Think the council will grill the Chief about not acting accordingly?


Where do you think you live? Burbank is where it all happened to begin with,

Top Los Angeles County sheriff’s official has resigned amid mounting criticism over emails he sent mocking Muslims, blacks, Latinos, women and others from his work account during his previous job with the Burbank Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department announced Sunday.

After previously saying that he had no immediate plans to discipline his chief of staff, Sheriff Jim McDonnell said in a statement that he had accepted Tom Angel’s resignation and intended to turn the controversy into a “learning opportunity” for his department employees…

Some who worked with Angel in Burbank defended him, calling him a respectful leader who comfortably interacted with different ethnic groups.

“I saw nothing but the highest levels of conduct,” said Burbank City Councilman David Gordon.

Gordon has some big explaining to do here. Was he just relaying his own relationship with Angel, or was he actually defending him as the paper says?

If it was only the former then he needs to raise some serious hell about being misinterpreted by the Times. Otherwise it makes him sound like he has no or little problem with those Burbank emails.

As to the rest, watch for “discretion” to be the big word of the evening. Because no one else is going to raise hell about anything.

Which of course is why these things happen in Burbank.








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26 responses to “Think the council will grill the Chief about not acting accordingly?

  1. chad

    I’m of the opinion that anyone in a position of supervising Angel during the time he was sending these emails via Burbank servers should be questioned. If any of these supervisors were aware of what Angel did and did nothing in the way of correcting this behavior then they should in the least have a lot explaining to do. I include the supervisors of the supervisors. This is not an anti-cop rant on my part. The vast majority of cops are good people and so are the administrators. This is just so far beyond acceptable and it ruins things for the people trying to do a good job. Jayzuz, Mary and Joseph.

  2. chad

    From the same LA Times article: “A fifth email was a short dialogue between Angel and another Burbank police official in which Angel asked what he called a trivia question: ‘How many virgins do Muslims get in heaven?’ ” Do we know who the other Burbank police official is?

    • semichorus

      Cremins, yeah. He have him back a straight answer without joking.

      Cremins in fact was (supposedly) the only City of Burbank recipient of anything like that. Albano blanked out all the other names on grounds that they were outsiders and thus subject to privacy rights.

      I don’t believe for one bit that no one in the city got these things. I also find it more than suspicious that according to the story, the only person named in any of them (who was also the city recipient) got the least offensive one. I think it’s phony as hell.

      I think this stuff was going around all over the place. Angel would NOT have only been sending these to outside contacts. If so, it meant that he KNEW they were wrong and suggestive, and could get them and him in trouble– especially with all these lawsuits and DOJ things and the “reform” movement in general for which he was brought in.

      So which was it?

      • DixieFlyer

        Curious circle jerks occur from time to time on this blog.

        Tom Angel had to answer to the Chief of Police.

        The Chief answers to the City Manager.

        The City Manager answers to the City Council.

        Even though the LAW required the City Council to approve or deny the terms of a new position, the then City Managerplaced the item on the Agenda THREE times.

        Upon the third rejection, he claimed micro-managing????

        The Reporter apparently asked questions of various City Officials,
        and chose to REPORT Dr. Gordon’s response.

        What questions weren’t answered?

        Dr. Gordon obviously utilized his personal experience with Tom Angel’

        Under what set of Rules would a Member of the City Council be permitted to offer an opinion or judge the performance of someone subject to the Chain-of-Command at this stage of the game?

        I am offering these thoughts to afford some perspective and legality.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank God Fruitoes is no longer mayor

    • Faux Fuddy Luddy

      not a fan of Rogers, but seemed obvious he would get vice mayor,So then Luddy has to butt in , and say there was lots of speculation SHE would get vice…really? maybe only in her pickled mind.. please

  4. Al in SoCal

    I’d like to know if there were any changes due to this? Is someone now monitoring workplace emails? These emails spell monetary disaster in any kind of discrimination lawsuit and the morally stunted morons who send them should immediately be fired or at least placed on an unpaid leave of absence.

