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While everyone at that phony, permission-only “City of Burbank” Facebook page is wringing their hands over this latest BPD controversy — not knowing who to support or why, or trying to remember what their previous opinions were about the Department lest they mistakenly offend somebody now or act like they give a damn — we had a commenter this morning laying it down straight.

No cautious, measured response here:


Fact: LaChasse had the Blum survey done but refused to released the results to his own department except his “reform team.” The managers and supervisors have asked to see the results so they would know what they were dealing with as a part of the team but were not. How come no new survey has ever been done to see where the department is at?

Fact: LaChasse fired 10 people but admitted he only read the summary of the investigations to make his decision. The former deputy chief of the department Bill Taylor is being investigated and you only read a summary and not the entire investigation?

Fact: the former deputy chief is suing the department and the trial is on and where is the chief during this time? At a conference with his chief cronies, he sends Tom Angel in his absence.

Fact: Officers involved in traffic accidents and internal investigations are done and officers are held accountable in the disciplinary process. Who did the investigations and held the chief accountable for his accident(s) in a city car?

Fact: Chief is more worried about hiring and promoting diversity to fit the city image but not the best people. Promoting from the bottom and just filling a quota he set for the council or commission?

Question: Who in their right mind would go to Baker to Vegas when your own team stays home? Nice leadership or is this a”teaching moment” sent to the troops?

Question: If other members of the department have been disciplined for poor emails or comments and such while the Deputy Chief has not, shouldn’t their discipline be removed? Do the right thing and you are always on parade was the chief’s mantra when hired, do the actions match the words?


If it’s true that other employees were disciplined over their use of official email, or derogatory comments about minority groups, why not Angel? What kind of discipline is it when your old boss praises you later on right after the subject comes up?

How did LaChasse find out about those emails anyway?  Who brought them to his attention?

We’re also still wondering why someone would want to “forward” these things anyway — like what kind of people do you think would want to get them, and who’s sending them to you originally.

Sounds like a fun crowd, and during company time.







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13 responses to “More from the Inside

  1. chad

    Very important question. Who is initially sending these emails to a BPD email address?

    • semichorus

      I’m wondering if the FBI got a hold of them in a general subpoena as part of their investigation, and then turned them over to LaChasse in one of the informational meetings we’re now being told he had with the agency.

      If the FBI and Justice Dept reported back to the city on some of their results, how come the rest of us never saw what they were? All we heard about was that closing-the-case letter to the Dept, the one that Albano read to the council last year.

      How much did Chief LaChasse hear from the Justice Department, and why was the content withheld if here was anything germane to their investigation?

      I’m wondering too if there was a consent decree of sorts that we never heard about publicly, in lieu of prosecution, perhaps because the evidence didn’t amount to a full case against Burbank. Like they told him to clean up the place or else we’re coming back?

      Albano played super-dumb that night when asked about what the Justice Department letter meant, or whether it involved civilians being dropped from investigation. She was like, “Letter? Oh, you mean that letter I just read to you?

      “Don’t know.” Shrug.

      Another thing I thought was strange that night was that the DOJ letter was apparently addressed to the Chief and not to the CA or CM or Mayor or one of their attorney firms.

  2. It is well known that the DOJ/ FBI did not file any charges because the supposed victims of the beatings/civil rights violations were all Hispanic gang members. The BPD violators held strong in not turning on each other. It was well known in the Department that right after the DOJ announced they were investigating BPD, Jose Duran had called for a meeting at his house with his fellow civil rights violators. He told them not to say anything on their cell phone’s and “cowboy up” and not turn on each other. He knew that if they (the violators) did not turn on each other that the gang members had no credibility and there would be no true witness’s. Their blue wall of silence kept themselves out of prison but that is really where they belong.

    Jose Duran had major influence on Tim Stehr and the cronies like Neil Gunn Sr., Edgar Penaranda, Canales and Lt. Murphy. They had the top liar and violator Stehr on their side so they were safe on the inside. It was well known that Jose Duran killed a Hispanic guy in an alley in LA where he said it was self defense, as the guy turned his car at him. The Detective (Scott Meadows) that was with him had to back up Jose or they would both be arrested for Murder. Scott Meadows was stressed and sick and pale as a dog right after the incident and worsened during the months of the investigation, until it was cleared. After they were cleared he suddenly got his color back and was not stressed anymore. The thing is if an officer does the right thing there is nothing to stress about, so that was a telling tale. As Jose was over heard saying there were three people there and one is dead so what he says is the truth. Neil Gunn Sr. spoke the loudest when he took his life. I knew him well and he used to do the right thing until Jose Duran/the devil, took control of Neil and turned him over to the dark side. I will stand by this as if you have done nothing wrong and are innocent then there is absolutely no need to kill yourself. That was the most profound statement of it all and speaks for itself.

