Now here’s a name they can change


How is this…




…any better than this?


JBHS-Indian-Paint-Over (1)


Hint: it’s not.

Which means that Burroughs and the BUSD need to get rid of the whole thing. This mascot is still racist and demeaning, and even more so with those stupid muscles. The old one at least had some wit to it.

Btw, remember what a great-looking school this used to be?





Such clean and simple mid-century lines. Very relaxing to the eye. Now it looks like total crap. What a busy, cluttered, ugly, and cumbersome learning environment this school has become.

Exactly whose idea was that?

Whatever, Burroughs needs to stop compounding this idiocy by getting rid of both its Indian team name and mascot entirely. The selection process as described here does not make things any better. If this same crowd had also voted to install an electric chair down in the counselor’s office and tie it to the power pole outside would that have been OK for the district as well?

As long as it was their decision, yes. Democracy in action. Notice too that this school “committee” in the article was not given the choice of dumping the team-name entirely. Just the mascot on the wall. So it was your typical phony, BUSD choice.

Burroughs, get rid of the Indian.  And not just the picture.








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18 responses to “Now here’s a name they can change

  1. Citizen Cane

    More political correct BS. I failed to see any derogatory inferences with the JBHS logo and mascot. The images shown portray a proud strong depiction of a Native American chief and a warrior. The Redskins, Fighting Sioux, Seminoles, Blackhawks, Braves, Warriors, Chiefs, Indians, and Utes, all have proud logo images. If Native Americans truly want to be a forgotten people, change these team names. I can guarantee if these schools and pro teams changed the mascots, other groups would file discrimination law suits because their heritage is being erased from society. This is nothing more than a movement by a very small group of liberal Native Americans who want to feel empowered in making a change that really has no significant impact on anyone’s life’s other than creating a cost to tax payers.

    The Hispanics will soon target UC Santa Barbara for their mascot. Trojans, Spartans, Fighting Irish, Celtics, Vikings, Saints, and Padres. Either too white or too religious.

    All these movements to change teams name prove one thing. This minority of Indians complaining are weak minded, ultra sensitive, and do not reflect the proud heritage of real Native Americans.

    If JBHS changed the school mascot to the Vikings or Celtics, you can bet there would be supporters from the Native American community demanding the name be something to do with Native Americans, like Indians, Tomahawks, or Apachees!

    Look at our military! How many of our helicopters and weapon systems are named after Native American tribes or images. Respect for our Native Americans is not greater than our military recognizing the toughness of Indians.

    Political Correctness is nothing but weakness! Universities are grooming generations of weak minded, meek, overly sensitive types who break into fear at “Trump 2016” chalking, and create people who can’t sleep at nights because of Indian team names.

    • semichorus

      Then here’s to the Hoover High Armenians!

      The Burroughs mascot is demeaning. It doesn’t even suggest anything any more. Fighting Irish at least has some connection to Catholic Notre Dame — there are a lot of Irish students there. It’s a clear reference to that.

      How many Indians are there at Burroughs? Instead, it’s a dumb reference to a vision of “Indians” that isn’t even accurate. If this were the “John Burroughs Indian School” then it’d be a different matter.

    • Anonymous

      From a 1/8 Native American Indian… You’re really missing the point.

      Nobody’s losing sleep over it, it’s about respect… I can see you don’t understand the concept.

    • Al in SoCal

      ” The images shown portray a proud strong depiction of a Native American chief and a warrior. ”

      Totally agree w/ your sentiment on that great painting … however, the sports team are not and have probably never been “Indians”.

  2. Anonymous

    While a little incoherent in the middle (wtf does building architecture have to do with the learning environment), this is one of the more sane things you’ve posted recently. Surprised me.

    • semichorus

      It’s cluttered and confused, and doesn’t lend itself to relaxed concentration.

      One of the great things about the old Burbank school architecture is that it was so dull and plain that it focused attention on the subject matter.

      • Anonymous

        “Let’s remodel our schools so they look 50 years old”… Yeah that’s a brilliant idea.

        • semichorus

          Why don’t we just keep them up? Who cares how old the look is.

          I can absolutely assure anyone who cares that these Arab-designed “office” style shitcans now won’t last half as long as the old ones did, and that people are going to wonder why anyone was crazy enough to ever alter them. That will especially be the case when they see pictures of the pre-1953 Burbank High, before the BUSD louver-look took over.

          Guess the idea of historical restoration is out of place in Burbank, but how could anyone think that this new BUSD school-look is at all appealing? These Burbank schools look like hell. The work was incredibly shoddy as well.

          • Anonymous

            “Why don’t we just keep them up?”… Well, because they are too small, duh.

            The schools look alright, certainly could be better, but I have seen much worse. I suspect you haven’t seen the modern movement happening on the westside, these schools are nowhere near offensive.

            “Guess the idea of historical restoration is out of place in Burbank”… Um, yeah, let’s talk about Humes and what Hungerford did to fuck that up.

            • semichorus

              Well yes, I agree. They could look worse. Both BHS and Burroughs could have been easily expanded, and still preserved.

              Humes was a while back. Going back even further, what Foto-Kem did to the old Cinecolor building on Olive was worse. Or that old dry cleaners on Magnolia, with their fantastic round Art Deco windows.

              And Bob’s TL, the old stainless steel drive in, which was torn out in about 84-85, and that no one talks about. Bob’s TL is not the original Bob’s TL. Nowhere near.

              The City of Burbank has no rules to protect the architectural externals, and so this destruction will continue.

  3. chad

    Cane, it’s offensive to a lot of people and not just Native Americans. BTW, what’s one person’s “political correctness” is another’s reality and logical way of thinking. Instead of trying to nullify an argument by calling it “politically correct” (a phrase which is ultimately meaningless) why don’t you try simply engaging in the argument. Colleges and universities really don’t spend that much time wringing their hands over this but they do try to discuss ideas like “inclusiveness’ through word and deed. It’s a conversation/debate that’s well worth having.

    I also suspect you’ve been out of the work place for a while because most HR departments in corporate America are keenly aware of these issues and it has nothing to do with colleges and universities.

  4. Subberton

    Looks like Cane and The Fightin’ Whities are on a roll.

  5. Anonymous 3

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    Not that your rant about architecture has any basis.

    Form follows function, and the school was altered to make it less prone to overheating by the sun.

    • semichorus

      That’s the most hilarious explanation I’ve heard yet.

      You have no idea what you’re talking about either. I was very much involved with that BUSD bond issue/project stuff back in the late 1990s, and this ridiculous rationale for blowing the HS construction budget was never given by anybody.

      Burroughs for instance originally had a much smaller plan, but because the well-connected Flatland boosters down there got pissed at all the stupid attention BHS was getting, the district just about tripled their renovation budget. They included projects that were never on the drawing board, like a new gym, and completely redoing the front.

      Originally all Burroughs was going to get was a new library next to the cafeteria and a 300 hall bldg that wasn’t made from old army barracks.

      I also worked there at one time, and there was never any “overheating” problem. Very funny.

  6. Citizen Cane

    Chad: you are correct. There are a lot of over sensitive weak minded liberal types who can’t sleep at night because of the JBHS mascot. How would you feel if the mascot was the Vikings? I bet minority groups would say it does not represent them. Ok, how about the Zulus? The Vaqueros? Just think, in 20 years, minority groups would sue again.

    It will never end!

    • semichorus

      The Vaqueros should go as well. It’s a demeaning stereotype chock full of derogatory “Little Mexicanos” imagery.

      Vikings isn’t.

      Thanks for bringing up GCC. It must change theirs as well.

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