    Hello – IT department – that means you. It’s cheap software that keeps track of keywords and sends those emails to a bin to be reviewed by someone UNLIKE the people sending them.

    • semichorus

      I’ve been wondering how they were even discovered. The lawyer for that one plaintiff got them in, and I wonder if he knew these things were in there specifically or if he was just doing a general fishing expedition.

      If he knew, then who told him? Had someone in the CITY been getting these forwarded “jokes”?

      One thing I do know for sure: there are a lot of unhappy employees in the BPD who are making the place leak like a sieve. The city pisses off the early retires and fire-ees and they start spilling the beans.

      • Al in SoCal

        Can’t emails concerning the plaintiff be requested via a subpoena? Was there anything about that person in those emails?

    • Burbank Bill

      agree AL.. this day in age, any company email is open for review . Angels response speaks volumes . More concerned about a Freedom of Info request , than the content of those emails. Even though he didnt generate those distastful, and childish , jokes. HE passed them on to others from a CITY account, therefore demonstrating approval. Made all the worse by the Sheriff saying he did it on Burbank’s time. And for Gordon,the recipient of abuse over the years, and as a Jewish American,not to condone such hateful speech..Shame on him

  5. Anonymous

    The BPD will never be anything but a corrupt cesspool of crooked racist good old boy candyass amateurs, LaChasse’s recent ethnocentric quota-filling hires notwithstanding. Time to do a Compton–dissolve the force entirely and bring in LASD.

    Oh wait–we still haven’t heard from Will Rogers. He’ll save us!!!!

  6. Sheriff McDonnel brought over Tom Angel to reform the Sheriff’s department after Tom Angel vindictively harassed the Federal Whistle blower at Burbank. Tom Angel, Chief LaChasse and Capt. Albanese were ad-amount about not letting the officer who brought in the FBI at Burbank, back to work after my 2 year Admin. leave. You would think if they were there to really reform Burbank PD, they at least would welcome me back. I was the only reason they had jobs at Burbank, but the word was and then proven that they did not want me back. And they made me pay physically, mentally and financially (they denied me a much earned Detective position) for coming back. I was unable to sue the city because I was a white male and they did not fire me they just re positioned my work location.

    They ruined my reputation by falsely claiming I was unfit for duty 2 months after I had just fought a 21 year old male African American paranoid schizophrenic who was off his medications, inside McDonald’s. This subject tried to take my gun and was able to force his finger inside my holster and pull the trigger. One shot was fired while my gun was still in the holster and went into the wall. This incident continued to where he tried to take another female officers gun when she tried to get out of her car to assist me, when I was chasing him. Both of us used are tazers on him during the struggle for her gun but he wacked the connecting wires from the tazer gun making the tazer useless. This was Ferguson before Ferguson in Burbank, but we handled this major incident with the suspect only getting minor puncture marks from the tazer pins. I was told at the scene by a sergeant that deadly force could have been used but I knew I handled the incident properly as I knew the subject had a mental illness. For this great job that I had performed, I then had my gun, badge and entry card taken away from me 2 months later and I was accused of being unfit for duty. This was also to ruin my credibility because I was the Federal Whislte blower.

    Tom Angel can never be called an ethical reformer of Justice as that would be a crock of shit. He was a liar, racist and greedy hypocrite. He committed a Federal Crime by miss using Federal Grant funds to physically and emotional punish me by violating my ADA rights. I have posted on an earlier post what he did. It shows you the good ol boys network of Management protecting itself. Chief LaCheat new that Tom Angel vindictively harassed me and knew he miss used Federal Funds along with violation my ADA rights, but he allowed it to happen. Cremmins, LaCheat, and Albanese are all complete liars and they went after senior officers at all levels and mistreated numerous employees. That is why there was a great exodus from Burbank PD. There management is as bad as Sterh’s was but both managements are protected by City Management for some unknown reason. Maybe it is because when a city manager in a top position has a kid arrested for serious felony crimes, the first call from that city manager is to Chief LaCheat. The Chief then changes the investigators so he can control that report. The Chief does not control the actual filling of charges but he can make sure what is written in the reports (that is why he changed the investigators) does not constitute the actual truth and the crime is down played to a softer crime, if even that. Yes that happened, that is the truth.