    I had a Lieutenant show me one of their (the violators) arrest reports where the sleeping suspect had awoken and tried to reach for a knife, so they used physical force on him. They beat him up and wrote lies on the report. In the report there was no knife booked as evidence and there was no photographs of the so called knife. As the LT. said to me, if this was you or I who failed to collect major evidence like this and that evidence was the reason the suspect was beaten, we would be suspended if not fired. That was the favoritism these guys worked under. Lt. Murphy, a known liar, would approve their reports. So it was like the Fox guarding the hen house but worse. Lt. Murphy covered up their civil rights violations and then the Chief protected them all.

    The Hispanic gang members took their beatings probably like a badge of courage and did not complain or file any complaints about them, even though they were so not deserved. There was no outrage from the gang member’s families at all and there was no Hispanic civil rights associations marching or demanding justice. The Burbank citizens did not care at all because these were out of town gang members that the citizens did not care about. So with no backbone to file any charges and no citizens outcry or any Hispanic civil rights groups demanding charges or changes the DOJ backed away from this as it was not a hot political item.

    • semichorus

      Interesting. I’ll follow up on this info. Like the Deri case, who was Israeli by the way, not Hispanic. The BPD cops thought he was.

  3. Anonymous 3

    For a members-only facebook page, they certainly get a lot more traffic than does your petulant little blog.

    Oh, and membership is a doddle to get. God you are dull, dull, dull.

  4. chad

    I don’t always agree with what’s said on this blog but it’s always worth a read and serves as useful guideposts for local issues. Anon 3, if this blog is petulant and very few people read it, why do you habitually need to post? If what you say is true about the blog then I would think your reading and posting here would be a waste of your time.

  5. Anonymous

    DIRK is a coward and bullshit artist. What proof do you have of these so called crimes?? And what world do you live in where you think the FBI would back away from a case because hispanic gang members were involved. YOU SIR ARE A FUCKING MORON> Sounds like you have a thing for Jose Duran. You appear to be green with envy or is it jealousy. IF you have so much evidence and this so called LT. (read…Puglisi) showed you all this evidence then maybe somebody would have gotten in trouble.
    Guess whos name was on the evidence report responsible for booking the knife? I bet you don’t know. I do though. I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t any of the people who were fired. And it wasn’t any of the Duran crew either. Again, with this school yard game of making shit up and spreading lies. Peoples lives were involved in this mess. One person died over it. others will never get back what they worked their entire lives for. I hope the real devil reserves a special place in hell for DIRK so he can suffer at least as long as these people have.

  6. Anonymous

    Dixie flyer, this is your opportunity to ask real questions, or anybody else who attends Council meetings, start asking some real hard questions about the BPD mental Health Team. This is Albanese’s pet project and he is writing a book(s) about it- yet the Council, citizens and the BPD field officers were sold a real “good” deal.

    It was sold as an opportunity to allow a team made up of a member (Doctor) from LA County Health, to respond to scenes where a person with mental Health issues is involved, the teams response would be done after the field units had secured the scene. Field officers would brief the team of the circumstances of the original call and the team would take control and the BPD field units would go “back in-service” to handle the citizens calls and to patrol the city.

    Now, magnified with the severe staffing shortages, two units have to secure the scene and call for the team, praying they are available and not in “training classes”- often times the team will not be able to respond. So now two units are taken out of the city to transport the subject to Olive View Medical Center, now this is where the dept has always taken the subjects, which is part of the job- but wait, it gets better.

    The dept. is now making the Team determine if the patients have insurance, or is currently seeing a doctor for their issues. The dept. now sends two units and will transport to Covina, downtown Torrance or who knows where, in the name of “continuity of care.” In a perfect world, that’s all good, but how about the continuity of police service to the citizens of Burbank?

    This program has a very good goal, but it needs to be disbanded as it really is not providing the results it was “sold” to deliver, it’s not like Albanese is writing a book about it, or is he??

    Burbank residents are now waiting unheard of times for a police unit, well the next time you are waiting over an hour, maybe it should make you feel “good” that two field officers are assisting in maintaining the “continuity” of Care for the patient, who knows what city or county-Torrance, ca- really ?? Great job Albanese- will you be giving the money you make in the sales of the book to the mental health dept??

    • semichorus

      So you’re saying that the existence of the team and all the hassle involved in getting them to the scene is taking valuable resources away from the field?

      Without the team, what would the responding units usually have done with the suspects? Who would be driving them to the hospitals? Or is that a new thing because of the team.

      Are you saying that the team stalls the rest of the units from getting out in the field?

      Wow, is that how long people are waiting for a police response now? I knew it was about 20 minutes or so. I remember when it used to be about 2 minutes in Burbank! And then five patrol cars would show up.

  7. Anonymous

    The LAPD had the same kinda of units too called the MEU “Mental Eval Unit” Usually staffed by a bunch of slap dicks that wanted to use as much detail time as possible and stay out of the field.

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