodus from Burbank PD. The new management is as bad as Stehr’s was but both managements are protected by City management for some unknown reason. Maybe it is because when a city manager in a top position has a kid arrested for serious felony crimes, the first call from that city manager is to Chief LaCheat. The Chief then changes the investigators so he can control that report. The Chief does not control the actual filing of charges but he can make sure that what is written in the reports (that is why he changed the investigators) does not constitute the actual truth and the crime is down played to a softer crime, if even that. Yes that happened, that is the truth.

The other thing that exemplifies the e-mails is that LaCheat knew about them and that Cremins was on the other end of them but no one gets fired like they should have. That is the utmost typical Management protecting Management when it comes to covering up bad ethics and lying by management. They would have fired any employee from lieutenant on down that was involved with these e-mails, just to make a statement, but oh no, not them as they can do what they want at the top. There is no accountability at the top of Management in the City and especially in the police department. Never has been, and it seems like there never will be any. The citizens of Burbank do not seem to care about corrupt management in the City, or in the Police Department.




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8 responses to “Which city management employee’s son’s felony arrest was covered up by the BPD?

  1. Wurbl

    Maybe there really is something to those strange handbills that occasionally pop up about BPD.

  2. Doug

    Are you talking about that Reinke’s womans daughter doing donuts with her car drunk in the middle of the street ?

    • semichorus


      Several years ago she was caught in a a DUI, but that was in LA– somewhere down SF Road. There’s been a repeat?

  3. Not Reinke’s daughter and it is not a son. A Juvenile was involved so there will be no public information. The only way information can be released is if there was an investigation by an outside agency with teeth but that won’t happen. Can’t say anymore as would be sued.

    • semichorus

      You could name the employee. You can’t be sued for that.

      They wouldn’t sue you anyway. The most they could do is try to find out who you are, which is what they tried to do a few years ago during the bigger mess. The FBI secretly caught them and told them to stop, and WordPress told them to go to hell.

  4. Bob Loranger

    Magic starts with an “M”. That should narrow it down.

    • Bob Loranger

      OK, boyz and girlz, today let’s add another letter.
      No charge for this, just try adding the letter “O”.

  5. Anonymous

    Bob you shouldn’t go there, he has valid points and was screwed over. You and the majority of the citizens of Burbank have no idea what was going on in the PD and if you did you would be sick! Additionally you and the rest of the citizens of this city would applaud the great officers who stood up against the corrupt regime only to have it thrown in their faces. If you knew the facts it would make you sick and you would be leading the group to have the ex-chief and this new chief’s head. They lie, they cheat and are in bed with the city’s top brass so they all avoid punishment.
    You should stop at O, and respect this guy for standing up. He did stand up to them and was screwed over like a couple of others after him. It will all come out some day and you will all be eating crow !!

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