Leader’s still sitting on BUSD copyright infringement story?


So has anyone seen anything in the Leader yet about the Burbank Unified School District’s big copyright defense on all those junky songs that their BHS Vocal Music Association is accused of stealing from the rightsholders?

We haven’t.

Yes, we know. How dare we expect them to pick on the kids. It might be bad for all the David Laurell fund-raising morale.

But yesterday we got almost 4,000 hits on just this one story alone, and today we got over 9,000. Which means that people somewhere obviously want to hear more about this big news.

So who made the phone calls urging the Times to go slow? Because that’s how it usually works.

Btw, three days ago the BHS Vocal Music Association took down their web page which used to be located here. But we did find a cache of part of it:

(click to enlarge)

FireShot Capture 150 - About The Burbank High School_ - http___webcache.googleusercontent.com_search


“…reflecting on our lives as Americans today…”













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One response to “Leader’s still sitting on BUSD copyright infringement story?

  1. Elliott

    Obviously,it’s too complicated for the editor’s—–
    without a Press Release.
    The Powers that Be need to hand down the info as on a Tablet.

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