    The other thing that exemplifies the e-mails is that LaCheat new about them and Cremmins was on the other end of them but no one gets fired like they should have. That is the utmost typical Management protecting Management when it comes to covering up bad ethics and lying by management. They would have fired any employee from Lieutenant on down that was involved with these e-mails, just to make a statement, but oh no, not them as they can do what they want at the top. There is no accountability at the top of Management in the City and especially in the police department. Never has been and seems like there never will be any. The citizens in Burbank do not seem to care about corrupt Management in the City and in the Police Department.

  7. Anonymous

    There needs to be an investigation by Burbank City Council and the Burbank Chief of Police. Who received these racist emails? Who responded to them? Did anyone in Burbank receive any of these emails? Everyone deserves to know the whole truth.

    At a time when the Burbank Police were being investigated it’s disgusting these racist emails were being sent by anyone much less the deputy chief.

    I wonder whether anyone in Burbank will be held accountable? No one went to jail for all the corruption in Burbank wouldn’t it be a hoot if there is fallout over this incident with the Justice Dept after all the craziness over serious charges of police abuse and discrimination resulted in nothing when there was tons of evidence according to insiders.

  8. Anonymous

    Semi you hate Burbank. Move out and do us all a favor

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? Apparently this poster thinks holding elected officials, city management and service departments accountable after being paid for by tax dollars is completely unnecessary and inappropriate.

      In case you haven’t noticed, this has been reported where this incident occurred, Burbank Police Dept, in the LA Times, The Daily News, CBS, NBC and CNN news, the Washington Post, New York Times, and even smaller newspapers.

    • Anonymous

      Ouch. A “stinging rebuke.” Crawl back under your rock, BPD troll.

  9. Dennis

    Read Dixieflyer’s comment up above.
    How was it that no other Elected Council Member was quoted than Gordon?
    What was left on the cutting room floor?

    • semichorus

      And, they made it look like Gordon was defending the guy about the emails. The even used the word “defended.”

      • Dina

        Check today’s follower, same stories from the Times, repeated.
        What happened to the other Council Members.

        • Al in SoCal

          What does it matter? Dr. Gordon is our “small-town Trump” – against the grain businessman, anti-establishment, “tells it like it is” guy. Then he turns around and basically GUSHES about a top cop who uses City of Burbank resources (email system) to send racist and sexist emails which could possibly cost the city millions if lawsuits popped up around this? Terrible decision.

          Since Mike speaks at EVERY City Council meeting – could he not use 1 of his allotted minutes to ask Dr. Gordon about his statement(s) – and sure – about the other council members too.

          • semichorus

            He didn’t gush– he was misquoted to sound like he supported the guy’s emails. That was my POINT.

            Anyone can see that.

  10. Anonymous

    Simple, it was another Golonski-run City coverup. He would never have allowed Gordon or Brick to know the real reason Angel left.

    • Anonymous 3

      More of that Golonski fixation. He is out to ruin your life. How’s he doing?

      • Al in SoCal

        Shhhhh … Dave Golonski sees and hears all. He also runs a private power broker meeting where he manages ALL city functions.

        Take off the tin-foil hats people. Dave G. is GONE from the City Council and has been for YEARS now. You can now place the blame on … perhaps the longest servicing council member.

        • semichorus

          That original posting was obviously a joke. Either that, or it was a plant designed to get the trolls and boosters all excited about how supposedly stupid and crazy everyone is around here.

          No one thinks Golonski is orchestrating anything. I do think he helped to bury the original complaints though, and then turned a blind eye to the outcome.

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