Protesters force Trump to scurry through the weeds like a rat


Of course, the corporate media isn’t framing it like that this afternoon.



If it were Hillary being forced to use the back door because a bunch of protesting critics had completely blocked her way, that’s all we’d be hearing about today on the news.

The media bias in favor of Trump can no longer be denied. Those rude, rude protesters trying to keep him from speaking! Why, they lost today, and only made their own position look bad!

Which means get ready for President Trump. The guy’s a clear fascist nutcase, and yet the news media…

Monica! Monica!





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9 responses to “Protesters force Trump to scurry through the weeds like a rat

  1. Anonymous 3

    NPR covered it a lot more the way you want media to.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Monica merely confirmed Bill’s poor taste in women.

    Last night and early this morning the news media gave substantial amounts of coverage of the disruptive behavior exhibited by self avowed supporters of Hillary.

    semi, if you could get used to Gary Bric President Trump should be easy.

    • Anonymous 3

      Monica has aged very well. She is looking quite the fox of late.

      • Edith

        Never knew she went both ways.
        Leave it to anon 3 to get the low down.

        • Anonymous 3

          Another sock. Why not just post under your regular moniker?

          • Edith

            How many places do you have to place a sock?
            We don’t know what you are (some say a she)
            There aren’t that many Edith’s in Burbank.
            I may not post often, but I read this blog daily.
            You must have way too much time on your hands.
            Do you work for the government?

  3. Citizen Cane

    Who can blame Bill for cheating on Hillary. Any redblooded American male would cheat on Hillary. Hillary gets undressed taking off that Chairman Mao pants suit into the Chairman Mao PJs. Justifiable adulterous behavior by Bill.

  4. chad

    Yeah, clearly Hillary is not qualified to be president…zzzzzz

    • Anon 69

      Chad fell asleep while he was filling us in on his take on Hillary and her lack of qualifications for President.
      Now that its the weekend he can rest up and continue to inform.

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