The Portos must be thinking about raising their prices


They’re already picking up some hell in the eastern San Gabriel Valley for all of the taxpayer subsidies they want for their two new locations.

This way they can blame their customers for the increases:


How long lines keep Porto’s Bakery affordable — and growing

When picking up a box of cheese rolls, potato balls or a cake at Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, two things are always guaranteed: The lines will be long and the food affordable. There cannot be one without the other. Porto’s, a Southern California mainstay responsible for catering generations of family…

Thanks for the economics lesson, but wrong.

There’s lots of cheap food around where the lines won’t be long at all. For one thing, the overhead is much lower. Portos has also seen some sizable price increases over the last dozen years or so post expansion.

Remember when the pastries were just 60 cents? It wasn’t that long ago.

Ah, but let those PR firms do their job, yes. In our world this Portos will always equal “Burbank police mess.” As well as that taxpayer freebie loan which made it all possible. The one that staff still gets confused about whenever a council member thinks to inquire about its status.

Maybe the City of Burbank can gave them another free loan to help keep their prices down. (Yes, we know– don’t give this crowd any ideas. The last time we made fun of changing site names around here for people as a joke of a proposal, they actually put it into an ordinance!)

Btw, is the Burbank Leader ever going to cover the story about how the Burbank High School music program “boosters” (i.e., shell organization) stole all their songs from the authors and rightsholders? That’s what the licensing agency says they did in their lawsuit.

And then they made money off it?

Maybe the Vocal Music Association’s PR firm hasn’t come up with a good cover story yet. Someone already had them take down their webpage last week, so maybe they’re working on one.






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