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FireShot Capture 151 - Burbank school board approves mental _ - http___www.latimes.com_socal_burba


Oh, it’s for the kids…

Now this is troubling:

There are many other specific goals in the 50-page plan, including opening a wellness center at John Burroughs High School, similar to the one that opened at Burbank High earlier this year.

The Burbank High wellness center allows teens to drop in at any time for a break or to meet in groups during peer discussions or one-on-one with an adult therapist who works with Family Service Agency, which provides counseling to local families, teens and children, and many Burbank students.

For both legal and therapeutic reasons, it’d be ill-advised for any kid to go in there and discuss such personal matters with someone from an outside agency like this.

The FSA is too deeply entwined with the local Burbank establishment to be trusting them with your deepest and darkest secrets. Especially if you’re a minor, which kicks in all sorts of weird shit now in authoritarian types.

This is Burbank we’re talking about. It’d be like talking to the police — you might as well chat up the school resource officer if and when they ever bring them back. Everything’s going to be seen as potentially culpable and suggestive.

These so-called “peer discussions” are also a great source of intelligence gathering for the administrators, as well as with the kids themselves. Who does what with the stories they hear?

They’re also not using real psychologists or psychiatrists.

Although the idea is good, it can easily go creepy and invasive. It will.






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3 responses to “Headline of the Week

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like a great excuse to cut class.

  2. DixieFlyer

    BTW, today’s Leader has 3/4 of the Front Page consumed by HORSES.

    Pictures of HORSES and Horse Fly eye shades??????

    Then, at the bottom are TWO stories on Tom Angel, with the names on the bylines switched.

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