Drones are dumb, but this is nonsense


Look, if the City of Burbank wants to adopt anti-drone regulations tonight then so be it. But to act like they’re doing it in response to a fear of commercial espionage is disingenuous.

It also suggests that the City of Burbank is once again in thrall to “the studios.”


FireShot Capture 149 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


What a crock.

How much exterior filming is being done in Burbank these days? It’s almost all indoors. Everyone knows what these big budget films are about anyway. And how many incidents have there even been of such nefarious activity?

Staff fails to cite any such alarming references in this obvious suck-up job above, which means that it most likely rarely happens. Or that it never has.

It’s also ridiculous for anyone to claim that what’s going on over off of West Olive or Alameda is some kind of issue of national security. Who is Burbank to to be so concerned about these billion dollar businesses?

Isn’t that their problem, and not ours?

Staff certainly has no problem admitting how much they shill for their commercial friends in town, do they? They’re completely unashamed of the fact, and even — such as here, tonight — when it extends to the point of total ridiculousness.

The council members tonight should ask to see the full police reports of such overhead spying efforts. Else-wise they should come to the clear conclusion that their staff people are constantly full of crap. Think they will?

No. They’ll just adopt the following preferential rules anyway:


FireShot Capture 148 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer

Why single out the studios for special benefits and privileges? Most of these “safety requirements” will also end up getting tossed out of court if and when challenged.

Notice too how staff can’t even be honest about what these 11 things are? They’re rules and regulations. So why don’t they just call them that?






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5 responses to “Drones are dumb, but this is nonsense

  1. Anonymous

    I think it’s quite naive to dismissively state “drones are dumb”, but yes, the idea of a law like this is absolute nonsense.

  2. Anonymous

    Line of site rules out the studios.

  3. chad

    How about really annoying if you live next to someone who is famous and the paparazzi are trying to photograph him…like Justin Bieber who is currently living in Burbank.

  4. Anonymous

    Remember this from 40 years ago?

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