How about Grandpa Cusumano City Hall?


This is from tomorrow night’s agenda as well.

And it’s insane:

Direct Staff to return with a program whereby residents have the opportunity to be honored and/or memorialized at a designated public facility.

As a result of naming a facility after a resident and due to the circumstances surrounding the name change request, Council discussed at length the criteria in warranting a name change for a public facility. Subsequently, at the March 31, 2015 Council meeting, Mayor Frutos requested that staff pursue opportunities, in addition to naming public facilities, for residents to be honored or memorialized.

Currently, the Naming of Public Facilities Ordinance, Burbank Municipal Code (BMC) Section 2.1.1801 through 1805, states any resident of the City may initiate requests or proposals for the dedication, naming or renaming of a City facility by completing and submitting an application/nomination form to the City Clerk’s Office. Nominations from a resident are only accepted between the period of January 1 and March 31 of any year. However, a request or nomination initiated by the City Council or any City Board or Commission may be submitted anytime.

Due to the complex and restrictive requirements of naming a facility after a resident, Mayor Frutos suggested that some residents may instead prefer an alternative to honor or memorialize a loved one and requested that staff explore such options.

How is the following an alternative?

In response to the Mayor’s request, staff identified existing and possible opportunities for residents of the community to honor and memorialize their loved ones. Existing opportunities include the following landmarks or programs: Burbank Unified School District Memorial Field at John Burroughs High School, Military Service Banner Recognition Program, and the Plant- a-Tree Program. Also through the Parks and Recreation Department, residents may purchase benches and install placards on respective benches to honor or memorialize individuals. In addition, the Naming of Public Facilities Ordinance also authorizes dedication or naming/renaming of public structures, buildings, parks, park features, reservoirs, overpasses, streets, walls, murals, plants, lawns, gardens, plaques, statues, or historical documents. (BMC 2.1.1802.E).

Remember that breathing bush over near Victory? What ever happened to it? That’s the one we want.

In addition to existing opportunities, other possibilities to be explored could include a memorial wall tribute for families to purchase plaques at either an indoor or outdoor City park/public facility. Possible indoor locations can include recreation centers, libraries, City Hall, or other public buildings. Outdoor locations could include hiking trails, parks, and other outdoor public sites, such as the Stough Canyon Nature Center.

Yeah, that Stough guy only donated his land for their old park way back when. So fuck ’em.

Grandma would be a much better honoree, wouldn’t she? Especially Grandma Rudell.

Or how about Uncle Golonski?

Years ago we were only joking around here when we talked about how great it would be to make it easy to rename our city facilities for someone much newer and better connected in town (like, who the hell is that Bret Harte guy anyway?)

But we were only being sarcastic. It’s an awful, awful idea to be proffering sentimental bids for city rename privileges. This alive v dead distinction is also bogus as hell, and doesn’t make such a bad idea come across any better.

Because Staff is seeking direction and input from Council regarding potential memorial tribute opportunities, Council is not limited to the aforementioned memorial tribute suggestions and Staff welcomes any other ideas Council may propose. If approved to move forward, Staff will present the Parks and Recreation Board (Board) with options for potential indoor or outdoor public facilities and/or locations, costs, and administration associated with honoring or memorializing loved ones. Staff will then return to Council with the options provided to the Board, along with their recommendation, for Council consideration.

How about shelving the idea for good.

Staff’s also pulling a fast one in the actual written ordinance. Has the council actually read the whole thing yet?


FireShot Capture 147 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


Hold on!

They just talked about all the problems involved with renaming for a “resident,” but then they turn around and sneak language into the ordinance which specifically allows a living person to still receive such an honor.

Remember this from the staff report above?

Due to the complex and restrictive requirements of naming a facility after a resident, Mayor Frutos suggested that some residents may instead prefer an alternative to honor or memorialize a loved one and requested that staff explore such options.

So what is this “alternative”? The staff report plays it all off like a memorialization opportunity, when in fact it still allows the city to name things for anyone they want to, dead or alive. They’ve actually made it easier to rename a “facility” for almost anyone now, as long as “the public” has an input process available.

And the main question still exists: who gets chosen over someone else? Naming rights are such a problematical area that the best alternative is to have no alternative at all.

Which is to make it nearly impossible to do.











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15 responses to “How about Grandpa Cusumano City Hall?

  1. Anonymous 3

    The things you choose to get exercised about…

    • semichorus

      I don’t believe in naming rights for public property.

      Because in Burbank, once its gets started, it will never end.

      • Anonymous 3

        Naming “rights” implies the purchasing of a name, like a sports stadium.

        That is not what is envisioned here.

        • semichorus

          I know. It’s worse.

          At least with naming rights they’d get some money. Now they want to give it away for free. Even the plants.

  2. Anonymous

    Grandpa Mersola is worthy. Or the Grandpa from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

    • Stan

      How about the Golonski Memorial City Hall and we can name Olive Rec the Emily Gable Luddy Center. Leave ot to fruitoes to come up with this as an issue. How about grabbing a shovel Friitoes and just filling some pot holes.

  3. Anonymous

    Your ‘jokes’ don’t come off as jokes… You should really work on that.

  4. Dickie

    If you need to ask…………
    Pull down your zipper. Grab the problem in both hands.
    Now ask your question.

  5. Dan

    What is the proposed name for the new Bakery on Magnolia?
    Rumor has it that Fronnie in NOT doing it.
    Her husband is, on his own?

  6. chad

    Dickie, very well done. I just got off the floor.

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