They used to have this at the Burbank Library

But not any more.


Here’s to the continuing decline of our community. The latest retread today of the police mess is the least of it around here.

But hey, if they get the money in for that new Central Branch they all want to replace the old one with, maybe they can put in a couple of MakerSpaces and IdeaLabs.

Or even a WeCREATE Center!






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19 responses to “They used to have this at the Burbank Library

  1. Bait Taken

    Remember back in ’83 when the Central Library had four Apple ][e computers? That was far ahead of it’s time. A MakerSpace in the Library is the modern equivalent. It’s a great idea, sad you can’t see it.

    • semichorus

      They also had Mahler’s 10th in 1983.

      And it’s not the same thing at all.

      But, your analogy is more than on point in another way. How quickly did those Apple “][” computers become completely obsolete?

      Where are they now?

      • Bait Taken

        Who the fuck cares about Mahler’s 10th? Kids never have! It’s likely not at the Library now because nobody was using it. If you want to hear it, it’s available for free streaming online, or Torrent it, or better yet support the artists buy paying for it instead of leeching it from the Library in the first place.

        Where are the Apple ][‘s now? This made me LOL, what an absurd question!… Because obviously they’re in the fucking dump old man!

        If you seriously expect a computer to have a lifespan of more than a handful of years you don’t understand technology at all. We’re not buying a table saw that will last 15 years, it’s technology and it needs upgrading regularly. If you are opposed to the expense, and are going to make some hallow argument about value for the tax $ of a table saw versus a computer over it’s lifetime, again, you don’t get technology. I’m sure you would argue that wood shop is better because of the gross $ saved, while ignoring the obvious point that someone trained in technology is far more employable than someone with woodworking skills in this day and age, which is a net win. It’s an investment, yes it’s expensive and the depreciation is faster, but the payoff is much greater.

        I don’t expect someone that grew up when Truman was President to understand technology of today, but damn if you opened your fucking mind and tried a little bit you might like it.

        For example… For ages I have handed down my tired old Macs to my now 69 year old aunt, and it was always hard to use but she plowed through but basically just browsed the web and did email for fear of breaking the damn thing. Last week she got her first iPad and she is in heaven, she’s emailing me almost daily about all her new discoveries. I’ve never seen her so excited, here’s some of her words from just to days ago “I feel like I am back in college, when I had such a hunger to be educated and to learn. So glad Mac started acting up and you helped me on this path to enlightenment!”.

        You can’t deny that man, technology has a power that you clearly don’t understand. Once it clicks in someone it grabs hold and doesn’t let go, like it did for me with those Apple ][e’s way back then.

        I have personally seen kids in MakerSpaces have that Ah-Ha! moment when it clicks, it’s quite magical… and you would deny that to a child.

        You need enlightenment too.

        • semichorus

          This kid did. I saw it at the Library.

          And today’s expensive gimmicks are tomorrow’s jokes. Always. Who’s saying too that we shouldn’t have tech?

          You really are a moron. Don’t ever leave Burbank.

          • Anonymous

            Someone needs to remind Bait that we’re talking about libraries.

            • semichorus

              I guess the idea now is that libraries are better suited to “collaborative” project-making areas than Gustav Mahler.

              Gotta get those kids ready for their 21st-century careers.

              I blame this on about 40 years of a highly corporatized, hyper-capitalist media. It’s squelched everything else out of the way.

              • Bait Taken

                So for you teaching Mahler is more important than learning how technology works… Yeah that’s a brilliant idea right there… Gonna feed a generation of people by teaching Mahler. You’re delusional.

                • semichorus

                  I can’t wait to see all those broken tools and “reused” construction crap laying around down at the library.

            • Bait Taken

              Technology at Libraries… Get it strait!

          • Bait Taken

            You are saying we shouldn’t have tech!

  2. DixieFlyer

    You admit taking the Bait.

    Chew it up, and swallow it.


    • DixieTroll

      The comment protectionism on this site is overbearing… This isn’t a democracy, it’s authoritarianism.

      • semichorus

        Go fuck yourself. You’re lucky you’re even being allowed to troll here as much as you do.

        I only let these things on to show how much kneejerk behavior there is in this town whenever someone has the temerity to come forward and question the status quo.

        Imagine people actually making fun of the idea of having Mahler in a library. That says it all. Burbank’s such a moronic town these days.

        • DixieTroll

          Then fucking leave, you pussy. You aren’t making this town better.

          • semichorus

            I was here first, a-hole. And so in fact was Dixie.

            We both remember when Burbank was a much nicer place, and full of much nicer and smarter, wiser people. That’s the ideal I’m still shooting for.

            There’s something really nutty going on when people actually ridicule the idea of having some Gustav Mahler in a library. It goes beyond stupidity. Maybe it’s lack of breeding? It never used to happen around here– that explains why it was once there. You always had morons, sure, but most of them weren’t running the show.

            Anyone can see that Burbank has obviously declined.

            • DixieTroll

              I was here first… bitch whine bitch… I’m old… bitch bitch whine whine… this town used to be so much better blah blah… it’s cold in here… bitch whine bitch… inbreeds, morons, bitch bitch whine… where’s my tea?… bitch whine moan… Mahler!.. bitch whine bitch… goes beyond stupidity… bitch whine moan… where’s my walker?… bitch moan bitch… back when I was young it was so much better blah blah, bitch whine bitch… it never used to be this way… bitch whine bitch.

              Mindlessly whining like a toddler about things you don’t like doesn’t actually help anyone, it just makes you look like a stereotypical cranky old person.

              I’m fifth generation in Burbank, we’ve been here since the early 1930’s, so fuck you old man, I know this town well. Yes Burbank has declined since then, but nostalgic inbreeds like you and Dixie aren’t helping things by complaining, you only make things worse.

              If you gave more respect, you might get more respect.

              • semichorus

                No, fuck you. My family’s been here since long before the 30s, asshole.

                One reason I can TELL that you’re from Burbank is that you don’t have the slightest idea what to make of a critical and introspective spirit. It’s like you’re in fucking seventh grade intellectually, and in the low-level group at that. You think this is all about some kind of emotional first-person confessional “complaining to the world” or something, and it’s anything but that. It’s about ideas.

                I have no respect for the fucking pigs I see around here, and especially those who I watched over the years turn into the same. It’s why I make the effort of mentioning these things. You people are deadly and destructive and something needs to be said about it. This derision about “Mahler” for instance is just too perfect.

                Which explains of course why many, many people on the outside think the same as I do about Burbank. You should read some of my mail or hear what people on the outside tell me about the place and its reputation. To say that it’s a joke is almost a cliche. In my case here, pointing this stupidity and bad faith out as I do day by day is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s way too easy, but it needs to be done.

                Someone somewhere must agree with me too, because I get lots of page views, and always have.

  3. DixieTroll

    To use your own fave… “You aren’t very bright, are you?”

    Just pointing out that your ‘critical and introspective spirit’ is really just bitching and moaning to the world about things you don’t make any effort to actually change. You are a whiner, not a doer.

    I’ve heard the updated version of the old adage about teaching is, it’s “People that cannot do, blog”, that fits you to a ‘T’ Semi.

    When you are presented with new ideas, you shoot them down. Every time, without fail. You have shown repeatedly here what a terribly closed mind you have (and it’s hilarious how you proudly share your ignorance with the world).

    I have no derision for Mahler, rather enjoy hime actually… But if it’s at the Library and isn’t being used it should be removed and replace with something that will get used regularly. Simple as that. Go buy the 78 and listen to it in your own home, don’t force it on other people.

    You are stuck in the past, life these days will never match your halcyon memories of yore, and you just can’t handle that. Do you really think that your bitching and moaning really affects some change in this city? Ahem, no, it doesn’t… Laughter and finger-pointing, actually.

    I will fairly admit that on occasion you have actually shared some interesting information!… but any positiveness is far overwhelmed by the overall subtext of abject hate that permeates the very core of every post on this site. It is really disgusting and self-defeating. You are a hater, and it’s ugly!

    • semichorus

      You are way too cynical and prosaic. Talk about negative. It’s also deeply puerile and unsophisticated to associate social criticism with “negativity” and “whining” and personal unhappiness. It has nothing to do with personalities or personal feelings. But attributing dissent to some kind of pathological condition in the critic is classic Burbank numbskullness.

      I love lots of new stuff, but not because it’s new. I also like old stuff, and not because it’s old. People will find Mahler in a library if it’s there, even if it’s just a lonely few. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, and always was; and if it is in fact the case that no one in Burbank wants “Mahler” (an example only) in their library then my point is completely made about the sick, sad nature of Burbank. You seem to be proving it well. And like I care about that kind of crowd or what they think of me?

      I doubt many of them even know who Mahler is. Half of them can’t follow a paragraph of more than two sentences. And how does the public know it doesn’t want something in the library until they see it there? Kids and many adults don’t go looking for Mahler, they FIND it. Libraries are about discovery — or at least they used to be.

      Ask Golonski or Rizotti btw if I don’t affect change in Burbank.

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